Saturday, November 10, 2007

SMART Habit Saturday

I'm still a slacker lol. I have done better with saying my prayers at night, but only read my scriptures a few days. Dishes usually get done every day. The rest I mostly don't do :P What I really want to work on is Toddler's bedtime routine. We got out of the habit, but itworked so well so I'm going to start it again.

Goal recap:

*Clean 1/2hr a day
  • Make bed
  • Keep up with dishes
  • 1 load of laundry
  • Clean office
  • Bringing dishes to kitchen
*Bedtime routine
  • Read scriptures
  • Lotion
  • 50 crunches
  • Take vitamins
  • Brush teeth
  • Floss
  • Bedtime 11:30pm
*Toddler bedtime routine

*No computer for 1hr a day when Hubby gets home

*Daily prayers, morning and night

*Dinner 3x during the week

*4 cups of water a day

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1 comment:

Amanda said...

keep up with your habits. Happy Weekend!