Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I know, Christmas was last week, and I really did mean to post something about it then, but man this time of year is busy! We had a great Christmas, and hopefully I will get around to posting pics soon, along with all the other posts and pics I've been neglecting. Our laptop has major issues and we've had to reformat the hard-drive to get it to work 3x in the last week, so I haven't been on much. Good thing we have the desktop, I'm just not used to using it. And our furnace is currently broken so it's cold! A guy was supposed to come check it out yesterday but he never showed up. I want to say very mean things about him for leaving a family with 3 little kids in the cold during winter, but I will just make sure everyone knows not to use him. Hopefully we can get someone to come out today. I'm just finishing up some hot chocolate to warm me up then I'm heading back to my warm room.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


It's funny how my blogging has changed over the years. A few years ago I was so concerned about page views, page rank, web directory listings, etc etc. But I have so much going on in life that blogging has really fallen low on my priority list. I need to get back to just using it to journal life. Nathan is already a year old and there are so many special moments I haven't written down. The boys are in preschool and loving it but I haven't written about that either. I seriously need to find time once in a while to keep up on things. One day they'll be all grown up and I'll miss these days so much and I want to be able to look back and reminisce.

Gimme a break, gimme a break...

I have been so busy lately it's insane! I really hope that after the holidays I can get things all caught up on here. I'm way behind in posting pictures and I don't think I even posted about baby's first birthday! And yesterday my brother got married and we held the wedding at my house! It was so busy and stressful but it turned out really well and we had a great evening. I could really use a vacation like some Outer Banks rentals at Anywhere that is warm would be nice too! I absolutely hate being cold and winter is here full force.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Wait...what was I saying?

Ugh, I just remembered something I need to do and about 15 seconds later forgot it again! I hate when that happens! I was thinking about needing to get started on PJ pants for my boys for Christmas, and suddenly remembered whatever it was, but now it's gone again :P Hopefully it comes to me again. I swear my brain just does not work as well as it used to. I wish I could buy memory like you can for a computer. I'm pretty sure not getting enough sleep is the biggest problem. I read a study once about how sleep loss affects memory. It makes it so short-term memories don't stick as well or something. You can even ask my Hubby, my memory sucks. We will go to the store and be talking about what we need to buy and 2 minutes later I'll be saying, "Wait, what are we here for again?" and sometimes I'll do that a few times in the same trip! Mtn. Dew might help me stay awake but it doesn't help me think any better lol.

Lots to do, and no energy to do it!

The last time I was pregnant I tried really hard to cut back on the amount of soda I drank, especially caffeinated soda. It worked well for a while. But eventually I was so tired I relied of Mtn Dew to get me through the day. I started doing well again because we didn't have as much in the house, but lately Hubby has kept us too well stocked with yummy soda, so I have been drinking 1-2 a day, especially because I'm so tired lately. I'm hoping once this busy week is over with I can get some rest and hopefully not need to have a soda to keep me going. There used to be a time I would have nothing on my calendar, but lately there is always something and I feel like I need an industrial computer time tracker program to keep things straight. A lot of it has to do with the holidays, but also life just seems to get a lot busier the more kids I have. Obviously. And Christmas is creeping closer and there's still so much I need to do.

Just plain exhausted

I swear these last few weeks have just been a big blur! We had Thanksgiving up in Idaho and were up there for 5 days. Then last week I took on 2 new kids to watch full time- a 4yr old boy and a 9 month old girl, who was sick and clingy. So my whole family ended up getting sick with a nasty cold/tummy bug thing. The boys had to miss preschool and Hubby even took a sick day. Jakey and I still have a cough. Plus I had 3 appointments last week, 2 with the dermatologist and 1 with a new orthodontist. I got put on a new medicine for my psoriasis that makes me feel like crap, but I'll only be on it a month, and it is working. I also have scouts on Tuesdays, and have to spend hours coming up with our den meeting plans. Last weekend Hubby spent hours putting up Christmas lights and has been working on that off and on since Saturday. I made a big dinner Sunday and had my sister and her husband and baby over, which was a lot of fun. Yesterday we got a ton of snow, I think 8-10 inches, though it's settled down lower a bit now. I decided to be nice to Hubby and shovel the driveway so he could pull in when he got home. I got about 3/4 done before I had no more energy, and my back is so sore today! I haven't had a decent nights sleep in too long. And the fun doesn't stop there.

I offered my house for my brother's wedding, which is this Saturday. So, I have a ton of cleaning I need to do before then. I also offered to make the cookies for the little reception afterward, so I'll be busy baking about 20 dozen cookies before then.

I am behind on laundry. My kitchen desperately needs mopped. Hubby is taking tomorrow off to take our cats to get fixed and help watch the kids while I go help a neighbor. Then we are going out because my birthday is Friday, but we'll be too busy getting the house ready for a wedding to go out then, so we are going tomorrow. I need to go to the store to find a gift for a secret sister exchange on one of my messageboards, that I need to mail out by Saturday, so I better get it done before then because I will forget if I wait til Saturday. I no longer watch those 2 new kids cuz the family found someone who lives closer to them to do it, and while it's sort of a relief because it was exhausting having them, we were really counting on that money for Christmas. The boy I took on for Mondays I now watch on Wednesdays too, so that helps, and he is very easy. Today I have my 3 kids plus two 1.5 year olds! Amazingly I got ALL 3 babies to nap at the same time! Hallelujah! Now if only Jason and Jakey would nap.

I am so ready for this week to be over!