Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Junk Cupboards

So, in addition to my junk drawer we also have some cupboards above the desk and microwave that collect clutter. There was a little bit of organization in that I knew where stuff was supposed to go, but it was way too full and stuff was just getting shoved in. It actually took me a few minutes to find my camera in the mess to take these pictures.

I took a bunch of stuff down to the storage room and office where they needed to be. Office supplies went into the newly organized junk drawer. Tools and stuff out to the garage. Then I had plenty of room to put everything back all organized.


There's a basket for batteries, a basket for card games, a spot for gadgets like our external hard drive and camera and ipad accessories if we had one, and areas for our church papers and scriptures. Then there's the shelf that houses the kids stuff that I hate (play doh, markers, bubbles) so the kids don't get to it without permission, and I took medications upstairs to the medicine cabinet where they belonged and left vitamins and a few meds that are used often like Nathan's eczema cream. And of course we have our collection of souvenir cups on a top shelf lol. Not sure where else to put them.

It took a few hours to tackle the cupboards and junk drawer, but it was so worth it to be able to find what I need without sifting through junk or worrying about something falling on me. I even found a place for everything that was on top of the microwave. So nice to have an organized space!

The Junk Drawer

So, I know everyone has one. That one (or 2) drawer in the house where random stuff collects. The Junk Drawer. It gets filled up with everything from old birthday cards to teflon hose to pens that don't work anymore. Why do we hold onto pens that don't work anyway?! It's not like they are going to suddenly start working again when we are on the phone scrambling for something, anything, to leave a message with, clicking through the pens trying to find one that works.

Anyway, so yesterday I did it. I tackled my junk drawer. I've been meaning to for a while but it's one of those things that just always fell to the bottom of my to do list. Instead of everything else on my to do list yesterday I decided to bump it up to the top.

I started by taking everything out and putting them in piles. Useless junk went straight to the garbage can. There were probably 20 pens in there, and amazingly about 15 of them still worked! I took a bunch of craft stuff down to the storage room and a bunch of random nails, screws, and hardware out to the workbench in the garage. Then I reorganized the drawer with a bunch of boxes to sort stuff and put stuff away.


Isn't that so much better?! I can actually find stuff in there! And I moved a bunch of stuff from the cupboard above to the drawer where it's easier to access.

Worth it

Pregnancy sure messes with a person's body. Even once it's over you have to deal with your hormones getting back to normal. I have a waist again and the acne is clearing up so I don't have to worry about how to get rid of blackheads on nose, but my joints are still loose and making my knees hurt, the night sweats are luckily ending, and I've started into the major hair loss. And I completely forgot where I was going with this because I was hit by a wave of exhaustion lol.

I Heart Them

All together now: Aaaaaw!

Sunday, March 06, 2011


Today we had our babies blessed. In our church we bless newborn babies, giving them their name and a blessing specifically for them. It was fun to do it with the twins and have to pass one off for the other lol. We had tons of family and friends come for it which was wonderful. After the meeting we came home and had a luncheon for everyone. There were around 40 people here and we had just enough food. So great to get to visit with everyone. It does get a little warm inside when so many people are here, though it wasn't hot enough to need monte carlo fans or anything. I think enough people were going in and out that the cold air from outside kept it cool enough. Everyone has left now (except my little sis who's spending the night) and it's so quiet. I'll get some pics posted of the babies in their cute little blessing suits, they are adorable.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Point and shoot

I'm definitely not a professional photographer, but I love taking pics of my babies. Sometimes I look at professional baby pictures and try to recreate the type of setups and stuff. Not really the best without all the right equipment but it's fun. These were from a photo shoot I did with them this week.

"OK, mom, what are you up to?"

"This is pretty comfy"

"I will NOT curl up all cute!"

"All right, laying here isn't so bad."

"He's touching me!"

"No more pictures!"

The pictures might not look too professional, but the babies are still adorable!


One thing I love about this time of year is that we don't have any birthdays or present holidays for a while. I am not good at picking out gifts. I'm always reading those articles about the best fathers day gift ideas and stuff to hopefully give me an idea. Kids are easy, just get them any toy or art supply and they are good. Adults are much harder. At least for me. Hubby always seems to be able to pick out gifts for me easily.

Blank mind

Holy cow, I keep meaning to post and then other things get in the way. Like nursing, preschool, nursing, cooking, nursing, cleaning, nursing... I don't mind the nursing, but as soon as I'm about to do something one of the babies gets hungry and by the time I'm done nursing I forget whatever it was lol. Of course I've never had the greatest memory as it is, and having kids and the sleep deprivation that comes with it has made it worse. My brain just stops functioning when I'm tired. The other day Nate was telling me something and I was looking right at him and he could have been saying he bought padron cigars online and I wouldn't have known. I didn't register a single word he'd said, just smiled and nodded and then told him I hadn't heard a thing he said. I wasn't even thinking of anything else. My mind just was blank and I think I may have took a split-second nap with my eyes open lol.