Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Selective hearing

Some days I think my children must be deaf. For one, they like turning up the TV or games way louder than necessary, and secondly they just plain don't listen. I'll be standing right in front of them and talking and they will just look up and say, "What?" I think I need a loudspeaker in my house, like a bose l1 compact musicians friend system, to be able to get there attention anywhere in the house. Maybe they would hear me better if I was talking through a microphone lol.

Nom nom nom

My garden this year actually hasn't done too bad. Getting lots of tomatoes (mostly little cherry and juliets) and some zucchini and squash. The other day I picked a zucchini that had gotten pretty big and decided to have one of the babies hold it to see how big it was compared to them. So I handed it over to Isaac and he thought it was a snack for him.

Then he ran off with it and I had to chase him around the table to get it back. Little stinker. :)