Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Holiday Traveling

When we got married we agreed to rotate holidays with our families, so this year we are spending Thanksgiving with Hubby's family and Christmas with my family. This year is a little different because my family is holding off Christmas until January when my brother gets back from Spain. So Hubby, the boys, and I are going to have our own little Christmas in December, our first alone, and then another Christmas with my family in January. Double the fun :D How often do you get 2 Christmases? So next weekend we are going to the inlaws for Thanksgiving. I like going other places for Thanksgiving cuz then I don't have to do all the cooking and cleaning up :D

Is anyone else traveling for the holidays?


Dawn said...

We don't live far from our families so we stay in town, but EVERYONE lives we torture ourselves rushing from house to house and relative to relative with no good reason to not the end of the day we have tummy aches and the kids rebel being buckled into their carseats.....someone needs to move far away! LOL

Rick said...

I've often thought that a smart person would post pone celebrating Christmas until AFTER the 25th. That way you could get in on all the sales and buy up the cheap decorations!

Kara said...

Dawn- LOL

Rick- yeah, I'm so excited that I don't have to do all our Christmas shopping before Christmas, I get to shop the sales after too! :D