Monday, November 26, 2007

Carpet in the bathroom

One of these days we are really going to redo our main bathroom. I am tired of the mildew smell in the carpet (yes, carpet in the bathroom!) and the old linoleum around the toilet and the tiny tub. Every time we go to Lowe's we walk around looking at tile, bathroom vanities, tubs and stuff. Everything else can wait as long as the floor gets taken care of. The boys love dumping water out during their baths and their latest trick it scooping water out of the toilet with Toddler's little potty and dumping it on the floor. Ugh. So needless to say the carpet is in bad shape. Hopefully next year we can get that done.

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Anonymous said...

We tiled our bathroom in the old house we had, it's not very hard, and if your bathroom is small, it wouldn't be very expensive either. Carpet... ugh! Who thought that was a good idea??!