Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It's a small world after all

It's so funny how small the world can be. Just a few examples: I used to live in Rigby about 5 miles from where Hubby lived his whole life, but never met him until we both went to school in Utah. I still have friends in that town and now I am related to them through Hubby, kinda cool. Every time we go to something of one of my friend's from there we see some of his family, and every time we have a large family thing like a wedding I see some old friends. It's great. Also, last year we went online to look at health and life insurance quotes and a guy came to talk to us about it and turns out he was an old neighbor of Hubby's from Rexburg. I went to WalMart one day here and a girl working there was an old friend from Rigby. When we lived in Logan, at the WalMart there an old dance team friend from Rigby was working there in the car shop. It's just funny how these things are :D

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