Friday, September 30, 2011

Stop the train...

...I want to get off! I seriously feel like life is going by too fast to keep up. My house is a mess, I can barely keep things straight with the boys' school, college, appointments, kids, etc, and I'm just exhausted because I haven't had a good night's rest in who knows how long. I love my life and my kids, and actually enjoy my college classes, but I just need everything to freeze for a few days so I can catch my breath! We went out to eat tonight, and after dinner I noticed Jason's shorts were inside out. His blue plaid shorts that he was wearing with a tan and orange striped shirt. Oh yeah, he's the height of fashion! I've given up on caring if they're wearing carhartt pants with a long sleeve shirt in 80* weather, or if anything matches, or if they've been wearing the same outfit for 3 days (ok, maybe not that last one, I try to notice if they haven't changed their clothes when I tell them to lol). As long as everyone is fed, dressed, gets to bed before midnight and is reasonably clean I count it a successful day.
I know this crazy time won't last forever. Eventually I will be done with school. Eventually the babies will sleep through the night. And eventually I will get around to the million chores I'm slacking at. But for now I'm in triage, taking care of what needs to be done most first. My kids are loved, the babies are happy and healthy, and the boys and I are doing well in school. When I have a free minute I prefer to spend it relaxing with my boys instead of making the house spotless. And I'm lucky to have an amazing husband who helps me with the house and kids, picking up my slack. One day I'll have an empty clean house and wish for the days when I had a full messy house. :)
"Quiet down cobwebs, dust go to sleep. I'm rocking my baby, and babies don't keep."

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Plagiocephaly Helmet

I don't know if I've mentioned Isaac's helmet on here? About a month ago he got a helmet to improve his plagiocephaly, a flat spot on the back right side of his head. It has already made a big difference and he should only need it for a few months.

Isn't he just a cute little guy? It doesn't really bother him either. It does get pretty sweaty and stinky though, so when he gets to have it off for an hour a day we wipe down his head and the helmet. And luckily our insurance covered it as durable medical equipment, I've heard a lot of people who had to pay out of pocket, and those things are expensive! I'm so used to seeing him with it on that he looks so different when he has it off and you can see his hair better and everything. It'll be nice when he's all done with it, but I'm glad we were able to get it for him so he wouldn't have a misshapen head the rest of his life.


I'm on a few messageboards with women who have babies the age of my twins and now that our babies are all around 7-8 months old and getting mobile there have been many discussions about babyproofing. I've gone through 3 other kids so we have the outlet covers, baby gates, and cabinet locks pretty well covered. One thing I mentioned to some of those first time moms is something I think gets overlooked a lot- securing furniture. TVs that don't have tv mounts on the wall like ours should be connected to the wall, I know you can buy safety straps that connect the TV to the wall. Also dressers, entertainment centers, book cases, curio cabinets, etc should all be secured to the wall at a stud. Once those babies start pulling up on things you want what they are grabbing to be as sturdy as possible with no chance of it falling on them. Cords should be out of the way too so they can't pull lamps, candle warmers, CD players, etc down on them. My boys are now army crawling around the house so it's time for me to make sure things are safe by getting some cords tucked away, replacing a few outlet covers, and getting out the gates.

At your fingertips

I often think about what the Internet was like when I first started using it back when I was like 12. The main browser was Netscape Navigator, and you had to pay for it because Internet Explorer at the time sucked (at the time? doesn't it still? lol). There wasn't a whole lot of information on everything out there, it took forever to find stuff because of the slow dial up connection, and there were not many social networking sites. Nowadays everything is on the Internet. You want a new outfit? Look up wet seal coupons. Need help with your homework? Look it up! (I've been doing that lately with my HTML class). Movie times, local news, random tidbits of information. It's all on the Internet, along with all the people you want to talk with. Pretty cool for someone who remembers life without it.

Shop Class

One of my favorite classes in junior high was shop. I totally loved working with tools and making stuff. I still do like to make stuff, and I'm pretty much the handy one around here, except when it comes to power saws. In junior high I wasn't afraid of band saw blades or circular saws or anything. It was so cool to get to use them. But now I've gotten wimpy lol. I let Hubby handle the sharp stuff. I think having kids has made me soft, plus I worry about them getting hurt by anything. And I think part of it is not having a designated "shop" area, it doesn't feel like I have a safe place to use those kind of tools. We have a work bench in the garage but it's pretty messy and I wish we had some nice strong clamps for when we need to saw stuff, usually I'm acting as a human clamp while Hubby saws lol.

Poor little bloggy

So, I started Fall semester of school about a month ago and things have gotten even more sporadic for my poor blog. It's been so neglected. I would love to post more about the cute things my kids do, pictures of them, and about life in general, but I'm just exhausted these days. The babies still don't sleep well at night, I feel like I'm getting more behind on housework every day, and having school 3 nights and 1 morning a week is messing with when I can schedule and do other things. I don't mind school, in fact I really am enjoying my classes (and if you've been reading this blog for a while you know that normally I HATE school), I've just had to let less important things slide for a bit, like my little blog here. Poor thing, I want to pet it and say, "It's okay little bloggy, I still love you." But that would be weird.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Slim These Days

I hear every day that jobs are hard to come by. People in our neighborhood have been laid off and it seems everyone is scrambling for any job they can get. I'm not sure what they define as a job. There are jobs like Convention Services/Events Staff Jobs, which are good for paying bills, but I'm not sure how permanent they are. Then there are jobs that require degrees. These jobs seem to be in bigger supply. When I think of a job, I think of something that can be permanent and steady. We need more of these jobs.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

First Day of School

Arg, one of these days life will slow down right?! No? Yeah, didn't think so. :P

OK, so first day of school pictures! Jason started first grade this year and Jakey started Kindergarten. At first it was so weird having Jason gone all day. He was so thrilled to get to take lunch with him. We didn't do much back to school shopping. They didn't really need a lot. They have enough clothes (though come colder weather we may have to buy some more pants) and they didn't have any supply lists to buy. Jason needed some new shoes so we got him some cheap sandals. When it gets cooler we will need to get some easy spirit sneakers or something cuz I think his tennis shoes are getting snug. We also got him a lunch box and a few basic school supplies. Jakey didn't need anything, though he might also need some new shoes by the time it's cold out. Anyway, enough chatter, here's my cuties on their first day of school.