Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mother's Day Giveaway at 5M4M

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Being crafty

I joined a crafty sewing mom messageboard a few weeks ago and it has me wanting to make so many cute things. Unfortunately it's mostly cute girl stuff and I don't have any girls! Fortunately my SIL is having a baby girl next month so I got to try out some cute dresses.

This one is a pinafore with ruffle butt bloomers. The pattern was pretty simple, though it took me awhile to get the ribbon ruffle figured out. The straps are a little longer than I would do again, but overall it turned out really cute. I think it'll probably be about a 6 month size (I tried it on Caleb and it was big, and no I didn't get any pictures of that lol). And if I do bloomers again I'd make them a little bigger in the back, they aren't quite high enough.

And this little dress was so fun to make because it is just so cute, and the directions were very clear. It was my first time using piping and bias tape and it turned out so adorable. But tiny. I can only hope her little girl is as small as her first was and maybe it'll fit for a little bit. If I ever make another of these I'd probably put buttons or a zipper in back to make it easier to put on and use the bigger pattern size.

I've been wanting to make these tie onesies for awhile and I finally did. They were very cute like this but I had to add stitching around the edges because the iron on stuff looses it's effectiveness after washing and I didn't want it peeling and fraying. Unfortunately the stitching didn't go so well because the iron on stuff kept gumming up the needle. Good thing the cute babies make up for the poor stitching (this pic is before adding the stitching).

There are so many more things I want to make, but I just don't have the fabric! I want to make a boppy cover and a cover for my EZ2nurse pillow first, I just need to find some cute materials to use.


Jason has lost 3 teeth now, and another is loose. The first tooth we got him one of those dollar gold coins (or was it silver, I can't remember) but for the next one he told me to ask the tooth fairy for "a cash", aka a paper dollar. For his third tooth the tooth fairy gave him another "cash" but then he was disappointed that it wasn't a quarter. I had to explain that a dollar was worth 4 quarters. He's so funny. Oh, and his last tooth was bleeding a little before it came out and he got upset. I told him it was normal and that I could pull it for him so he wouldn't have to wait for it to fall out but he was not going for it. Instead he bravely yanked it out all by himself.


On my to-do list today is cleaning my fridge. It's been in desperate need of a good scrub for awhile now and so today I'm going to tackle it. Not my favorite chore, but it always looks so nice when I'm done. I also need to call my dermatologist cuz I keep forgetting (plus everytime I call I end up having to leave a message, seems like with their small business phone system they would be able to answer occasionally lol), and at least sweep the kitchen floor. I do really good keeping up with laundry and dishes, but everything else ends up getting done only when it's too messy to ignore anymore lol. Next month when Jason goes off-track and Jakey is done with preschool I hope to have more time to keep up with the house since I won't have the extra trips during the day.

Personal Creations

I've mentioned before that I'm really not good at picking out gifts, especially for Hubby. I usually have to ask him what he wants, which takes away any surprise. But I would love to get him some of Personal Creations birthday gifts for men. They have a fun Dad clock that I could put the kids' names on, or a bunch of different personalized mugs, and even personalized hammers. Perhaps I will have to check out something from there the next time I'm clueless for a gift for Hubby. :) I know there's things he'd like in their grilling and golf sections. Ooh, I just saw the anniversary gifts section and there are so many cute ideas!

All wrapped up

Cuz sometimes you just need two available hands and a baby wants to be held too. :) (Oh, and don't worry, I made sure not to get him too close to the stove!)

Parent's Days

So Mother's Day is coming up. We never really do much for it. Hubby always gets me flowers and a card. He doesn't get the best Mother's Day flowers delivered, he just gets them at the store, but that's fine because our cats try to eat them anyway so I'd rather he not spend a lot on them lol. Oh, and he always gets me some chocolate too. :D He definitely knows the way to my heart! For Father's Day I usually buy him something he's been wanting like DVDs. We don't really go all out for those holidays, they are pretty much like any other day.


I have had sensitive eyes ever since I was little. I used to have to wear those tinted glasses. Let me tell you, in 7th grade with boy-short hair and those large-framed tinted glass I sure was hot. Not. Luckily my eyes aren't quite as sensitive these days. I can wear regular contacts. But I'd still love some nice glacier sunglasses for when I'm driving. Some days the intensity of the suns rays makes it hard for me to see while I'm driving. Even if it's not really that bright outside, I guess the light rays are sometimes at just the right wavelength to hurt my eyes. I had a pair of cute sunglasses but they were that light blue tint and they really didn't do more than make everything look blue lol. It's about time I bought some new ones.

Out of sight

I love having our big flat screen TV mounted on the wall, but what I don't like is the look of the wires running down the wall. There's the plus and then cords for the DVD player, VHS player (yes, we still have one of those lol), and Wii. It's a mess. We once had some cheap wire concealer thing but it didn't work to well and kept coming off the wall. I'd love to get some nice surface raceways, the little tubing things that hide and protect cords. It would be great behind our computer desk too because that is just a whole mess of cords.


I realized that I never posted a picture of the babies from their blessing day. Here they are in their cute little outfits with their blankets that Grandma Cindy made. They were so adorable :)

Getting outside

I can't believe Jakey is going to be 5 in less than 2 months! He is so excited to start Kindergarten this year. I put him and Jason in soccer this Spring and his first game is Tuesday. I thought of doing T-ball but I didn't know what kind of equipment we'd need to get them. Maybe for his birthday I can get him some baseball gifts and put him in T-ball in the fall. I want them to enjoy being outside playing sports. They spend so much time inside during the winter that I want them outside as much as possible when it's warm, I think it's good for them. I remember as a kid we'd spend the whole summer outside plying with siblings and cousins, playing games and sports, and just generally being kids. These days so many kids just stay inside watching TV and playing video games.


A friend of mine has recently started some remodeling of her home. It makes me have an itch to fix up stuff at our house. Last year we got new carpet and tile, which I love, and next year we are planning to redo our kitchen floor and countertops. We were going to this year, but then we needed the money for the babies lol. We'd also love to fix up the backyard by tearing up half the cement and putting more grass in, we only have a tiny strip of grass back there. The nice thing about being a homeowner is that if you want to install smart home systems, remodel, paint, or anything like that, then you can. :) And Hubby likes taking care of the house and yard and always trying to make it better.

Spring in Utah

I'm getting so tired of this Utah Spring weather. It does it every year, switching back and forth from warm to cold. We can have sunny 60* weather one week and snow the next. Grr. Wish it would just stay warm already! I want to be able to let the kids play outside more and go for runs more. It should be time to lay by a pool in ray-ban sunglasses getting a tan. But no, we get April snowstorms :P I hate being cold and these teasing weather is just not nice, getting my hopes up then dashing them to pieces.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

That time again

I just realized that now that it's April I need to start thinking about Fall semester of school. Sigh. I'm not ready to go back! But registration is this month and scholarship applications are due end of the month/beginning of next. Time is going way too fast. Wish I could just not go, but then I'd be pretty stuck if I ended up needing a job. My job experience includes fast food, collections for payday advance loans, fast food, temp job at a mail sorting facility, and fast food. So to give myself better job opportunities if I had to work I will continue to go to school. Cuz being an adult means we sometimes choose to do things we don't want to do lol.

My little superheroes

Last month I joined a local twin moms group. It's been fun and nice to interact with other moms of twins. About a week ago we had a mother-son activity with a superhero theme. I whipped up some capes for the older 3 to wear. Nathan loves them the most. Sorry the pics are blurry, I took them with my phone and the kids kept moving lol. You can see Jason has the Superman pose down. :)