Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Protection Needed

Too many times, I see motorcyclists on the road with no helmets. The common reason the riders give is they don't want to mess up their hair. I suppose a messed up face after a crash is better. I'm not sure why the disdain for helmets when there are stylish ones out there, like bell helmets. I've even seen my own father riding around without a helmet on. Please, I would like you all to keep riding the motorcycles you love. Just do it with a helmet on.

That reminds me of a story I read a month or so ago about a biker at a rally to protest a law making it illegal to ride without a helmet. He ended up crashing during the rally and died. Officials said he probably would have survived if he'd been wearing a helmet. So sad.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

BBQ Bacon Meatloaf sandwich

Yep, that's right. Barbecue sauce, bacon, and meatloaf all together to make a tasty, juicy sandwich fit for any meat lover.

First, start off with your meatloaf. Any kind will do. Cut off a nice inch-thick slice of the meatloaf. Then take a slice (or 2, or 3, it's bacon, the more the merrier!) and wrap it around your meatloaf. I only used 1 slice of bacon. Do at least 2 slices, 1 was not enough bacon-y goodness.

Now fry that sucker up. (See what I mean about needing more bacon? In my excitement I kind of forgot that the bacon would shrink when cooked. Needs more bacon!)

Now take your bun, a hot dog bun was about perfect size for mine but any kind will do, and put a generous drizzle of bbq sauce on both sides and place the juicy bacon meatloaf burger in.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bear Lake

Here's some pictures from our Bear Lake vacation.
Yummy shakes

Babies first times in swings

The slide at the pool was a huge hit, especially with Nathan

Ice cream!

Playing at the playground

Mini golf

This was what is normally the beach. Typically the sand extends past where those boats are.

This post took forever because my computer is acting stupid :P Lately it's been acting up on me, probably from a little 2.5yr old pressing buttons when he shouldn't lol. A couple days ago every time it came out of sleep mode it would pop up that computer network cable unplugged warning and I'd have to turn off the wireless adapter button thing and turn it back on to get my Internet to work again. Luckily it was fine again the next day. Today it just keeps freezing up. Probably because it's been sitting on the couch so getting too hot.


I was so excited about Hubby's work Lagoon day this year because for the last 3 years I have not been able to ride any roller coasters (1- pregnant, 2- rain, 3- pregnant again) but this year I could! And the weather was just perfect the whole day too. Jason was thrilled that he was tall enough for some of the bigger roller coasters, so I got to go with him to ride his first real roller coasters. It's amazing how much stuff you need to pack for a day out with 5 little kids lol. We brought both strollers, snacks and drinks, and swimming stuff. We almost need a yakima bike rack at now to tie on extra gear anytime we travel lol. Nathan loved Lagoon-A Beach, the water was super freezing but he just kept wanting to go down the little slides over and over. His whole body was shaking from the cold but he did not want to leave lol. It was fun seeing him get to go on rides this year. All the boys love the bumper cars and we let then go on those many many times. Nate's family came down and went with us and it was nice to have the help so he and I could ride some rides. We let the boys play in the water fountain before we left and they got drenched, but had a blast. It was an exhausting but good day.

Sunny days

I decided to make the babies sunhats (following this tutorial at Prudent Baby). They have come in so handy! They wear them anytime we go outside and I like that in the car they don't have to cry from the sun being in their eyes since we don't have shades on the windows. And of course they look adorable!

Jakey's 5th Birthday

Yeah, this is a little late, but oh well lol. Jakey turned 5 on June 1. We had his birthday party the Saturday after and it was good times. Just a small bbq at home with family. He got some gifts that he really enjoyed. It's nice that he's still young enough that buying a ton of stuff from the Target $1 section makes him happy lol. We usually get one or 2 bigger gifts (Megamind this time) then just a bunch of filler gifts like crayons and stuff. When he's a teen asking for a cell phone, michael kors watch, laptop, etc we'll be in trouble! I went with cupcakes instead of a cake because it's just much easier to serve and cuts down on cleanup. We enjoyed having family come celebrate with us.

Take-along car/crayon pouch

I made these little car/crayon holders for the boys a few months ago. I figured they would be perfect for traveling and church. The boys love them. I do need to modify the design a bit the next time I make them though, the car and crayons kept falling out so they need some king of flap or pocket or something to keep each side closed while the other is in use.

I've been trying to think of stuff I can start making for Christmas presents this year. Most of the suggestions I see are stuff like pot holders, carrying bags for yoga mats, placemats, etc. Those are nice but I want something a little more special. Maybe dresses or cute outfits for the nieces and a crayon roll for my nephew. I saw a tutorial for a really cute quilted tree skirt, but not sure if that's something people need (though I may make one for myself!). At least I still have a few months to think on it lol.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Canyons and lakes

Last month when we went to Bear Lake we took my youngest sister. It was fun to have someone to talk with on the trip since I was driving alone with the boys and Hubby was coming up after work. Part of the trip is through a long winding canyon. It's beautiful, but not for weak stomachs. I remember going through it when I was pregnant with Jacob and I had to keep my eyes closed and breathe slowly the whole way to keep from throwing up, that was awful. But when you come around that final curve of the mountains and see the beautiful blue lake spread out below it's amazing. And I love the tiny town of Garden City and how slow and peaceful it seems. I wouldn't want to live there though. The winters get very cold and snowy and that canyon often gets closed, even if you have snow chains for trucks you would have to take the long way around up through Idaho. But it's a great place to visit in the summer. The lake was super high this year, the beach was completely submerged, so we didn't get to play in the lake but enjoyed the playground, pool, mini golf, and everything else at the condo. The weather was just perfect too.

Growing up

I can't believe Jason will be starting 1st Grade this month. He just barely finished Kindergarten, but thanks to our year-round school schedule he has just a 4 week break before the new school year starts. He is so excited, especially because he gets to bring a lunchbox lol. It's going to be so weird having him in school all day. Hopefully they get us his school supply list soon. He's getting so big. He'll be 7 in September. He starting to try riding his bike without training wheels. He can read and it's amazing just how quickly they grow up. I told Hubby that it's weird that next year he will be baptized (we do baptism at age 8) and we'll have to think about Baptism invitations and stuff for the big day. It's bitter-sweet seeing my little boy turn into a big boy.

Time flies when you have twins!

Seriously, how does time keep getting away from me?! Things have slowed down a bit at least. May-June was just so crazy busy. I really need to upload pictures to my computer from the last little while and post. Especially the babies, they are 6 months tomorrow! With vacation and the 4th of July and everything I have lots of pictures I haven't even had a chance to look at yet. Maybe tomorrow. :) Hopefully the babies will let me get some sleep tonight, then I'll have some energy.