Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mt. Laundry

Normally I am really good at keeping caught up on the laundry, but this month it has just been pushed to the back burner. We had such a busy month and traveled a bunch so I hardly get around to putting clothes away before they have to be worn or packed. Now that our busy month is over with no big plans for a while I should be able to get caught up again. I never bother sorting the dirty laundry into whites, towels, rocawear jeans, etc. I just throw it all in together on cold. I found I didn't hate doing laundry as much when I cut out that step. I also don't fold any of the boys clothes since it just gets unfolded the first time they go to find something to wear. I think I have 4 loads I need to put away and a couple to wash to get caught up, then if I do a load a day I can usually stay on top of it.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


A few days ago I was down in our storage room just kind of checking out what we have there. I wanted to see how much baby gear and diapers and stuff we still have in there. I'm going to be getting the high chairs out soon, once I finish some new covers I want to make for them. I also need to get out the other exersaucer since the boys are getting big enough to use them. Then I have a ton of boxes of diapers in our stockpile still and a big bag of baby cereal that a neighbor gave us. We have shelves full of toys we took from the boys toy room cuz they can't keep it clean. And we have a big race track set we got Jason for Christmas a few years ago that I wish we used more. No rc trucks electric stuff but just tons of their toys that don't get used because they can't take care of them. Hopefully as they get older they will learn to take better care of their things. Oh, I have a baby calling for attention, better go take care of him. :)

Maybe just a little vain

I've always been very self-conscious about my looks. Part of it stems from the fact that I've had psoriasis for as long as I can remember. I've always worried about what people think of my skin when I have flare-ups. Another thing that makes me self-conscious is that after each of my children my chest has gotten flatter and flatter while my butt and thighs have gotten bigger. I used to be a dancer in high school and nicely fit, so seeing my spreading rear end really annoys me. Luckily I have a wonderful Hubby that thinks I look great, even if I'll never wear sexy garterbelts.

But strangely having the twins has helped my body image. Probably because I expected the babies to really destroy what figure I had left. All of the twin moms I talked to said they were left with "twin skin", the big floppy stretchy bulge of belly fat that never goes away. Amazingly I didn't get too many more stretch marks than I already had and surprisingly my baby belly went down very quickly after they were born. I was in my regular pants in less than two weeks. So, I may not be back to my pre-baby figure, but considering I had twins just 5.5 months ago, I'm pretty proud of how I look. (Oh, and ignore my crappy editing in the bottom left, I had to crop out my bra hanging on the door lol. Oops!)

No time

It's amazing how quickly time goes. I keep waiting for things to slow down so I can catch up on things but it never happens. We are on vacation in Bear Lake and I thought I'd have time to update more here, but vacation with 5 little boys doesn't really leave extra time for anything lol. I go so long without posting here that I forget what I have posted.