Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Need a good jello salad recipe

So my mother-in-law called yesterday and asked me to bring some kind of jello salad to the big family Thanksgiving dinner. I haven't made jello salad in who knows how long so I thought I'd ask the wisdom of all you great bloggers. I prefer to get recipes from real people rather than cookbooks cuz then I feel better knowing someone actually likes the recips. So, what is your favorite jello salad recipe?


Kate said...

large package of jello
container cottage cheese
cool whip
pineapple tidbits (optional, or other fruit may be used)

Combine cottage cheese and jello powder until mixed thoroughly. Add pineapple or other fruit if desired. Add in cool whip until the salad passes the "drip test". (Holding the mixing spoon horizontally to the bowl, no liquid drips off the spoon.)

That's my favourite one . . . and now I'm craving some . . . LOL
Hope you have an awesome Thanksgiving with your family! :)

Michelle said...

My recipe is similar to Kate,s except I don't add pineapple.

Make jello like normal
Let it get about 75% firm
Add cottage cheese and cool whip
Let sit until completely firm
Serve and devour :D

I think you've tried mine before. I have to make it for a family Christmas party next week.