Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I know, Christmas was last week, and I really did mean to post something about it then, but man this time of year is busy! We had a great Christmas, and hopefully I will get around to posting pics soon, along with all the other posts and pics I've been neglecting. Our laptop has major issues and we've had to reformat the hard-drive to get it to work 3x in the last week, so I haven't been on much. Good thing we have the desktop, I'm just not used to using it. And our furnace is currently broken so it's cold! A guy was supposed to come check it out yesterday but he never showed up. I want to say very mean things about him for leaving a family with 3 little kids in the cold during winter, but I will just make sure everyone knows not to use him. Hopefully we can get someone to come out today. I'm just finishing up some hot chocolate to warm me up then I'm heading back to my warm room.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


It's funny how my blogging has changed over the years. A few years ago I was so concerned about page views, page rank, web directory listings, etc etc. But I have so much going on in life that blogging has really fallen low on my priority list. I need to get back to just using it to journal life. Nathan is already a year old and there are so many special moments I haven't written down. The boys are in preschool and loving it but I haven't written about that either. I seriously need to find time once in a while to keep up on things. One day they'll be all grown up and I'll miss these days so much and I want to be able to look back and reminisce.

Gimme a break, gimme a break...

I have been so busy lately it's insane! I really hope that after the holidays I can get things all caught up on here. I'm way behind in posting pictures and I don't think I even posted about baby's first birthday! And yesterday my brother got married and we held the wedding at my house! It was so busy and stressful but it turned out really well and we had a great evening. I could really use a vacation like some Outer Banks rentals at Anywhere that is warm would be nice too! I absolutely hate being cold and winter is here full force.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Wait...what was I saying?

Ugh, I just remembered something I need to do and about 15 seconds later forgot it again! I hate when that happens! I was thinking about needing to get started on PJ pants for my boys for Christmas, and suddenly remembered whatever it was, but now it's gone again :P Hopefully it comes to me again. I swear my brain just does not work as well as it used to. I wish I could buy memory like you can for a computer. I'm pretty sure not getting enough sleep is the biggest problem. I read a study once about how sleep loss affects memory. It makes it so short-term memories don't stick as well or something. You can even ask my Hubby, my memory sucks. We will go to the store and be talking about what we need to buy and 2 minutes later I'll be saying, "Wait, what are we here for again?" and sometimes I'll do that a few times in the same trip! Mtn. Dew might help me stay awake but it doesn't help me think any better lol.

Lots to do, and no energy to do it!

The last time I was pregnant I tried really hard to cut back on the amount of soda I drank, especially caffeinated soda. It worked well for a while. But eventually I was so tired I relied of Mtn Dew to get me through the day. I started doing well again because we didn't have as much in the house, but lately Hubby has kept us too well stocked with yummy soda, so I have been drinking 1-2 a day, especially because I'm so tired lately. I'm hoping once this busy week is over with I can get some rest and hopefully not need to have a soda to keep me going. There used to be a time I would have nothing on my calendar, but lately there is always something and I feel like I need an industrial computer time tracker program to keep things straight. A lot of it has to do with the holidays, but also life just seems to get a lot busier the more kids I have. Obviously. And Christmas is creeping closer and there's still so much I need to do.

Just plain exhausted

I swear these last few weeks have just been a big blur! We had Thanksgiving up in Idaho and were up there for 5 days. Then last week I took on 2 new kids to watch full time- a 4yr old boy and a 9 month old girl, who was sick and clingy. So my whole family ended up getting sick with a nasty cold/tummy bug thing. The boys had to miss preschool and Hubby even took a sick day. Jakey and I still have a cough. Plus I had 3 appointments last week, 2 with the dermatologist and 1 with a new orthodontist. I got put on a new medicine for my psoriasis that makes me feel like crap, but I'll only be on it a month, and it is working. I also have scouts on Tuesdays, and have to spend hours coming up with our den meeting plans. Last weekend Hubby spent hours putting up Christmas lights and has been working on that off and on since Saturday. I made a big dinner Sunday and had my sister and her husband and baby over, which was a lot of fun. Yesterday we got a ton of snow, I think 8-10 inches, though it's settled down lower a bit now. I decided to be nice to Hubby and shovel the driveway so he could pull in when he got home. I got about 3/4 done before I had no more energy, and my back is so sore today! I haven't had a decent nights sleep in too long. And the fun doesn't stop there.

I offered my house for my brother's wedding, which is this Saturday. So, I have a ton of cleaning I need to do before then. I also offered to make the cookies for the little reception afterward, so I'll be busy baking about 20 dozen cookies before then.

I am behind on laundry. My kitchen desperately needs mopped. Hubby is taking tomorrow off to take our cats to get fixed and help watch the kids while I go help a neighbor. Then we are going out because my birthday is Friday, but we'll be too busy getting the house ready for a wedding to go out then, so we are going tomorrow. I need to go to the store to find a gift for a secret sister exchange on one of my messageboards, that I need to mail out by Saturday, so I better get it done before then because I will forget if I wait til Saturday. I no longer watch those 2 new kids cuz the family found someone who lives closer to them to do it, and while it's sort of a relief because it was exhausting having them, we were really counting on that money for Christmas. The boy I took on for Mondays I now watch on Wednesdays too, so that helps, and he is very easy. Today I have my 3 kids plus two 1.5 year olds! Amazingly I got ALL 3 babies to nap at the same time! Hallelujah! Now if only Jason and Jakey would nap.

I am so ready for this week to be over!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Post-holiday update

We had a great Thanksgiving. We went to Hubby's cousin's house and had dinner with a bunch of family. Then we played some board games. After that we all headed down to this lazer tag place and played 3 rounds of lazer tag. It was soooo fun! We had 21 of us playing on 3 teams, with ages ranging from 3 to 50's. It was awesome! We all had a lot of fun. I think the last time I'd played lazer tag was when Hubby and I were dating, 7 years ago. My legs are still killing me lol. Feels like I went on a ski vacation instead of sitting around at the inlaws all weekend. After that Hubby and I and the boys went to his grandparent's house where we ate some of their yummy leftovers (his grandma's stuffing is delicious!) and chatted for a bit. It really was a great holiday.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Enjoy the good food and have fun with your families. Remember all the wonderful things we have to be thankful for.

I am thankful for my family. My Hubby and 3 boys are so important to me and I have been so blessed. And I am thankful for Hubby's job, our home, our health, and all our family and friends.

I saw this on a friend's Facebook and just want to share:
May your stuffing be tasty, may your turkey be plump,
may your potatoes and gravy have never a lump.
May your yams be delicious, and your pies take the prize,
and may your Thanksgiving dinner stay off your thighs!

Don't need much

I haven't really thought of much that I want for my birthday and Christmas. I do need some new tennis shoes, but that's something I would have to go buy so I get a good fit. I don't need anything fancy like Naot shoes, just some regular shoes I can walk and run in. My current ones are getting a big hole in the side, not so good in the winter lol. I did tell Hubby I want some new shirts, but again that's something I would want to pick out. So I really don't know what he'll surprise me with this year.

Just not my thing

At this time of year I get so many people asking me if I'm going Black Friday shopping. Well, as of right now I don't have anything I want bad enough to get up at 2am and stand out in 20* darkness to wait for! On the fun meter I rank Black Friday shopping right down there with life insurance policy shopping. I don't know if Hubby has anything he wants to go get, but if he does I am not going with him, and I have a sick baby to take care of anyway so good excuse to get out of BF shopping lol.


I'm so excited for all the yummy Thanksgiving food we get to eat today! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays cuz there's lots of food and usually a fun time chatting with family and watching some football (yes, I'm one of those girls who likes watching football, lucky Hubby!). I'll probably need to check out colon cleanser reviewss by the end of the day though, because I know I'm going to put on a couple pounds!

Sick baby

Our baby is sick :( Little Nathan has a stuffy nose and yucky cough. He kept us up most of the night, and when he did sleep he snored so loud that I couldn't sleep. I'm glad we picked up some baby medicine yesterday because he had a fever last night too. I'm so tired from him keeping us up the last 2 nights that I want to just look up Toronto hotels and take a vacation far away lol. I won't be able to nap today cuz we'll be busy with Thanksgiving, but hopefully we'll get more sleep tonight.

Find it free

What I love about this time of year is the great deals you can find online. I've really been happy with deals from photo sites that offer lots of free or cheap prints, Christmas invitations, photo calendars, etc. I was able to order 50 photo cards for free, so we will actually send out Christmas cards for the very first time! I love getting free stuff. :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


When I was a teenager my family moved to Idaho. One of the things us kids thought was cool in our new house was the central vacuum. Each room had a port to hook up the long hose, and we had fun opening the ports because the suction would start up right away. The central vacuum motor and dirt bin thing were located in the garage. The only problem we had was that it would often get clogged, and with the hose running behind walls in the whole house it was hard to fix a clog. Eventually we just stopped using it at all, but it was pretty cool while it lasted.

Monday, November 16, 2009

5 Minutes for Mom Christmas Giveaway

If you haven't heard of the Christmas Giveaway at 5 Minutes for Mom, make sure to go check it out. They are giving away some great items like games, DVDs, and toys, so go check it out.

Not part of my vocabulary

I don't drink coffee so I always think it's funny when someone names off some elaborate tall white chocolate hazelnut decaf mocha latte with skim milk and non-fat whip cream on top, or something like that, because I have no idea what they mean. If you asked me the difference between a latte and an espresso, I would not be able to tell you, except I think an espresso is smaller lol. Coffee is too complicated lol, I think I'll stick with hot chocolate.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Baby!

I really can't believe how incredibly fast this year has gone. One year ago at this time I was arriving at the hospital, in lots of pain, wanting them to just get him out of me. And they did. It wasn't the way I planned, but many things in life don't go as planned. The emergency c-section under general anesthesia, and the 4 hour time between his birth and the first time I got to see him, didn't change how in love I was the moment I laid eyes on him.

Nathan is such an amazing little baby. He is usually in a good mood, calm, and happy. Like any baby he has his share of fussy times, and he still is not the best sleeper (though it's getting better), but overall he is just such a joy. His laughter and smile light up the whole room, making me feel so blessed to have him in my life.

I have been somewhat grateful for him taking longer to learn to roll/crawl/stand/etc because that has allowed me to have him as a little baby for longer, though the time still seems so short. He is now moving all over the place. He has what I call the "power crawl", when he really wants to get to something he puts his head down and just charges toward it, leading to a few bumps. He is also now pulling himself up to the furniture and just in the last few days has started cruising around the furniture. He babbles constantly, no real words, just strings of dadadada...bababa...nuhnuhnuh. But he understands more than he says. If I say or sign "milk" he gets a big grin on his face and if I don't nurse him right away he will get very upset at me for daring to say that without following up on it lol.

Speaking of nursing, this is the longest I've nursed one of my kids. Jason I made it to 11.5 months and with Jakey I went 11 months. This time I was determined to make it to that year mark, and I did it! I still nurse on demand 4-6 times a day, and sometimes at night. I don't know how much longer we will keep it up, but for now we both still enjoy the relationship.

We had his birthday party last weekend (a joint party with his cousin who is 3 weeks older) so we aren't doing much today to celebrate, but I do plan to make a cake or something. He doesn't care what day it is, but I am celebrating his birth, when my life changed yet again. It is now 8:57, his birth time. Happy birthday, Nathan. Mommy loves you.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


I hope you all have a fun holiday. Enjoy the night, don't eat too much candy, and keep your kiddos safe! My boys are very excited to go around the neighborhood. We probably won't stay out long, they already have enough candy from trick-or-treating at Hubby's work yesterday.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pics coming soon

I finally uploaded pics from my sd card so I will be posting a bunch of pics soon. First I need to look back to when the last time I posted pics was. We also had some family pics taken by my awesome sister-in-law so I will be posting some of those too. It's been 5 years since we had pics taken so I'm really happy to have some new ones. Anyway, it won't be tonight cuz I'm tired and heading to bed soon, but hopefully this weekend sometime I will get them posted.


I've been trying to do some fun Halloween stuff with the boys this week. I've made mummy mini pizzas, spider sandwiches, mummy hot dogs, and the other day we made paper plate spiders, bat, and pumpkin to hang from the lighting fixtures in the kitchen. And we finally carved pumpkins 2 nights ago, which was pretty fun. I'm trying to be more of a "fun" mom by doing stuff like that with the kids, and they really enjoy it, though their attention spans end after about 5 minutes lol.

Why didn't I think of that? lol

My Hubby is always trying to think of some really great idea to make money, like inventing something or making a cool new website. A few days ago he was saying how the person who invented barcode scanners must be pretty well off. Seriously, bar codes are on everything. We were wondering how someone even came up with that idea. Haha, we are watching Jay Leno and saw that someone sold there NFL team loyalty on eBay and got $10k, and Hubby said "Why didn't I think of that?!" LOL

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Not quite photographic memory

I keep meaning to have my sister-in-law take some family pictures of us before the weather gets really bad. The last time we had pictures taken was when Jason was a baby 5 years ago (almost to the day actually). So I just want some nice pictures of our family, not for photo holiday cards or anything, just to hang in out home and so my kids don't look back at their childhood pictures and wonder why we were too stingy to get pictures taken lol. I really need to remember to ask my sister-in-law about it soon.

It's coming

A few weeks ago the weather started turning colder. The forecast said it would be in the 50's for most of the last week, but it's actually been a really nice week. I didn't even need a jacket the last few days. Unfortunately I know it won't last forever. Winter is coming and I am not happy about it. I hate the cold and going out in the snow. If I could I'd go someplace warm for the winter, migrate south. I just know that I'll be one of those old people who rents San Antonio apartments every winter so I can skip the cold weather.

Dang sales

So I go a bit crazy when I find a good sale. This week Albertson's has a good sale going on and with my coupons I've gotten some great deals, but I've also managed to end up with more junk food than necessary. And of course I have absolutely no self control and just opened the third box of Gushers in less than 2 days. They are sooo yummy though! If I ever have lots of money to afford cosmetic surgery I think I'd pass up the boob job and wrinkle treatments and go for some cellulite removal lol. Or I could eat better and exercise more, but I just don't think I could ever give up sugar and carbs. Mmmm.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Need sugar

Tonight I was really craving something sweet and could not find anything to make the craving go away. I had a glass of egg nog to see if that helped and it did a little but not enough. I finally looked on the top shelf in the pantry and found a Hershey bar I'd forgotten about. Yay! Unfortunately it still wasn't quite what I want. I want something fruity and sweet, like Starburst or Skittles. Or better yet, I need the best appetite suppressant available so I stop eating so much junk! I was going to have a bowl of Trix to take care of the craving, but now I think I'm going to just cut up some real fruit so I don't feel like such a pig lol.

Pain in my legs

Lately I've been getting achey pains in my legs, kind of like pinched nerve pain. I'm thinking it's because I'm not exercising. When I used to run regularly I didn't get them, but when I get lazy it comes back. Occasionally on Freecycle I see people offering treadmills and ellipticals and stationary bikes, but I never go for it because I don't know where I'd put one or if I'd even use it, but I'm thinking the next time I see an offer for one I might see if I can get it.

Man's jobs

I know these days there's lots of people who don't subscribe to the "men's jobs" and "women's jobs" type of thinking, but I'm so glad my Hubby takes care of the outdoor seasonal chores. I have never had to mow the lawn. He actually enjoys yard work so it's never an issue. Last week he blew all the water out of the sprinkler system and turned it off so the pipes don't burst over the winter. He also got the swamp cooler ready for winter by turning it all off and getting it all wrapped up. In the spring he had to replace air filters or gears or something on it too. I'm so glad he does it because it's on top of our roof and that's pretty dang high. He also gets up there at Christmas time to put up lights. That really scares me because when's it covered in snow and ice it can be very slippery and I'm always worried until he comes back in safely. I will gladly do the majority of laundry, dishes, and vacuuming as long as I never have to set foot on the roof lol.

Sweet tooth

Now that Nathan is almost a year old he likes to try eating everything. Of course that means I'm often fishing junk out of his mouth that he found on the floor! Today he got to eat some cut up grapes for the first time, though most of it ended up all over him and his seat. I never knew grapes could be so messy! And he loves anything with chocolate lol. He's definitely my son with that sweet tooth. :D I admit I have a bit of a problem when it comes to control over my sweet tooth. I really don't let Nathan have many sweets though, just tiny tastes. Once at my mom's house for her birthday I gave him some chocolate frosting off my piece of 'death by chocolate' cake and he loved it and started yelling for more and got so excited. Hopefully he doesn't get my genetically bad teeth and gets Hubby's good teeth instead.

Crazy cat house

I'm starting to feel like our house is over-run with cats lol. The kittens are 6 weeks old now (and I really will try to get pics of them up soon) and they can climb and run all over. Today I had to coax them out of a hole in Jason's box spring under the bed. I need to find homes for them in a few weeks. They are already litter-box trained and eating kitten food, I'd just like to get them all fixed before finding homes so whoever takes them won't have this problem lol. Our other female cat looks like she may be pregnant too, but I'm really hoping she's just gotten fat from eating the kitten food (cuz it has more fat than regular cat food). I don't think they make cat diet pills so I'll just have to hope that after the kitten food is gone she'll lose the extra. Really really hoping she's not going to have kittens too.

Work it

One of my favorite TV shows is The Biggest Loser. I think it's very inspiring and I love seeing how much the people change. Unfortunately Hubby doesn't like watching it (because he hates Jillian) so I never get to watch it when it comes on and am left to wait for it to be put online a week later. I have to be careful not to read any spoilers during that week, which is hard when I have tons of Facebook friends who watch it and post something about it. Sometimes I wish I had someone to motivate me to eat right and exercise lol. I am trying to eat better. We joined a veggie/fruit coop so we got tons of fresh produce and I've been trying to eat it before it goes bad. But I'm still a slacker on exercise. I wish I had an elliptical or treadmill or even a jumprope or Kettlebell I could work out with at home. I should try to get a few more runs in before the weather gets too cold, but with it getting darker earlier it is hard to work it in.

Monday, October 12, 2009

What goes up...

I love having a nice big TV, when Hubby first bought a 50" plasma I thought it was unnecessary, but I've come to really enjoy it. But the problem with hanging plasma tvs on the wall is it can be hard to reach the input/output jacks. Hubby bought a thing that plugs in to the TV and has 3 input things so we can just plug our stuff into that and switch as needed and have just the one line going to the TV (if that makes any sense lol), but we had to take the heavy TV off the wall to get it switched around. It's not as heavy as our last TV but still pretty awkward to get off the wall bracket.

On the move!

Almost 11 months old and finally Nathan is crawling! Thought he'd never get mobile. It's so cute. Of course now I need to watch him closer, and be aware of what he can get to now. He's also trying to pull himself up on things, but not quite there yet. I can't believe he'll be 1 next month, this has been the fastest year ever!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Don't lose it, just hide it

Earlier today Hubby and I were watching TV and saw an infomercial for a product that is supposed to help slim and hide body fat. We were just laughing at it because instead of helping people be healthier and lose weight like they should they were advocating just hiding it. The promoting lady seriously said "Keep the donuts, just get *item*". Yes, America, don't try to eat right or exercise, just hide your fat! People just want to have good results without doing any work. At least the top weight loss pills actually say you get the best results with diet and exercise, but so many people think they can just get away with popping pills and not do any of the work themselves. (*I know there are many people who do eat right and exercise and still have problems with weight, so this is not directed at them, this is just about the people who want results without doing anything.*)

Tired brain

I know, I keep promising to update more and am way behind on pictures and things. I do want to but before I know it another week has gone by too fast and I seem to always be behind in everything lol. The boys start preschool next week so I need to get their stuff ready and call their doctor to get vaccine records. I also need to call my dermatologist for an appointment. Those expensive UVB treatments I did a few months ago didn't help for long, my psoriasis came right back really fast. Sigh. I also started doing some work online that doesn't pay much but it's something I can do easily when kids are being good or napping. It just requires lots of brain work, like looking up Orange New Jersey cosmetic dentists, football stats, and other random trivia. It is kind of interesting because I'm picking up lots of little tidbits of info I never knew. Anyway, my brain's not used to working so hard lol, so I have a headache. Back to watching Sunday night football. :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Home deals

I always thought it would be a good deal to buy a house that's foreclosed on, because usually they are a lot cheaper. But I've learned they are also a ton of work most of the time. When we were looking at houses in Idaho a few years ago we saw a few that people had obviously been angry about having to leave. One had holes punched in walls and the new carpet was trashed. And I remember seeing a news article about foreclosed houses that showed houses that had been completely stripped of appliances, cabinets wrecked, mirrors broken, etc. When my family moved their house down here 10 years ago they found out that a previous owner had filled in a pond that had been in the back yard. They hadn't bothered digging up the pond filters or removing any of it, just filled it in with boulders, making the backyard pretty much impossible to do anything with. So I've decided that maybe getting a foreclosed house isn't such a good deal if you have a ton of stuff to fix up to make it live-able.

Growing up too fast

I keep meaning to post some pics of the kittens. They will be 3 weeks old tomorrow and they are soooo cute! I also need to post about Jason's birthday party we had last weekend. His birthday isn't until Sunday, but we had his party last weekend because my little sister is getting married this weekend. I can't believe my little boy is turning 5! He is growing up way too fast. Before I know it I'm going to have to be looking up auto insurance quotes for him when he starts driving and dealing with girls and cars and homework. Sigh.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's all online

I always find it amazing that you can find practically anything online. Usually when I'm looking for gifts like DVDs or electronics I can almost always find them for cheaper online than I can in stores. And of course you can really find almost everything on eBay. If you want to find a lamb motor for your vacuum or some long-ago discontinued toy you can probably find it somewhere online.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Change needed

There has been a lot of controversy lately about healthcare reform. No matter if you agree with Obama's plan or not, I think most everyone agrees that some type of reform is necessary. Medical costs are so high in this country that if you don't have insurance (or sometimes even if you do) an illness or hospital stay can bankrupt you easily. And people are denied insurance frequently and can't afford the healthcare they need. A lot of this has to do with insurance companies out to make a profit and not actually caring about the health of the people. It also has a lot to do with how sue-happy this country is (which you can see by all the commercials for medical mistake lawyers and Tennessee injury lawyers and so on). Doctors have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on malpractice insurance and their insurance dictates what kind of care they can give their patients. Don't even get me started on the maternity industry and the way they dictate how and where women can give birth.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day Weekend.

Last weekend we went up to Idaho. I ran a 10k up in Pocatello and then we spent the rest of the weekend at the inlaws. Hubby decided to help MIL do a garage sale. I also listed a bunch of stuff on eBay for her. We ended up staying an extra day to help with it and didn't get home until Tuesday night. It was an exhausting weekend.

The 10k went pretty good. Considering I haven't done any exercise in 3 months, I though I did ok. My time was 1:21:55. My goal was to do it in under 1.5hrs and I did. Next time I'll make sure to train better beforehand because I was dying the next day. My legs were so sore I could barely walk. Another side effect was all the sweat made my forehead break out :P How annoying. I haven't had to worry about finding the best acne treatments since I was pg with Nathan, I usually don't get bad breakouts. Good thing I have some acne stuff I was sent to try out, so I get to see if it really works.

The kittens are doing great and sooo cute! I'll get some more pics of them up in a few days. Haha, I just realized today is Thursday, not Tuesday (the long weekend really messed up my sense of time) so the kittens are 1 week old today.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Here Kitty Kitty

Our cat Stripes had her kittens today! She had some false labor last night that kept me up most of the night, but then this morning she actually went into real labor. It was 3 hours before kitten #1 showed up, which is a bit longer than expected, but she was ok and had the first 3 within about 40 minutes and the last one about an hour after that. 4 cute little kitties. 3 are black and one is grey and I think they all have some lighter markings too. The boys are very excited about them, but I keep them locked in our bathroom so they can't get to them without us. I'm hopeful that we can find some good families for them when they are ready to leave their mom in a few months.

Techno talk

It constantly amazes me how quickly technology advances. When I was a kid I remember when my family first got a computer, and we had to insert one of those large square floppy disc things and then enter in the command prompts to reach the file to play the simple games. And then when I was a teenager and we first got Internet and I was amazed at the ability to look up information on the super slow dial-up connection. Now there are so many superfast ways to connect to the Internet from cool flat-screen monitors, laptops, netbooks and even phones. Cell phones were only for people with money when I was a kid, and I didn't have one until I got married, and now these days most kids I know have them. I often wonder what technology will be like when my kids are my age. Will they even know what VHS and cassette tapes are?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tackled the playroom

Tonight Hubby and I got sick of tripping over things in the playroom and helped the boys get it cleaned up. It would be so nice if they could actually clean it themselves, but I can understand how such a huge mess would be daunting for little kids. I remember when I was young and my mom would tell me to clean my room and I would just look around and not know where to start. Big messes look even bigger to small kids, so when you tell them to "go clean up" they get overwhelmed. Anyway, working all together it took about half an hour. It was so trashed that you'd think we'd need industrial supplies to clean it up, but we just shoveled everything into a big pile and started sorting the toys into their respective bins and drawers. The boys were a bit more helpful than they usually are when we clean it up, so that was nice. What would be even more helpful is if they didn't make such a big mess in the first place lol.

Win a $30 Kroger Gift Card!

I have been trying hard to save money on groceries lately by using coupons and shopping sales. Thanks to a tip from my friend Melissa, I've been going to to find all the great deals that the great people there have found. I print off some coupons online and on Saturdays I pick up the Sunday Preview papers at WalMart- just $2 for 2 papers with all the coupons and ads that the regular Sunday paper has. I used to hardly ever shop at Albertson's or Smith's but I've found that when they have good sales I can often find coupons to get even better deals, plus when they have sales that offer money back towards your next order it's even better.

Now Melissa is having a giveaway on her blog for a $30 gift card to Kroger stores (like our local Smith's). This would be so great in helping me save money. Check it out!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Less TV time

I don't watch a lot of TV anymore. Ever since we got rid of our satellite service there's just not a lot on that interests me. We watch the Futurama episodes I got Hubby for his birthday, but during the day the TV is not on very often. I don't really miss it. I don't have to sit through boring, stupid commercials anymore. Like the dumb googly-eyed money Geico commercials. I do like most of the Progressive auto insurance quote commercials though. But anyway, yeah not really missing much. We still get all the local broadcast channels which is plenty. And we'll still be able to watch football this season, so that's good. The only thing I do miss is my DVR. I loved being able to record shows to watch when I had time. And we can't figure out how to get our VCR to record shows. Oh well, I'll get over it.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lights on

Last week I was in a building that was built before light bulbs were invented and I was admiring the craftsmanship and gorgeous chandeliers. I then realized that when it was built they wouldn't have had electric chandeliers and was wondering if they had candle sconces in place of where the light bulbs go now, or some other way of lighting the room. Makes me realize that electric lights really are pretty cool, lighting up rooms so well and allowing us to do things past nightfall. I also thought it was cool the intricate workmanship and massive projects they did without modern machinery. Pretty awe-inspiring.

More additions

Well, looks like our family will be getting more members. No, not from me lol. One of our cats is pregnant. I've been putting off getting them fixed since they are indoor cats, but since the boys go in and out all summer, they've gotten out occasionally. Long story short, in about a month we'll have a litter of little fuzzballs. I wish I knew exactly when, but since cats don't get morning sickness or need acne treatment when they are pregnant I only realized it when her belly got round enough to notice. I'm just assuming she has about a month left, since I think the last time our other cat had kittens she had them about a month after her belly was noticeable. And of course I will post pics of the little cuties when they arrive. I'm interested to see what they look like since I don't know what the father looks like.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Long weekend

I know, it's been too long again. If I spent the time blogging that I spend playing games on Facebook I'd have posts up every day lol. I'm sure I have tons to post about. In fact we've acquired a new addition to our family that I need to post about. Guess I'll do that now while I'm thinking of it.

This weekend we went up to Idaho for a family reunion (Hubby's family). Silly me didn't think to check the weather forecast, so we got up to the campground Friday night and it was freezing! Since we've had weather in the 90s for weeks I was not prepared. We had no sweaters or jackets or anything. Brr! It was a relief to go to bed and snuggle into our warm sleeping bags. I didn't sleep very well, even though I had the only non-leaking air mattress lol. It is not comfortable to share a sleeping bag with a teething baby who wakes up every hour. But at least we had a delicious breakfast cooked over the fire in the morning. We had the family potluck and stuff in the afternoon and it was lots of fun and lots of good food.

And here comes the part about our new family member. Hubby has an aunt whose dog fathered a bunch of puppies that she needed to find homes for, so she brought them up to the campground. She managed to find homes for them all, one of them with us. I'm not sure what I was thinking lol. We had promised Jason last year that we'd get him a puppy when he turned 5, and that is next month. The puppy is a Pug-Schnauzer mix, so he will stay small and should be a good family dog. Oh, and we named him Sam to go along with our other America-themed animals- Stars, Stripes, Colors, and now Sam (as in Uncle Sam).
This morning we got up and got ready for church and I once again wished I had one of those cute tie or tuxedo shirts that they sale for babies, the ones that are a onesie with a picture of a tie or suit on them, I think they are so cute. Anyway, while getting ready we remembered that we needed to meet with our bishop today so we only stayed for the first meeting and then headed home.

All in all it was a good weekend, just exhausting. And now I get to learn how to housetrain a puppy, eek!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Continued Education

When I decided I wanted to go back to school I had the problem of finding a major I liked. I changed my major a few times before in college, which is part of the reason I never finished. What I finally have decided on is to work towards an Associate of Applied Science degree in Computer Information Systems at our local community college. When I finish that I can then decide if I want to continue to work towards a Bachelor's degree through a nearby university.

If I ever decided to go on to obtain a Masters degree, I could check out the Masters Information Security program through Lew University Online. They have Managerial or Technical concentrations in the study of information systems security provided in a flexible online format.

Online Learning

My Hubby and I have been planning on me going back to school soon. I never finished college because we had kids and moved to a different state, but with the way the economy has been, we thought it would be a good idea for me to finish getting a degree, in case I ever need to go back to work to help support our family. The only difficulty is that with 3 small kids it is hard to find the time to go to school.

That is why online courses are such a great idea, such as The University of Scranton's MBA online program. They are the only 100% online AACSB accredited program. They also received a Top 15 ranking by the Princeton Review. With an online program like this, finding the time to finish a degree becomes much easier. No commute, no sitting through lectures in a classroom of hundreds of students, and the ability to do your schoolwork at times that are convenient to you. You can get an MBA in as little as 2 years with The University of Scranton.

Friday, July 24, 2009

My Ideal Cruise Vacation

I have always wanted to go on a cruise. From what I have heard they are amazing. So much to do and see. You get tons of great activities and food on the ship, plus you get to make stops at other great places. Carnival Cruises offers a lot of fun Caribbean cruises. My favorite vacation ever was to Cancun, so I would love another Caribbean vacation. Ah, seeing the beautiful ocean and swinging on a hammock on a beautiful beach sounds so nice right now. Of course whenever I do go on a cruise I want it to be during winter time so I can get away from the snow and cold and enjoy a few days of sun and warmth, lounging by a pool with a cool lemonade.

I think a cruise would be the perfect getaway for our 10th anniversary. That's not for 4 more years (we just celebrated our 6th, yay!) but that gives us time to plan and save. Since Carnival has such great prices for their cruises, the only real issue is getting to a city where they sail from. We don't live by any ocean so it would be a few days' drive or a plane flight to get there. A little road trip to Florida sounds fun, like a little pre-vacation vacation.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Aches and pains

So, I've had a headache off and on for most of the last month. I went to the chiropractor because I know it's a problem with my neck being out. Unfortunately that didn't last long until I hurt my back trying to be a kid again at the playground a few days later lol.

Right now it hurts so bad I want to cry and just lay down in a quiet, dark room and get a good night's rest. Unfortunately I doubt the good night's rest will happen. Nathan hasn't been feeling well and I'm sure he'll be up a lot tonight. Last night he slept horribly and Hubby and I are both exhausted. I need a break or Orlando vacations with no kids for a week.

So, I really was going to post about something else, something more interesting than my complaining, but I really cannot concentrate lol. It's way passed my bedtime and I just can't think anymore. My mind keeps wandering and my eyes keep wanting to stay closed. Goodnight!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday Madness

I do have 4th of July pictures, and I will try to remember to get them up sometime this month lol. We had a really fun 4th at the park with some of my family. We also did some lame fireworks on the 3rd at home haha, but at least Jason liked the sparklers this year.

Anyway, today I need to do a bunch of cleaning up. Dishes, laundry, vacuuming, etc. I have a pile of clean laundry that is taking over my bedroom that I really really need to get folded before I wash anything else. I also need to run to SLCC to sign some paper at the financial aid office and then later I have an appointment for a light treatment. It'll be so nice when I don't have those appointments twice a week.

My little sister spent the night last night so when she wakes up I'll ask her if she can watch the boys for an hour while I run to SLCC.

I'm obviously trying to put off my cleaning which is why I spent the last few minutes rambling about nothing important lol. Maybe when I'm a little more awake I'll actually post something worth reading.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

I just can't get enough

I can't even express how much this little guy has me wrapped around his tiny fingers. He's so adorable and fun and happy. I just want to hug and kiss him all the time. I love making him laugh and seeing his big, slobbery, almost-toothless grin. I'm trying to enjoy this time as much as I can, where he is just so dependent on me and when he sees me his whole face lights up. He makes my heart happy.


So, one thing I haven't updated on in a looong time is my garden. Last year I started my garden blog and updated it every few weeks with pics. This year, not so much. It's doing ok. I decided not to try corn this year, and a few other things. I planted tomatoes, green peppers, peas, potatoes, lettuce, and radishes. The lettuce and most of the radishes got destroyed the first few weeks from Jakey digging in the garden. The first 4 tomato plants got eaten to pieces by birds so I had to plant more and put some netting around them to keep the birds away, and they are growing ok. I actually had one tomato starting to grow but Jakey reached in and pulled it off. The peas are growing great, but the boys keep picking the pods off before they are done lol. The potatoes are growing like crazy, but who knows if there will actually be many potatoes. Last year I only had about 6 even though the plants grew a ton. And we did get some strawberries this year, but the birds kept eating them as soon as they were ripe. The flowers also got ripped up by the birds and only a few have survived. One of the hosta plants I planted last year actually popped up this year, to my surprise, but it's been eaten by bugs a ton and hasn't grown very big. The front flower bed is doing great though, tons of flowers all over.

Hopefully by the end of the growing season I can update on the yummy tomatoes and peas and potatoes I get :) Homegrown veggies are so much yummier.


Yesterday our church's primary did a patriotic parade to celebrate the 4th of July. It was a lot of fun. We decorated the boys and their bikes and joined them for a ride around the block. Afterwards we ate hot dogs and chips and lemonade. It was really fun for the kids.Aren't they just adorable?! I love my cuties.

"The Goon"

Here are a bunch of pics from our day at Lagoon. If it looks like it was freezing cold and rainy, that's because it was. Brr! But the boys had a blast and we got lots of pictures of them on the rides.

We finally were so cold and wet that I told Hubby we needed to leave. While shivering uncontrollably and walking for hours may be good fatburners, they aren't so good for arthritic joints. I was so achey and chilled to the bone by the time we got home I had to go take a nice hot bath. But it was still a fun day and the boys really enjoyed "The Goon" as they call it lol.

The family that plays together, stays together

Ever since we got rid of our satellite service, I've hardly watched TV at all. I mostly watched HGTV and DIY during the day and dreamed about designing my kitchen with granite countertops and Kohler faucets and stuff. But not anymore. Instead we've been playing our Wii a lot more. Mostly MarioKart. Jason is actually getting a lot better at it. Before he would just drive into walls and around in circles endlessly, but now he can actually finish a race, and he isn't always last. We also downloaded some of our old favorite games like Super Mario World and Zelda and it's just been a lot of fun to play with the boys and our family and friends.

Angel Baby

I just had to post this pic, of Nathan on the slide at a playground, because he is just the cutest thing ever! I could just eat him up. :) What I really love about the pic is how the shadow on the slide behind him looks like a halo. It's just perfect on him. He's the sweetest little baby ever.


So, a few weekends ago I ran my 5k, like I posted before. And I haven't run at all since then. Not because I don't want to (well, maybe a little bit) but mostly because I never have the time or energy. This last week, there has been something every single day that's kept me from running. I'm going to try harder to get out this week. I have to. I have a 10k in less than 3 months and I am not at all ready! Anyway, here I am in all my sweaty about-to-throw-up glory. No, I didn't actually throw up, but almost. I don't know why races do that to me. I never have that problem when I run my normal workout, but by the end of a race I'm fighting not to puke. Hopefully I don't after my 10k. I think I might try working out with Hubby's ipod again, find a nice beat to run to. A lot of the other runners I saw used ipods, and I was reading a running messageboard about music to run to and how it can help you keep a steady pace so you don't wear yourself out too soon. So far what I've been doing is just singing "Eye of the tiger" in my head throughout my runs lol. Corny, but it does help.

Oh, I almost forgot the funniest part about my 5k. As I neared the finish line my family was waiting for me. Jakey saw me and yelled, "Mommy!" and ran up to me lol. I had to keep going and Hubby tells me Jakey had the most confused look on his face that I just ran away from him lol. The other spectators thought it was pretty funny that he ran out to me lol.

Build it

My brother and SIL bought Jakey some Lincoln Logs for his birthday. Unfortunately Jakey was only wearing underwear when he opened the present so I'm not going to show you those pics lol, but instead you can see who actually spends more time playing with them- Jason. Jason's the builder in our family, Jakey's the deconstructor lol.

That reminds me of a toy my siblings and I used to play with. They were these big waffle blocks that we built tons of stuff with. Hm, can't remember what they were called, but I don't think they sell them anymore. I'm going to look up what they were. Oh, guess they actually were called waffle blocks. They were made by Little Tikes, and they sell mini ones still, but the giant ones were awesome. I bet I could find them on ebay or something, but they probably cost a bunch. I love that you can find just about anything online and pay for it with PayPal or Total Merchant Services or whatever.

Hm, sorry I keep rambling. LOL I'm just tired and my mind doesn't know when to shut up when I get going about something. I still have plenty of pics to go through to.

And now, back to the show

OK, done with yummy dinner. Crock-pot barbecue chicken, mmmm. I love making chicken in the crock-pot because it gets so nice and tender and falls off the bone. Jason says barbecue chicken is his favorite lol. Usually the boys just pick at their meat and only eat a few bites, but Jason scarfed his right down. We are still trying to get Jakey to eat his dinner. He's being a stinker about it.

The only thing I don't like about using the crock-pot is that it takes up the whole sink to soak and wash it. Makes me wish I had one of those huge farmhouse sinks I see on HGTV. I could fit all my dishes in there with ease. Of course that would probably cause them to pile up more before I got around to washing, so I guess it's good my sink isn't that big lol.

Alright, back to the pics!

Break time

OK, time to take a little break and see if dinner is ready. I didn't realize how much time it would take me to go through the last 2 months of pics and find the ones I want to post. Don't worry I still have plenty to come lol. I have tons from Lagoon last week, so that post alone will take me some time. And dinner just smells too yummy to wait any longer lol, so I am going to eat first.

Jakey's 3rd Birthday

Alrighty, here are a few pics of Jakey opening presents at his birthday party. He turned 3 on June 1, and we had his party the following Saturday. We had a ton of people show up and we ate and had a great time.
Ugh, well evidently most of the pics of him opening presents have me looking absolutely disgusting in them so I won't subject you to more than those 2 lol.

And here is a pic of him eating his little cake. :) I made cupcakes for everyone else. (and I only ate 1. Or 2. Or maybe 3. OK, I'm not sure how many I ate, but who can eat just 1 cupcake?! At least I have a good metabolism or I'd need to get the best diet pills available to counteract all the sugar I consume on a daily basis. Anyway, back to the post.)I tried to add a video of us singing Happy Birthday and him blowing out the candle, but it's not working. I probably did something wrong lol.

I love to see the Temple

We went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open House a few weeks ago when the inlaws where down here for Jakey's birthday. I love going to the temple open houses and seeing the inside of the beautiful temples with the boys. This one is really special because it is the new temple for our area, so we will be going to it most of the time now. I'm really excited.

One fun part of evening was the little golf cart things that we got to ride from the makeshift parking lot to the temple and back lol. Fun as in 'I don't know if I want to laugh or throw up' lol. I had a death grip on the side of the cart, while holding baby in the sling. Who needs diet supplements when you get to purge yourself from a ride in the death cart? haha. It actually wasn't that bad, I just was feeling kind of dizzy and sick that day anyway (no, I'm not pregnant! LOL just a pinched nerve in my neck. Yes, one of these days I'll go see my chiro about it.) and the fact that the refreshment tent afterwards was on a slight hill and was messing with my sense of balance.

OK, next up, birthday party pics!

Story Time

OK, I'm going to start with this cute pic. Jakey is just so cute with Nathan. In this picture he was reading books to Nathan. We actually have a video, but I didn't feel like editing and cutting to put it on here lol. But it was adorable.Yep, that is a giant bug he is looking at. We have these books "What's Inside..." different things, and this one is about what's inside insects. I don't know why anyone would want to see what is in an insect, but Jakey for some reason likes the book lol. Of course Nathan doesn't care what it's about, it could be about gay vacations and he wouldn't know the difference. He just enjoys the attention Jakey gives him.

Uploading and updating

Today I've decided it's time to catch up on a few months worth of pictures that I haven't uploaded from my camera yet. We've got birthday party pics, Lagoon pics, and cute baby pics. So I'll be posting a bunch today to try to get caught up. I'm not even sure what pics I posted last, I need to go check, but I know it's been a while.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Ugh, I know I've gotten really awful about blogging lately. I just have not been in the mood at all. I'm super behind on posting pics in my boys' pic blogs too, I haven't even been taking many pics. It's been a busy week. Last week one of my brothers moved in with us. It's been going pretty well, just getting used to another mouth to feed lol. Saturday we went to Lagoon (local amusement park). Unfortunately it was cold and rainy the whole day, so I didn't really enjoy it much but the boys had a blast. Even Nathan was good the whole time. For Father's Day I ended up having a little party with family. I made delicious lasagna and we all sat around making fun of the first season of Star Trek: TNG that I got Hubby for Father's Day. So cheesy! It was a fun day.

Monday I had a light treatment, Tuesday I had an orthodontist appointment (that I have to drive 2 hrs away for) and scouts, today I luckily have nothing, tomorrow I have another light treatment and need to go help the lady in our ward with MS do some cleaning at some point, Friday I'm taking my sister to an appointment, and Saturday we have a primary kids activity and 2 birthday parties. Plus I watch Little D still 2-3 days a week. I really miss back in the day when I didn't have so much on my calendar lol. I've also had a bad headache for about a week. I even took prescription Ibuprofen and it barely helped. I know it's just because I need to go see the chiropractor, my back and neck are all out of wack, but I just can't get around to it with everything else I do lol.

I've been having fun playing out Wii with the kids. We don't usually get it out much because Little D would ruin it, but now that I don't have him as often I've gotten it out more. Jason is getting much better at Mario Kart than he used to. Now he can actually finish a race instead of just driving in circles forever lol. We also downloaded some old games, like Super Mario World and Metroid. I don't think they have any like ddr3, but they do have a ton to choose from. Right now the boys are fighting over playing Mario Kart. I'm going to show them how to play some other games. :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Picture perfect

Today on our way home, through off and on downpour, I was enjoying watching the scenery. I love the sky and seeing different clouds and how the sun shines down through the breaks in clouds to light up the mountains. And then as we passed out from under the giant storm front, I looked back from our sunny spot at the billowing dark clouds and rain behind us and it was so cool looking. I also liked seeing the old worn out wood and steel buildings, the ancient barns and outhouses that look like they will fall over at the smallest breeze but manage to stay standing. Makes me really wish I was a great photographer so I could get some cool pictures. I tried to get some nice sunset pictures on our way up Friday, but they kept coming out fuzzy.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Un-fun Run

So, this morning I ran a 5k. My friend Michelle had warned me that there was a big hill but I did not realize just how big it would be. And it was colder than I'm used to running in. So between this giant hill and the cold air I was exhausted before I'd even gone a mile. I ended up walking most of the hill. Luckily the last mile is going back downhill and that was much easier. I would have liked to have a better time, but I figure with the hill and cold I still did ok. I placed 11th in my division with a time of 36:56. Some days I'm not sure if running to get fit is worth it, it would be much easier to check out diet and slimming pills reviews and go that route lol. I do enjoy running though. Most days. When it's not too hot or too cold, and there aren't giant hills lol. I am signed up to run a 10k in 3 months and luckily that course is much easier, I just have to increase my stamina.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Filled Days

Does anyone else feel like this year is going by incredibly fast? I can't believe it's already almost half gone. I think it's because life just keeps getting busier all the time. There used to be a time when I would have nothing at all on my calendar, but now practically every day there is something. Plus, of course, just the business of taking care of the kids and house. Today I have a UVB appointment again, and that's it. It would be nice to get to go running but I can't be outside on the days I do my UVB, plus with the on and off rain, I probably couldn't anyway. Tomorrow I have a cub committee meeting in the morning and a Lia Sophia party in the evening. If the weather cooperates I might get to go running before the party, but we'll have to see. Not many people have RSVPd for it, but hopefully at least my mom and sisters will come, and Little D's mom is planning to come at least. And maybe my SIL. We were looking through the catalog a few days ago and she was telling me she wants to do a purse party soon. I've never been to one of those, I don't know if they are wholesale handbags or designer purses or what, but it sounds fun. Friday we are heading up to Idaho and will be back Sunday night.

Ugh, teething baby is awake again. He has been sleeping horrible, and not napping more than 30mins at a time. I'm going to get him calmed down and then go make me some brownies!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Life these days

I know, bad me, I haven't posted in over a week! What a slacker I'm getting at blogging. So much going on and I just can't make myself write it out. Here's a short rundown of what's going on in my life lately:

* Jacob turned 3 a week ago! (I know, how could I not blog that?!) I don't know if I've mentioned it, but he's potty trained now, which is heaven! It was so much easier than Jason was. We had his birthday party on Saturday and it was a blast. Lots of friends and family came and he enjoyed getting showered with attention, and gifts lol. I have some pictures, but haven't uploaded them yet, but I will TRY to post some in the near future.

* Jason broke a basement window on Jacob's birthday. He pushed their ride-on car thing into the window well and it busted the outer pane of the window. He was grounded the rest of the week and all their outdoor toys were confiscated and put in the shed.

* Jason and Jakey are spending the week in Idaho with the inlaws. It's nice to have a break, the house is quiet and I can get some cleaning done and it STAYS CLEAN! So nice. I do miss them though. :) Another nice thing is being able to enjoy some one on one time with Nathan. He's such a fun, cute little boy but I don't get enough to enjoy his baby stage normally, and I don't want to miss it. So that has been fun.

* We took the boys to see UP a few weeks ago and it was really good. I'm sure we'll be buying it when it comes out. A great family show and the boys did really good at the theater.

* Nathan got his first tooth on Friday. He's been grumpy for a week, and we're still waiting for #2 to pop through. Hopefully it'll come through soon because he has been sleeping worse than normal.

* Jakey and Nathan had well-child checks on Friday. Both doing good. Nathan weighed in at 17lb 14.5oz and 26.25" (I think, I didn't write the measurements down). And Jakey was 27lb and a little over 36" (I really don't think those height measurements are right, and it's annoying me that I didn't write it down lol). Nathan got 3 shots and Jakey got 1. I also had Jason and Little D with me, and let me tell you, taking 4 little kids to a Dr office is NOT fun!

* Nathan rolled for the first time last Wednesday! Yep, almost 7 months old and his very first time rolling. He did it twice that night and hasn't done it again since. What a slacker! LOL

* This Saturday I am running a 5k. We are going up to Idaho Friday night, and the race is in Rexburg Saturday morning. And the only day I can run this week to practice is today. I hope I do good.

* I started light treatments for my psoriasis last week. I get to stand in a big UV booth and get blasted with intense UVB rays for a short time. This should finally get my psoriasis cleared up, plus I'll be nice and tan. I've only done it twice so far (I go twice a week) and I'm already getting tan lines. Downside- higher risk of getting skin cancer. Goody.

OK, I think that's my life in a nutshell! Cute little baby thinks he needs to eat again so I'm going to go cuddle him a bit.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Contract up

Don't you hate when you sign a contract for something and then you are stuck with it? 3 years ago we signed a 2-year "service agreement" with our satellite TV service. There were a few times we had to have it suspended due to finances or moving, so that just prolonged the 2 year agreement, until now. In about a week we will finally be free of our obligation to stay with the company. Not that our service has been bad, we just want the freedom to choose other services. So in one week we are finally getting rid of our satellite service. With the switch to digital broadcasting we will get our local channels and a few other analog channels and that will be enough, and we don't have to pay a thing for it. Most of the stuff we really want to watch is on those channels so we won't be missing much. In fact we will be gaining time that we are currently wasting watching the channels we don't need. And with most TV shows being available online, we can watch shows we don't get any time we want. Right now we are watching old reruns of That 70's Show. It's funny, but I won't really miss it too much. Especially the commercials on this channel. I'd rather watch commercials for auto insurance and movie previews than the awful stuff marketed to teens on The N. Yeah, definitely won't miss that. The only other service contract we have is for our cell phones, and I don't really mind that one because we won't find a better deal anywhere else because I used to work for their customer service department 5 years ago and I still get my 25% discount.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Finally, Bear Lake pics

OK, it's about time I posted some pics from our Bear Lake trip a month ago. (Was it really just a month ago?! Feels like forever, this has been a long month!) In no particular order, and I don't feel like captioning them, but here you go!