Thursday, November 15, 2007

U.S. Healthcare Woes

My Hubby posted about dental insurance today. We currently don't have any, which drives me nuts because I have genetically bad teeth, enjoy candy too much, need 2 crowns, and have braces. Unfortunately the dental insurance offered through his work is $70 a month, which is more than just a regular cleaning costs, so we do not have it. Luckily my braces were already paid for by our old insurance company so I don't have to worry about those costs, but once I get my braces off we better have good dental insurance because I will be getting a thorough cleaning, probably a few fillings (I always need fillings) and those 2 crowns from past root canals that were never crowned. Crowns alone cost at least $400 each. Ugh.

Anyway, the whole point of this post that I keep getting away from, is that I'm not too happy with the US healthcare system in the first place. Lorie posted yesterday that she needs to see a doctor urgently but because they don't have insurance she can't go yet. It's just unfair that there are people in real need of care that can't get it because our healthcare system is all about money and not actually helping people. I know that most of the other advanced countries have some sort of universal healthcare and I've heard Canadian friends say how much better they like theirs compared to what the US offers.

What do you think about the healthcare here in the US? And if you don't live in the US, what kind of healthcare do you have and do you think it's better or worse?


Danielle said...

I am totally for a universal healthcare system. I think that America is very behind the times in some ways. I also believe it is the government and the healthcare companies in cahoots to make money for themselves. Josh and I just watched Sicko by Michael Moore, which I know there are Moore haters out there, but the man does make a point even when it is extremely one sided. Kare you guys should watch it!

Kara said...

I think Nate watched it. And from what I've heard about it I agree with him. It really is all about money and that is just wrong.

Nate said...

Ya, I watched it and I agree with what it is saying. The healthcare companies and insurance companies are just out to make money. They really don't care about how many people die because they can't afford care. Since when did caring for someone's health turn into just a money making game. The government won't do anything because them and the health industry are bed buddies. It's all a crock. Go universal healthcare.

Lorie said...

Kara we have medical cards for our children or I do not know what we would do. I am on the sliding scale of $35 an office visit. Which does not seem like a lot but it really is to me especially if you have to go several times in a month. The clinic we go to made a new policy this summer,you have to pay the $35 before they see you. It stinks so much. After dh gets out of school we will be able to get on his companies insurance. Actually the job he is trying to get right now comes with medical insurance, but even when we had insurance though our works they kept going up on fees and co pays etc. We are going to take some money out of the Christmas money so that I can go to the doctor. We will not be buying for our families this year. My dh says that my life is more important than gifts. My meds are generic and I can get it at Walmart for $4. Eventhough I did not update, that is what we are going to do for right now. It would be a blessing if dh got his job now so we do not have to worry aobut mutiple visits.

Kara said...

I'm glad you have cards for the kids. I can't believe they make you pay before they will let you see a dr. I'll be praying that your DH can get that job :)