Friday, January 29, 2010

I see you!

Well, not literally, but I can see how many people visit here and where they are coming from, so I know who isn't commenting! Come on people, I've had like 3 comments in 2 weeks, and one of them was myself! I know for a fact many more are stopping by. Just a quick "hi there" would be nice once in a while. :) Plus I like to visit the blogs of new readers when they leave a comment too.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Pampers with Dry Max- Get Your Free Sample!

I am excited to tell you about a new development in diapers, Pampers Swaddlers and Cruisers Diapers with Dry Max. Yes, diapers get me excited, lol. I've been changing diapers for over 5 years straight, tried many different brands, and even used cloth diapers for a while. I know many of my readers also have children in diapers as well.

The new Pampers Swaddlers and Cruisers Diapers with Dry Max use new technology from Pampers to create a high performance diaper that uses 10% less material but still locks in wetness up to 12 hours! That is the part that excites me most. My Nathan leaks through his diaper almost every single night, and I am getting tired of washing bedding and pajamas, a diaper that could hold all that in would be such a relief to me.

Pampers has partnered with Team USA and is sending some of our athletes and their families to the Olympics equipped with these high-performance diapers for their little ones. Speedskater Chad Hedrick and Olympic Hopeful Noelle Pikus-Pace will be sharing their experiences with these diapers throughout the upcoming Olympic Winter Games at

These amazing diapers are not available for sale until March 2010, but starting January 29, 2010 (that's tomorrow people!) you can go to to request a FREE sample 3-pack! These samples will probably go pretty fast, so you will want get yours as soon as possible. PLUS if you get a lucky random sample pack that contains a special Team USA diaper you will win a years supply of Pampers Cruisers Diapers with Dry Max!!!
*Update- here's the link to get your free sample!

And, if you want the chance for your baby to be included in a special Pampers Cruisers Diapers with Dry Max "Baby Relay" commercial that will air the closing day of the Olympic Winter Games, you can go to and upload a picture of your baby crawling left to right and random entries will be chosen to be in the commercial!

I will be trying out these diapers in a few weeks and am excited to let you all know how they work for us! Make sure you go to starting tomorrow to get your free sample, and I'd love to hear if any of my readers get one of the special Team USA diapers to win a year's supply!

*I did not receive any compensation for writing this post, the opinions expressed in this post are my own.*

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Go Saints!

Did anyone else watch the Saints-Vikings game tonight? It was awesome! I love a good close game that keeps the action coming. Plus the team I was rooting for won. Go Saints! Since our team, the Patriots, didn't make it this far we were backing up my bro who is a big Saints fan. We had 4 of my brothers and my sister-in-law over for the game and dinner and it was so fun. My brother who's the big fan was practically having a heart attack the whole 4th quarter into overtime. I think we might have to find him some free life insurance quotes before the Superbowl cuz I'm sure he's going to get even more worked up over it lol. I am kind of sad that football season is coming to a close, it's so much more fun to watch than other sports.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Beautiful Family

Here are the pics my awesome sister-in-law Danielle took for us last year. She did a great job and for once I'm not embarrassed about how I look in pics!

Me and my wonderful Hubby
The boys
And all of us again
And this post was easy because my Hubby posted these pics on his blog months ago so I just had to copy and paste lol, even easier than looking up auto insurance quotes online. There were lots of great pics, and I'm so happy that after 5 years we finally got some nice family pictures taken. The last ones were a couple WalMart pics we had done when Jason was a month old.


Here are some pictures from December and our Christmas. Christmas pics are the hardest to choose from cuz we take sooo many! Warning, this will be a long post. :)
We stopped at Wendy's after grocery shopping one day and noticed that they had Santa there from noon-4pm. The time was 3:45pm so we went in and sure enough, there he was. Each of the boys sat on his lap, and for the first time ever not a single kid screamed and cried!

We went to Temple Square to see the Christmas lights. It was freezing and we had to walk 4 blocks because there was no parking any closer so the kids were kind of tired and whiney and we didn't stay long, but it was still nice.

Hubby loves the decorating part of Christmas

The boys at their preschool Christmas program. They also sat on Santa's lap there, but I already posted Santa pics lol.

Christmas Eve at my mom's with the family. It was a lot of fun!

(Poor Nathan's eczema got really bad this winter, poor little guy. Going to ask his doctor if it may be from allergies and see if some allergy relief might help.)

Christmas day. The boys are wearing their PJ pants I made (I also made matching blankies for them).

Back at it

Alright, time to finish up the picture posts I need to do. Got my external plugged in and my cold feet resting on the power adapter for the laptop (my feet are always cold, actually all of me is almost always cold, I'd be happy wrapped in an electric blanket all day lol). I like putting my feet on the nice warm adapter, which is another reason I have been sad the laptop has been having problems lately. But Hubby got it worked out, yay him! He reformatted and instead of reinstalling Vista he downgraded to XP and it is working so much better! Fast Internet again, and no freezing up, woohoo! OK, on to more pics!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Not done, but enough for tonight

OK, I'm not going to get around to the rest of the pics tonight. My eyes hurt from looking at the computer and I didn't have the rest of the pics uploaded to the external drive, so they are currently being copied over from our SD card, so I'll just let them do their thing and I'm going to go take a nice hot bath. Hurray for the weekend!

Thanksgiving, kind of

So I thought we took more pictures over Thanksgiving but I guess not! We only took 5?! And only one of those 5 actually has any of us in it, the rest are other family members who were there. So here's the one that has me, Nathan, and Grandma Cindy:
Then here's the boys in their cute crafts they did at preschool for Thanksgiving:

I think that's the fewest holiday pictures we've ever taken lol. I'm not sure how we managed to not take more, normally we have way too many. At least in that one I actually look pretty good, no wrinkle filler needed for me. :)

Intermission 2

Holy cow! It's amazing how many pictures I have to go through from just the last 6 months. And I still haven't posted Thanksgiving, Christmas, 2 weddings and our family pictures. I wanted to post some more random ones too, but I think with just those others I'll have had enough lol. I'm taking another break for dinner, but I will be back. I want to get these all posted tonight so I don't put it off again.

Nathan's Birthday

We had a joint birthday party for Nathan and his cousin who is 3 weeks older. It was so much fun.
Grandma Laurie trying to hold onto her 3 youngest grandbabies


Chocolate covered babies!

More cake on his actual birthday

I took the pictures that time, so no worries about going through the pics to see if I look like I need phisoderm or a little makeup. It's still hard to believe how fast his first year went! He is such a cute little boy and I love love love him so much. :)


Halloween was a lot of fun last year. Jakey was Wubbzy, Jason was Mario, and Nathan was a bumblebee. I also tried to do a few fun Halloween things with them. For some reason I can't get a few of the pics to upload rotated the right way, so yeah, oh well. :P
Spider sandwiches, mummy pizzas, and mummy dogs

Paper plate spiders, pumpkin, and bat

Preschool program

Carving pumpkins

Digging into their loot after trick-or-treating

I'm pretty sure I ate more of their candy than they did. Most of it was gone within a week. That's one of the holidays that I think some weight loss product and a dental cleaning voucher should be handed out with the candy lol.