Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tuesday To-Do

Alright, let's see what needs done today:

* Clean office- done

* Preschool

* Go to library for book on hold

* Clean boys' room

* Vacuum

I already got the office cleaned up today, it was driving me nuts. The boys' room is in serious need of a thorough cleaning too and I hope to get to that today. We are having preschool today, since of course Thursday is Thanksgiving. When hubby gets home I think I'll go to the library, it's just much easier without 3 kids.


Rachel said...

It is definitely easier to go out without three kids. We're trying to be productive today too. So far it's almost three in the afternoon and none of my kids are dressed.

Dawn said...

Did you get everything done?

Kara said...

I forgot to go the library and only got a little done in the boys' room but everything else got done :)