Saturday, October 27, 2012


It's that time of year. Cold. We're getting the house and yard all prepared for winter. Hubby already got the swamp cooler covered and the sprinklers drained and all the outdoor toys like scooters and dump trucks and custom frisbees stored in the shed. The heater has been coming on. I'm hoping the weather will give me one more week of non-freezing temps (we had a few freezing nights this week I covered them with a tarp) so the tomatoes in my garden can ripen a bit more. I've also been pulling out the long sleeved shirts and need to finish switching out the kids' clothes.

Halloween MineCraft Costumes

For Halloween this year my oldest son wanted to be Steve from the game MineCraft. A few weeks ago I barely even knew what MineCraft was, but we got the trial game on our Xbox and the kids have been loving it. So about 2 days ago I decided to go ahead and make his costume, and to make it even more insane I decided to make all the boys things from MineCraft. It took waaaaaaay longer than I expected to make their costumes. I literally did hardly anything the last few days but work on their costumes, staying up until 2am the last two nights even. And they had to be done by today because my niece's costume birthday party and the twins club trunk-or-treat. Using lots of scissors, construction paper, paint, boxes, and tape, this was the final- totally awesome- product:
And the pictures of the characters/objects they were based on:

The costumes were a huge hit with anyone who recognized MineCraft. The babies weren't too fond of being stuck in a box but we were able to distract them with candy. They loved the trunk-or-treat and were so excited to be given candy.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Birthday Party

We also had a birthday party for Jason after his baptism. He had a small friend's party the Saturday after his birthday, but we decided to have the bigger family party after the baptism. We had lots of food (though some days I would love to have los angeles catering instead of making everything myself lol) and lots of people showed up for him. Was really nice to have so many family and friends show up to celebrate him and show support.

Jason's Baptism

My oldest son Jason turned 8 last month, which means that he was old enough to be baptized! (We are LDS [Mormon] and children can be baptized once they are 8). It was an amazing day and made me cry. Grandma Laurie gave him his own set of scriptures, which he has been reading out of every day. Here is a picture of my family before the baptism.