Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Gutsy Chewy Review

I've always been a fan of natural remedies for curing common ills. My thinking is the more simple and natural it is, the better for your body it will be. When Moms Meet gave me a chance to review Gutsy Chewy, an upset tummy remedy that is all-natural, I thought that would be great.

Gutsy Chewy was created by Dr. Haghighi, a gastroenterologist and dentist, who wanted to try out the natural remedies for stomach complaints that his patients would mention. He combined papaya, apple cider vinegar, licorice root, xylitol, and minerals like calcium and magnesium. Through clinical trials he found that his digestive supplement worked very well. These chewy supplements are also lactose-free, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly!

I received both the citrus and wildberry flavors to try. I don't usually have a lot of stomach issues so I wasn't sure when I'd get a chance to use it. Well, I stopped drinking soda back in January. I've had a little here and there but only a couple times since then. So last week, after a couple very late nights up painting, I had a lot of Mtn Dew to keep me going one day. It gave me a terrible upset stomach for days. I didn't even remember about my Gutsy Chewy tablets until the next day and decided it couldn't hurt to try out.

It didn't immediately make my stomach all better, but I did notice a significant decrease in discomfort within a short time. And the tablets taste ok, kind of like a giant chewy Smartie candy lol. I do keep forgetting I have them, and there have been a few more times I could have used them if I'd remembered. I'm interested in seeing how they work for my husband, who gets an upset stomach from fast food.

Right now you can get a good deal on Gutsy Chewy- buy 2, get 1 free; buy 4, get 2 free; buy 8, get 4 free; or buy 12, get 6 free.

*Disclaimer: I received free Gutsy Chewy tablets of both flavors from Moms Meet in exchange for an honest review.*

Monday, May 05, 2014

Score Big with ScoreBig.com

If you love to go to events but don't want to pay full price for tickets, or the ticket vendor says they are sold out, then you will love ScoreBig.com. You get to bid on ticket prices that you want, in the seating area you want. It's really simple.

First, you choose your event. There are sporting events, concerts, and more and it brings up the events available in and near your city.

Then you choose what kind of seating you want to get. If you are fine with the cheapest seats available then choose that. If you really want some 5 star seating or box seats, choose that. It shows what the average ticket cost is for that seating area.

Then you put in a bid. When you enter a number it will show what the likelihood of that bid being accepted is. You can change your bid or try your luck. Enter your information and submit your bid.

If your bid is accepted you will automatically be charged for the tickets and sent an email on how to get your tickets. If it is not accepted it will tell you an amount that you can pay and you have 2 minutes to decide if you want to get those tickets. You can go with that or bid again for a different seat rating or price.

I was give a $100 gift code to use at ScoreBig.com. Around here the only event available is for Real Salt Lake games (soccer). We recently went to a game for the first time and had fun so I was excited to get some more tickets to try out. We wanted 5 star seating to try to get in the club seating section (free concessions!). The 5 star seating was either in club or front row seats.

I first bid $50 each for 2 tickets and it was not accepted. I went back later and bid $55 each. That was also not accepted but it gave me the option to buy tickets for $60 each (normally about $90 tickets). We went ahead and bought them. Unfortunately it was not in the club seating. Because it only gives 2 minutes to decide if you want the offered price I did not take the time to read the small print that said where the seats would probably be. It was front row seats though, which are still really great. But my husband did not want to sit at a game for 2-3 hours with no food and drink (they don't allow outside food/drink and it's like $4 just for water), so he ended up finding a guy at work who wanted them.

So we did not get to use our tickets, but I really liked how easy it was to use the site. The only thing I didn't like was feeling rushed to decide if I wanted to the new offered seats because I didn't actually read the fine print saying where the offered seats would be. But I would definitely be willing to use the site again the next time we want to go to a game, or if there is another local event we want to go to. I looked on the website for the stadium where the games are and it showed those tickets were sold out, so this is a great way to get those "sold out" tickets!

**Disclaimer: I was given $100 gift code to use in exchange for an honest review by ScoreBig.com**