Saturday, February 20, 2010

Healthy Dreams

I have heard a lot about how allergen pillows can help people with allergies and asthma sleep better because they aren't breathing in a bunch of germs and allergens during the night. I've never had a chance to use them because we were give a ton of pillows when we got married so we really haven't had to buy any since then, but I know we are past due for upgrading them. I know that over time dust mites, dead skin, and body oils build up in pillows so they should be replace a lot more frequently than we have.

The Healthy Dreams Germ-Fighter Allergen Pillow helps to stop the growth of mold, mites, and germs so you can breathe safe at night. They are made with Micrenza bio-filter and are the first pillow that is truly germ, mold, and allergen free. The bio-filter and waterproof barrier ensure that nothing will grow on your pillow for as long as you have it. They even come with a 10-year warranty and 60-day return policy.

Check out this video to see what happens with a normal pillow, and you'll definitely want to try out the Healthy Dreams Germ-Fighter Allergen Pillow.


I'm thinking I'll try to get to bed early tonight. First I'm going to take a nice hot bath because for some reason I feel freezing today. Maybe a hot bath and early bedtime will help me feel refreshed in the morning. I don't think I need to look up sleeping pill reviews just yet, as my exhaustion is mostly self-imposed lol, plus with Nathan still waking up occasionally at night I need to be able to get up when he needs me. If I even take Tylenol PM at night I am so groggy if I get woken up in the middle of the night. Just ask my Hubby about a few weeks ago when he actually got woken up from the baby (he's a heavy sleeper) and by the time I managed to drag myself out of bed he'd already gotten the baby a bottle. I just remember standing at the top of the stairs confused, and he had a good laugh about it the next morning.

My baby's eczema

We took Nathan to his 15 month checkup yesterday. He's doing great developmentally, was 23lb 3oz (fully dressed, so probably closer to 22lbs) and 30" tall. I asked about getting him allergy tested to see if there is something causing his eczema. It got a bit better after we took him off cow milk, but still is bad. So we have an appointment with a dermatologist next Friday. I don't want him to be allergic to anything, but it would be nice to know if there was something we could just avoid that would help his skin clear up. My younger sister is going to school for esthetics (skin care stuff) and has been great about asking her teacher for info on eczema. There's this hair loss shampoo or something, for people that get sores on their head from something, can't remember what exactly it's for, but she said that if you use it as a body wash it will help clear up eczema, it's called Nioxin or something. I still haven't gotten any because I keep forgetting. My SIL works at a salon where I think it's sold so I need to ask her if she can get some for me with her discount and I'll pay her back. At least Nathan's legs are looking better since we've made sure to keep long socks and pants on him at all times so he can't scratch it. He has 3 big spots on one arm that never seem to get much better though. Hopefully the dermatologist can help us out next week.


Sometimes I feel much older than I am. I'm tired all the time and my joints ache, especially when it's cold. I may not have grey hair or age spots ye, but I would love to get an afternoon nap every day lol. I know most of the reason I'm tired is because I don't get to bed early enough. I just have a hard time going to bed too soon after the kids go to bed cuz I like to enjoy a few hours of peace and quiet. That means I rarely get to bed before 11pm. At least Nathan is sleeping through the night more frequently so I don't have to get up so much in the middle of the night.

Water- does a body good

Lately I've been drinking a ton more water than normal. I usually drink maybe 1 cup of water a day, if that, but Hubby's workplace is holding a healthy living contest and to help him earn points I get to participate too. So one way to get points is by drinking 64oz of water each day. It's not really too hard, but it sure has made the bathroom a place I see frequently. I've heard getting plenty of water can also help your skin look healthier and clearer, so that would be nice so I don't have to resort to something like glucomannan to clear up my acne. I actually crave water now if I haven't had any in a few hours. I keep a nice big mug of ice water by me at all times and usually I've drunk my 64oz by mid-afternoon. I'm a bit behind today since I slept in a bit later than normal, but I'm trying to finish up so I'm not up all night using the bathroom!

Hate my skin

Ugh, I am so sick of how much my face has broken out lately. I don't know if it's from my hormones changing after I stopped nursing or the medicine I'm on, but it's driving me nuts. I have a few different acne skin products to try on it cuz just washing it hasn't helped. Usually it only breaks out when I'm pregnant but I'm not yet and don't want it getting even worse when I do get preggo again. Hopefully I can get it cleared up soon.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Almost game time!

I am so excited for the Super Bowl tomorrow! We are going to have a party here. My brother who lives with us (oh, did I ever even mention that? One of my brothers is living here until he gets married in a few months) and he is a big Saints fan so he's so thrilled they made it to the Super Bowl, which should make it exciting. And I love seeing the commercials. Everybody from big companies to credit repair services pays big bucks to get their business noticed. Usually there's tons of hilarious commercials, though you occasionally get one that is just not Super Bowl worthy. Anyway, we are going to watch the game and snack and chat and have a great time. It's so nice to have a big screen TV for stuff like that lol.


I'm so excited to get our tax return soon. We are going to be replacing out carpet. It's dark green and old and has plenty of stains, so we are going to get something lighter colored but textured to be sturdy and hide stains. We're also going to replace the flooring in the bathrooms with tile. We plan to redo the kitchen floor next year. It's nice owning a home and being able to change things you want. One thing I'd love to work on at some point is the area in our family room that's cut out for a fireplace. Of course there isn't an Amish fireplace, or any type of fireplace, there but the area was built for it. What I want to do is build some built-in shelves and stuff. Right now we have a shelf for our videos there, but I think built-ins would look even nicer.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Need a good run

Another thing I don't like about winter is that I end up going many months without any exercise. Pretty much the only exercise I get is when I can go running, but obviously if my knees are aching and creaking I can't go run in the cold! One of these days maybe I'll get around to buying a treadmill or using a nordictrack promotion code to get me some indoor exercise equipment, but I'd really just prefer to get out and run all the time. It's very refreshing to breathe in the fresh air and smell flowers blooming and feel my muscles stretching. Just a few more months.

Not quite warm enough yet

I really can't wait for warmer weather to get here! Today it got up to 45*, which actually felt pretty good after the cold winter weather, but I still want it to get up in the 70's sometime soon. We have our thermostat set to 70* (I'd like it warmer, but trying to save money) and I'm sitting here cuddled under a blanket. I get achey when I'm cold too. I don't have rheumatoid arthritis, but I might have psoriatic arthritis, and when I'm cold my knees, wrists, and fingers get very achey. The baby is taking a nap right now and the boys are being good so I may go take a hot bath to warm up.