Wednesday, January 26, 2011

CSN Stores

Have you checked out yet? They have over 200 online stores with everything from swing sets to dinnerware to baby gear. I have been very happy with using them in the past, they ship fast and the items I've gotten have been great. Like the 2 Snug and Tug swaddle blankets I received a few months ago. I didn't get a chance to review them then because I didn't have the babies, but now that I've had a chance to use them they are great. And really has such a wide variety of items for the home, outdoors, babies, and more. Check it out!

*Disclaimer: I received a $35 gift certificate for this post. All opinions are my own.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Under Control

Now that the twins are here, does that mean that my acne will begin to get under control again? It usually doesn't flare up, but for some reason, it was really acting up towards the end of my pregnancy. It was and still is very irritating. I've been very good at not picking at it. I don't want to end up getting acne scar treatments because of constantly picking at the acne. Hopefully, if I just leave it alone, the acne will go away as hormones get back in order again.

On My Way

Okay, so the twins are here and I am well on my way to losing 30 pounds this year. The weight always seems to come off easily, but I'm afraid that some may stick around. No matter what I do, I just can't get that last bit to go away. I may be looking for a diet pill that works in the end if I can't get the rest of the baby weight to fall of on my own.

Family Pictures, to come

On Monday we took the family to get pictures taken. My ex-sister-in-law is a great photographer and gave me a $50 gift certificate to Target Studios where she works as a baby shower gift. So we went and had her do pics of all of the boys individually and together and the whole family and they are so great! I will have to post the link to the online album, as soon as I have a free hand.


When it comes to getting reliable information about a diet drug, I don't think the best place to get it is a television commercial. I think even if you search online, there is biased information out there. I would just like to get clear, unbiased information like acai information. Information that is not targeted to me just buying the drug. I would like unbiased info so I could make an informed decision. Is that too much to ask?

Slowly Phasing Out

We used to have a number of HP products in our house. However, they haveslowly been phased out because HP isn't impressing us lately. I think the only HP product we actively use anymore is one of our hp printers. Surprisingly, it has lasted a very long time. We've gone through 2 hp laptops in the same time that we have had that same printer. Perhaps HP should just stick to making printers.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Baby Pictures!!!

OK here are a bunch of pictures of my cuties! There aren't a lot of me because, well, I looked like crap in the hospital lol. I still look pretty frumpy from being tired plus the lovely jelly belly and no time to get looking nice. I'm looking forward to being able to do some running after I heal up. It would be great to have an exercise room with treadmill, bike, pull up bars and stuff. With 2 babies it'll be hard to find time to get out and exercise but I'm going to find time.

Anyway, on to the baby pictures!
Isaac and his poor bruised face


Proud daddy

Tired mommy

Awwww... (Caleb left, Isaac right)

Ready to go home (Isaac in blue hat, Caleb in green)

Home at last

Isaac left, Caleb right

Aren't they just sooo adorable?!

Old but still good

I remember when I was a kid and we had the original Nintendo system. We had Mario and Duck Hunt and every kid was proficient at the technique of blowing in the game and in the console to get the game working. It's crazy now with all the different consoles like Wii, xbox slim, PS3, etc. Plus the huge variety of games. But my favorite games are still some of the earlier ones like Mario, which we can luckily buy to play with our Wii. It's fun to show our kids how to play the old games.

They are here!!! My baby boys have arrived!!!

I was scheduled for an induction on January 13th but my boys decided that they didn't want to wait until then. Sunday, January 9th, I was having some random contractions in the evening but they weren't regular. They were a little more painful than usual so I figured that things might pick up in the next day or so. I went to bed that night not expecting anything to happen until at least morning.

Around midnight Hubby came to bed and I got back in bed from one of my many bathroom trips. Suddenly I felt Isaac drop hard and fast into my pelvis. I knew then that labor was going to start up, though I still felt that it would probably take a while since my shortest previous labor was 20hrs. I got up and ate a bowl of cereal while timing a few contractions. They were pretty strong and about 3-4 minutes apart. I decided to take a bath to see what that did. Around 12:45 while the water was filling up I started to think that maybe a bath wasn't a good idea, but I was still stuck thinking I'd have another long labor so I got in anyway. After just a few more contractions I started calling for Nate to get up. He got up at 1am and I told him I was in labor and he needed to call my dad to come stay with the boys so we could go to the hospital. We started grabbing the things we'd need, luckily I already had my bag packed. At 1:15 my dad still wasn't on his way so I called a neighbor to come stay at the house until he got there because I really felt we needed to leave. My contractions were 2 minutes apart and very intense.

We left for the hospital at 1:30. Normally it's a 45 minute drive but since it was the middle of the night it only took 30 minutes. My water broke in the car and I was having contractions every 1-2 minutes that I had to work hard not to push with. We got there around 2pm and rushed up to L&D. When they checked me I was already complete and ready to push so they rushed me back to the OR (they deliver all twins in the OR just in case). I had no time for an epidural like I'd been planning. After maybe 10 minutes of pushing, and a slight shoulder dystocia scare, Isaac was born at 2:21am weighing 7lb9oz and 18.5". He was so purple I was worried, but luckily he started screaming right away. His face was just so bruised from his fast descent. I got a break from contractions for about 5 minutes and they broke Caleb's water to get him to move down. I was saying that I didn't want to do it again lol. After another 10 minutes of pushing, and a little help from the vacuum when his heartrate dropped, Caleb was born at 2:36am weighing 7lb1oz and 20.67". I delivered the placenta and they stitched up the small 1st degree tear I had then they took the babies back to the nursery to watch them for a bit.

I was wheeled back to a room at 3am and they brought the babies to me at 3:30. I was able to hold them skin-to-skin right away and started nursing soon after. Because I was GBS+ and didn't have time for antibiotics in labor we stayed for a few days so they could watch the babies. Everyone is doing great though and we are so thrilled to have our little boys home with us.

I'm happy I was able to have a VBA2C with twins, but I will never again be envious of people who have short labors lol. It was very intense and scary and next time I want to have time for an epidural if I want it. :) I will get some pictures of the babies up soon.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Winter is no fun

Winter has officially hit hard here. The last week the temperature has been so cold and we got quite a bit of snow right after Christmas. It's not so bad when you can stay inside, but if you have to go out it stinks. I have to take the boys to and from school and I hate it. In the morning I just walk Jason across the road then go back to the house and watch him from the porch until he gets to school (so nice that the school is across the street!), but I actually have to go all the way over there to pick him up when he's done. Normally I take the stroller with the other boys, but now that there's snow it's hard to push it through the snow so I have to just walk and keep good hold of them. Makes me want some muck boots for wading through the slushy streets and sidewalks. And they don't keep the sidewalk in front of the school shoveled very well either. Going to be even harder with 2 babies to take along. It's actually easier to take Jakey to and from school because I drive him and the teachers come out and get the kids and bring them back out so I don't have to worry about coats and hats and stuff for the other kids and just wait for them. I enjoyed having them out for winter break so I didn't have to worry about taking them out at all lol.

So close and yet so far

I can't believe how completely exhausted I am. Twin pregnancy is definitely much harder than a singleton. I'm 35.5 weeks and just completely done. I can't sleep because I hurt all over and have to wake up every hour or two to go to the bathroom and switch sides. Very few clothes fit, even my larger maternity clothes. I wish I had some large scrubs uniforms because those look pretty comfy. Mostly I live in my yoga pants and a few large pj shirts, I don't like having to put on regular maternity shirts unless I'm going somewhere. I'm taking daily baths now to help with how achey I am. Luckily Hubby has been so great and understanding and helps out a ton. I just need to hold out a few more weeks at the most.


Yep, I'm a little late with that, but I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year! We had a very nice holiday. We went to my mom's Christmas Eve for our family party, had our own little Christmas morning at home then visited my mom and dad, and the inlaws came down Christmas night. It was really fun and the kids enjoyed everything too. New Year's Eve we didn't do much. We had a movie night with the boys, where we let them stay up as late as they could watching movies. I think Jakey was the only one of all of us who was actually still awake by midnight lol. And now I'm glad the holidays are over because although I enjoy them, they are also very stressful. Back to normal life and preparing for babies.