Sunday, October 31, 2010

New Laptop! Hallelujah!

So I don't think I mentioned that we got a new laptop! I'm sure I've said on here frequently how awful our laptop was. It would shut down anytime we played music, movies, or games. And sometimes it would shut down even when we didn't do any of those things. It's gotten worse and worse to the point I was afraid it would crash and lose everything. And our desktop is not much better. It doesn't shut down, which is great, but it is soooo slow. So I hardly ever use the desktop. Both need to be wheeled away on medical carts and put to sleep. Luckily we have an external hard drive that I've kept things backed up just in case the laptop died, especially pictures and files for school.

Anyway, we had some money in savings and saw an ad for some good laptops in our price range and decided to just bite the bullet and get it over with before the laptop died. Friday Hubby went and picked one out and so far I love it. It's a Toshiba (our last 2 have been HP and both were junk) and it runs so much faster and quieter. I have to get used to the keyboard and touchpad being a little different, and get used to Windows 7 instead of XP, but I'm really happy with it. I got all my important files transferred over so now I just use the new one. It is so nice to be able to listen to music again, or to be able to play a video on YouTube or just play games with the boys. So happy we finally got it!

Junk Mail

I think it's funny when I read through my junk mail (well, not really read, just scan to make sure nothing important got put there) and find emails from places I signed up for years and years ago. I don't know why I don't just unsubscribe from the newsletters and lists for those places, I'd probably get a lot less junk mail. Some I don't mind like when I get things like tiger direct coupons or notices for places I have used and may use again. The rest though I just delete every time so I really should just find their unsubscribe button and get it over with lol.


So last night we had a fun time taking the boys trick-or-treating. The weather was cold and rainy, but luckily it stopped really pouring by the time we went and was just a steady drizzle. First we went over to my mom's so she could see their costumes and give them big Hershey bars, then we came home and grabbed the umbrella and went out. We decided to just go up the little street by our house and back because of the rain, and that turned out just the right amount of time. By the last couple houses the boys were asking if we were done yet. And even though we probably went to less than 15 houses they still got plenty of candy. I've been trying to keep out of it more so I don't have to look up lipofuze reviews, and so far I've been good lol. I'm going to grab a few pieces of candy to snack on while I watch football. Once I get pics uploaded I will get a pic of the boys in their costumes posted. They were so adorable. Oh, and Nathan was so cute. After the first house he really caught on about getting candy just for holding out his bucket lol. He would hold it out and say "Tee-tee! Tee-tee!" and always said thank you. So fun.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sugar low

Wow, the morning has passed by really quickly. Hubby left early to go help a family from church move and isn't back yet. The boys have been really good this morning, probably because I have only let them have a little candy and they slept so well after their sugar high crashed yesterday lol. Even Nathan has been sleeping better at night. Now I just need to get a grocery list written so we can go shopping as soon as Hubby gets home, and hopefully before it rains.

Want my old body back

Some days I really wish I still had the same body I had in high school. For most of my childhood I danced, mostly jazz and some ballet and tap. In 10th grade I was on the school dance team and was having practices every day during the week, even in summer we had to take extra classes and practice. I was flexible and had actual muscles, especially in my legs. We moved before 11th grade though and my dancing died down. I took a class at school and then a class a local lady taught, but it wasn't the same as the constant practices and hours of dancing that build muscles and keep up flexibility. Now after 8+ years and a handful of kids my body is definitely not in that shape anymore. I keep telling myself I'd love to take a dance class again, but I'd probably have to start out with a beginner class because my body just isn't used to it anymore. One of the credits I need for college has to be some healthy fitness related class and they have dance classes, so I've been thinking of doing that next fall when I go back.

Seeing straight

My right eye has always given me problems. When I was little the tear duct was clogged so they fixed it but ever since then it waters too much. Which means that I'm wiping my eyes more, which irritates them, which causes more watering, and makes a vicious cycle. So my right eye now looks more droopy and tired and lined all the time from the years of rubbing my eye. It drives me insane. I have some anti wrinkle cream stuff for eyes but I forget to use it. I want to try just using it around my right eye to see if it makes a difference in how it looks. The other issues that eye has is that when I was around 12 or so I got an infection in my eye from touching a cold sore then touching my eye. That left a scar on my eye. Also, ever since having kids I've developed some mild seasonal allergies that create a gunky buildup in that eye, leading to more eye rubbing. Oddly though, I have better vision in that eye lol. My left eye prescription is -5.5 and my right eye is +.75. So I only wear a contact in my left eye.

Aching neck

My neck is killing me. Well, my whole body is killing me at this point lol, but my back and neck have always given me issues. Especially since getting in a car wreck in 2003. The worst is that my neck gets out of alignment and pinches a nerve, giving me a migraine. Typically if I can get into a chiropractor soon that helps get rid of it. Of course most of the time that happens it's a weekend when my chiro isn't in office. So what I do for migraine relief when that happens is take some extra strength Tylenol with a Mtn Dew if I have to be up taking care of kids, or if Hubby's home I go take a hot bath and lay down in my dim room. I wish our insurance covered more chiro visits. We only get 10 per year, which means I can't even go once a month. I loved our chiro when we lived in Logan, especially while I was pregnant. It's such a big help for my back and neck when I can go in regularly.

Sugar overload

Yesterday Hubby's work did their annual Halloween party for the families. It's not really a party, it's pretty much trick-or-treating around the offices in the building. It's always fun and they give out tons of candy. And they give good candy too! Stuff like licorice ropes, candy bars, etc. No cheapo taffies or those yucky Bit-O-Honey candies. I had the 2 extra kids I babysit with me so that was an adventure getting them all in their costumes and in the car to drive to Hubby's work. Then keeping track of them all as we walked through the building. Nathan's bucket was too small and so he kept dropping candy and the handle broke, but he wouldn't let me help him hold it because he thought I was trying to take it away lol. We finally got a grocery bag to dump his bucket into so he could carry it again. Of course, the rest of the night the kids were crazy from sugar overload. It was fun though. Because of the amount of candy we already have (and the fact it is supposed to be rainy this evening) we won't be trick-or-treating around the neighborhood for very long tonight.

Death by candy

Oh my goodness! This Halloween candy is going to be the death of me! Ugh :P I have eaten way too much. I am to the point where I just don't even want to see any candy (and those who know me well, know that it takes a lot for me not to want candy lol). I'm going to need to join an online weight loss program if I keep up the candy snacking. And we haven't even gone trick-or-treating yet, yikes! I'm going to make Hubby take some of it to work with him Monday so it's out of the house, and that way he'll actually get some before it's gone lol. At least I moved the big bowl of candy from the counter to the pantry so it's not quite as easy to grab and munch. Not that I even want to anymore lol.

Friday, October 29, 2010

School Halloween Parade

Today we got to go to my 6-year old's school to watch them all parade around the gym in their Halloween costumes. It was so cute. Of course my camera is stupid and wouldn't take the picture as he passed, but I did go to his class after and got a picture of the whole class (which unfortunately I won't be posting, because that's a lot of little kids whose parent's might not like their pic on the Internet). There were tons of Marios and witches and vampires. I swear almost half of the kids were dressed as vampires. Seems to be a very popular costume this year. My 17-year old sister is even dressing up as a vampire. She's wearing one of our other sister's old prom dresses and a really cool grey cape. I'm sure there will be fake blood involved. I was shocked at some of the scary costumes that parents let their little kids wear, especially around other little kids that could get scared easily. I prefer my kids to look as unscary as possible lol. Jason and Jakey are tigers and Nathan is a monkey, and they all look adorable. I will get a pic of them up when we get them all dressed up together.

No time for TV

I don't watch a lot of TV. Back when we had DVR I used to because then I could watch the shows I like at a more convenient time, but since we don't have DVR anymore I really don't watch much. I do watch football during football season and sometimes I catch and episode of The Office, but that's about it. I have noticed, though, that some of the commercials have changed. There used to be a lot of those lawyer type ones that said something about being compensated if you got mesothelioma from working in a place with asbestos, and now those commercials have all switched over to being compensated for the recent hip replacement recall. You know another thing that was great about DVR? Not having to watch any commercials at all lol.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

More U/S pics

Here's the pictures from yesterday's ultrasound. It's getting harder to get good pictures because they are pretty smooshed lol. They were so cute though. We could see Caleb has a little bit of hair already and Isaac opened up one eye and was blinking slowly at us. Also, Caleb is measuring about half a pound bigger than Isaac, but both are growing great and look perfect. The first 4 are Isaac, the last 4 are Caleb.

Only 2 months til Christmas!

So, Christmas is in just two months! Eek. I have no idea what to get anybody for presents. We are planning to get the boys some new clothes for church (how do they trash their shirts so easy when they only get worn for a few hours a week?!) and after that I have no ideas for gifts. I know Hubby needs new pants and I need new shoes, so maybe that's what we'll get ourselves lol. As for family, I always have a hard time figuring out what to get. We always end up doing movie baskets with a few DVDs, popcorn, candy, etc for everyone. But we've been doing that for years, and it would be nice to think of something else. All our siblings are old enough that I can't get stuff like play discount jewelry, dolls, toy cars, etc. It was much easier when they were kids lol. Maybe I'll look into other kinds of gift baskets or something. It seems early to be worried about it, since there are still 2 months to go, but I know those 2 months are going to fly by.

Weight off my shoulders

Before we found out we were having twins I had planned to continue taking classes next semester, and just cut back to 1 or 2. Since finding out there were 2 babies I've been debating what to do, especially since they should be born right around the beginning of the semester. We were going to try to make it work, but after thinking it over carefully and getting the advice of other twin moms, I decided that it will just be too much stress to go next semester so I'll be taking a break. And I feel so much better having decided that. It's going to be hard enough taking care of two babies without adding in schoolwork. That one issue was really stressing me out because I know I'm already exhausted taking 3 classes and it would just be harder with newborns. Now hopefully with a little less stress I will be able to sleep better and stop worrying about finding acne treatment cream to clear up my stress-induced breakouts. Still have to get through the next month and a half of classes, but so far so good. I actually looked up some of my grades and I have the highest score in my CIS class with 99.5%, and my COMM grade is around 98.6% so far. I don't know about my English score, I emailed the teacher to see how I'm doing, but it should be pretty good since I always get my assignments done on time and have done well so far with my papers. Anyway, even doing good it's still stressful, so it'll be nice to take a break from it for a bit.


Holy cow, I still haven't posted pics from Bear Lake, huh? Well, it probably won't happen then lol. It's all I can do to keep up with current stuff. That might just have to wait until life slows down. So, um, never. I really do have tons of stuff to do every day for the next few months, with appointments, holidays, birthdays, baby showers, housework, etc. I know I really don't want bedrest, but sometimes I think it would be nice just so I can have an excuse not to do all the stuff on my to-do list lol.

Holidays are too busy

This week is crazy busy. I have a bunch of homework due this week, which is annoying considering it's a holiday week so there's a lot more going on. Teachers should really plan that better. I have gotten a few assignments done, so I'm caught up to today, but I still have a CIS assignment due Friday that I haven't even looked at, and a big English assignment due Sunday. I won't have much time the next few days to work on them either because I have the extra kids I watch both days, my online class plus a Tupperware party at my mom's tomorrow night, Hubby's work Halloween party and babysitting my little nephew Friday night, and then of course Halloween stuff on Saturday. At least it keeps me from worrying about silly stuff like neck acne or how badly my kitchen needs mopped. Life just gets so busy from October to December with all the holiday stuff and stupid snow.

That time of year

Ugh, I have a huge headache today. I think it's from the change in the weather messing with my sinuses. It suddenly got cold here the last few days. We even have snow! And you know how much I hate snow. So now I've got a little sniffle and feel like my head is going to explode. Every time I talk it feels like steel drums are being pounded in my head. Why oh why don't I live in a place where it's 75* year round?! Nathan and Hubby also had a cold a few days ago. Luckily the other two boys have been fine.

Cuter belly pic

I didn't really like the last picture I posted because I don't think it showed off just how big my belly is getting. This one shows it a bit better, plus I look cuter lol.

So this is at almost 26 weeks. At my appointment yesterday my belly measured 35 weeks! Isn't that crazy?! So I'll probably be measuring full-term in about a month lol. I'm hoping that even though I'll get bigger this time, that I won't have any trouble losing the weight. I've never had to look into weight loss pills that work because it always came off pretty easy with breastfeeding. I'm a little more worried about the stretched out skin. That's never been a problem either, but it's never gotten as big as it will this time.

Much better OB appt

I'm so glad I decided to stop seeing the stupid dr at my last clinic. I was able to get in with a maternal-fetal specialist up at the hospital I'll be delivering at who actually specializes in multiples. It's a longer drive for appointments, but the care is so much nicer. I had my first appointment with her yesterday. I could tell she was in a hurry because they were running behind, but she still stopped to take the time to answer my questions. I feel so much better with her looking after me. I also had another ultrasound, and I will get some pictures of that up as soon as I scan them in.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Gardening with latex gloves

The second product I received from Care Cleaning and Protection was some latex gloves. Now that may not seem exciting to some of you, but to me it was lol. I've actually been meaning to buy some latex gloves for awhile and always forget. There's always some yucky cleaning job I need to do but don't want to get my hands dirty. Such as bathrooms. But of course I already made a video cleaning one bathroom, and who really wants to watch someone clean two bathrooms? So I tried to think of something else I've been wanting to use latex gloves for. Now, this may seem odd to you, but I decided to try it out when digging up my potatoes a few weeks ago. I don't like gardening gloves because I'm always afraid spiders will have crawled in them (yuck!) and because I can't feel what I'm doing. With digging up potatoes I wanted to be able to feel around for the potatoes without getting dirt shoved up under my nails and I figured that I may as well try these gloves out. Here's how it went:

As you can see, they didn't quite hold up. But I'm pretty sure that was because of my long fingernails lol. I always have that problem with latex gloves, my nails eventually poke through them. But it was only on a few of the fingers and the rest of my nails remained dirt free, plus I was able to feel for the potatoes to dig up. I didn't realize, but my camera cut off after just a minute so you don't get to see the tiny little potatoes I dug out. You didn't miss much, they were pretty pathetic lol. But I'm glad I have these gloves now for the dirty projects (bathrooms!) that need cleaning.

*Disclaimer: I received a package of latex gloves for free to provide a video review and my honest opinion. I am compensated for this post.

Cleaning with Care Cleaning Products

I recently received some products from Care Cleaning and Protection to review and make a little video about. One of the products was roll towels, similar to the paper towels you find in public restrooms. Now, you may remember I used to work in fast food. During my time doing that I frequently had to clean bathrooms using this kind of paper towel, so I was actually excited to use them. Part of the reason I usually don't clean my downstairs bathroom as much as I should is that my cleaning rags are in my upstairs bathroom and I don't feel like running upstairs to get one, plus then I have a really gross rag that I don't want to just dump in with the rest of my laundry. But I put the roll of towels I got under my bathroom sink and now anytime I need to hurry and do a quick clean I can grab them and wipe things down. And with such a tiny bathroom it really doesn't take me long, I think it took me less than 5 minutes to clean this little bathroom (so why do I put it off so much?!). So, here's a little video clip of me cleaning my bathroom. Yes, it's kind of boring, but I added some music at least! And I hate hearing my voice more than I hate pictures of myself, so not talking. But the clip shows just how quickly a bathroom can get clean with a simple roll of paper towels and a few squirts of cleaner.

Overall, I was very happy to have these towels to clean my bathroom with as they make it easy for me to store them for quick cleans and I can just throw them away and not have to deal with yucky rags.

*Disclaimer: I received one roll of paper towels for free to provide my honest opinion. I am also compensated for this post.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

TV Time

I don't usually watch a lot of TV or movies. Mostly because I'm just home with the kids so I don't want TV during the day because the kids wouldn't enjoy my shows (plus I'm kind of busy) and so they just watch their kid movies. I was actually able to watch an episode of The Office this week (which was hilarious because Michael got what he thought was a cold sore and went around asking his exes if they had STDs and telling them there's no cure for herpes and it was just so hilariously awkward). Then we bought the movie "How to Train Your Dragon" for the boys because we all really enjoyed it, and we have watched it over and over and over. If you haven't seen it I highly recommend it, even if you don't have kids. I'm sure I'll get annoyed with it eventually, but for now it's nice to get a break from the repetition of Wall-E and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.


I really need to start making myself get to bed earlier. Of course last night and tonight we had family hanging out over here so that threw things off lol. We were up chatting until midnight last night with my sister and her husband and had family here until about 9 tonight watching a soccer game, which really isn't that late except then I still need to do some stuff before bed (like getting kids to bed) and so by the time I get to bed it's late. I'm going to need to rejuvenate my face with some vitamin c serum for faces. I'm practically falling asleep sitting here so I'm heading to bed in a minute. Hopefully I'll sleep good.

Little brag on myself

Alright, I've gotten my homework done for the weekend, yay! I had a paper due today in English that I just finished. Luckily it's just a rough draft cuz I know it wasn't that good and it wasn't as long as it's supposed to be. Hopefully I get some helpful peer reviews so I can make it better. I actually like my English class. I still don't like writing papers, but the class itself is ok. We have weekly online chats to discuss stuff so I feel more prepared and comfortable with it. And the peer review process has really helped. I did better than I expected on my first final draft that I turned in. I got 143/150 which is 95%. Not too bad if I do say so myself. Not that I'm going to roll up a cigar and celebrate just yet. He actually gives us a chance to revise our final drafts after grading and resubmit them, then he takes the higher grade of the two. And since most of my errors with this one were simple grammar fixes I'm going to polish it up and hope to get my grade even higher.

I am still very stressed out with my classes (added onto everything else going on, aka the twin!) but I am happy that so far I have done pretty well in all of them. My grades are all A's so far and I'm going to do my best to keep up the good work. I'm sure I'd be doing even better if I didn't have so much else going on right now and wasn't always so exhausted.

Filling my brain

Recently I've been reading a lot of books. Not the fun non-fiction ones though like usual. Nope, ever since we found out we're having twins I've been reading all the twin pregnancy and parenting books I can get my hands on. I think I've read about 10 so far. Of course most of them have very similar information, but occasionally I come across something different. I want to be as prepared as possible. Some of them were just ok, and one really annoyed me because some of the info it gave contradicted pretty much every other book I've ever read. I should have looked up some Amazon books reviews before checking them out. At least I didn't spend money on them. Yay for the library! There's one our library doesn't have that I've heard good reviews of about breastfeeding multiples. But I think without it I'll still be pretty prepared.

Friday, October 15, 2010

My cuties

Oh, I almost forgot I was going to post ultrasound pics! Silly me and my pregnant brain :D Here's the pics from last week of my cute boys. We were actually able to get a profile shot of Isaac (Baby A) this time, and some pretty good pics all around. The u/s tech said they were adorable babies. :) Isaac (A) is the first 8, Caleb (B) the other 10.

Barefoot is best

The other day when I was picking up Jason from Kindergarten I was just standing at the playground waiting and making small talk with another one of the moms. She mentioned how cute my shoes were and asked if they were comfortable. Well, they are not really comfortable. There is no arch support and if I wear them too long I get blisters. I just like them cuz they are slip-ons lol. No socks or tying needed, which is nice when a person has a big belly in the way. I'm not looking forward to snow because then I'll have to wear my old ratty sneakers. I really need some new shoes, but I have a hard time buying stuff like that for myself. It can't be avoided much longer though because they have a whole in the side that won't be fun come snow time. But until then I will take advantage of my cute uncomfortable slip-ons as long as I can. And the nice thing about being a stay-at-home mom is that I really don't go a lot of places so I can just have bare feet most of the time.

So, here's me

Alright, you know I don't like posting pictures of myself, which is why I try to keep myself out of them as much as possible, but here is my belly shot from today at 24 weeks.

And I actually look bigger in real life. This outfit doesn't do the belly justice, yo know how black is slimming. Plus by the end of the day when all the weight and food has settled in I look huge. Just ask Hubby. One of these days I need to actually make myself presentable for a picture lol. This was first thing in the morning. My hair is always in a ponytail, I just never do anything with it. Part of that is because without a blow dryer I can't dry it straight so it's pretty blah and takes too long to use my straightener (and am I the only one who has ever wondered if one of those bathroom hand dryers would work to blow dry hair in a pinch?). The other part is I'm just no good at doing hair lol. And I hardly ever wear makeup. So one day I need to get a better pic with my hair done (actually I think I did have it straightened in my 16 week pic) and put a little makeup on. And eat breakfast before the pic so I don't look so tortured.

Stupid OB Appointment

So, I had my 24 week checkup this morning. Or, according to them 25 weeks and some days. But I don't go by their date cuz I know they are wrong. But will they listen? Nope. How would a simple girl who has been charting for 5 years know anything about when her body ovulates, especially compared to their high-and-mighty ultrasound machine (even though it can be up to 2 weeks off, but they don't acknowledge that). Anyway, sorry for the little rant, I just had the worst appointment and have been in a mood all day.

It started with me arriving at the clinic at 9:10. My appointment was at 9:30 so I figured if I got there early I might be seen on time. Unfortunately, no. They did acll me back at 9:45 and did the weight, blood pressure, etc. Then they stuck me in a room to wait. And wait. And wait a little longer. Finally at 10:40 (over an hour after my appointment time!) the doctor comes in. And I use the term doctor loosely. I'm sure if this guy just had to go into healthcare there's some healthcare it jobs that would have suited him much better than OB. For one, I'm a high-risk patient, and the clinic only does high-risk appointments on Friday mornings. So you would think they would at least have high-risk specialists there, right? This guy had absolutely no experience with twins so he could not answer any of my questions and gave me a little run around when I argued my due date with him about how it was actually better to have it early since I'll be going early anyway. Um, hello! How is that better?! That just means that when I do go early I'll be even earlier than they want to believe. For example, if they don't stop labor after 35 weeks and I go into labor at 33.5 weeks when they think I'm 35, then they wouldn't stop it and that could mean an extra week or two of NICU time for my babies. So, yeah, it is not better and makes a huge difference to me! I didn't even bother asking half my questions because I knew he wouldn't know. I'm pretty sure I know a lot more than him about twins.

He measured my belly (didn't tell me what the measurement was) and then left to find my last ultrasound report and I waited for another 15 minutes. Then he did a quick ultrasound to check the babies heart rates (which he didn't tell me those numbers either, heaven forbid I know anything they write in my chart) and it really seemed like he had no idea how to do an ultrasound. Mostly because both babies are obviously head down and he said one was breech. He even mentioned how their heads were right by each other, plus I can feel both kick and know where their feet are and both have been kicking up top.

Anyway, I finally get to leave at 11:40, having wasted 2.5hrs of my time. The only good that came out of it was hearing that I had passed my 3hr GTT and getting confirmation that Baby A is head down like I thought. I will not be going back to that clinic. I was only going there cuz it was closer than going up to the clinic at the hospital, but I'm going to call the hospital clinic and get transferred there, and see if they can get me in with a doctor there I've heard good things about.

So that is why my day got off to a crappy start. Luckily it has slowly gotten better and I expect it to keep getting better.

One of them days

Ever have one of those days that starts off terrible and you just want to go back to bed and wake up in a week? Yeah, that was today. So I may not get around to posting pics of Bear Lake yet cuz I'm too tired to go through the hundreds of pics and find some to post. But I am going to at least get my last ultrasound pics up. And I guess I could post my new belly shot.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Just whining a little

I had no idea how exhausting it would be to be pregnant with twins. I was tired when I was pregnant with Nathan, more than with the other two, but this is even more. This is bone deep, brain won't function, wake up in the morning ready to go back to bed tired. All the time. I'm going to need the best wrinkle cream to get rid of these bags under my eyes. And I get three more months of this before the real sleep-deprivation torture begins. Good thing I love my kids so much lol. And there are tons of things I do love about being pregnant, like feeling the babies kick and my cute little big belly. And I know it's silly but I'm kind of enjoying the extra attention twins brings lol, even if I do have to hear "You're going to have your hands full!" a million times a day. So I can deal with the tiredness for a time. I know it won't last forever. I'm just having a whiney day today lol.

The extra expenses of fun stuff

The other day Hubby and I were talking about camping. I was saying that on our next trip to Bear Lake it would be fun to go a couple days early and camp before we go to the condo. But I decided that with two little babies that would not be much fun lol. We went camping once when Jason was a baby and it was a big pain. So I was saying that having a trailer would make it easier, but there's just too many expenses to go with it. Gas, water, sewage, towing (and a vehicle capable of towing lol), registration, etc. Just like if we had ATVs we'd need ATV Accessories like helmets. Some things would be fun to have, but with a limited income it's just too hard to justify so many extra expenses. So if we do ever go camping again we'll make do with our tents and sleeping bags and cooking over a fire. Of course who knows when that will be cuz I really do not want to camp with two little babies lol. Might be a long time before we get to go again.

I'm quitting

So, only two more months of doing childcare for me! It's been a nice way to earn a little extra income for my family without having to leave the kids, but I'm tired. The thing with any kind of home based business is that you don't get a break from your home life while still having the responsibilities of a job, it's like working a double job. And I just can't do it anymore. Mentally or physically. Plus I really won't be able to after the babies are born because I have to take Jakey to preschool twice a week and our minivan only fits 5 carseats/boosters so no room for any extras lol. So I won't be taking on any more kids, and after December when the mom of the two I watch has her baby I won't have them anymore. The loss of that income, especially when we will have the extra bills from 2 new babies, will stink, but there's really no other option. And I am so relieved.

Too tired

Oh boy, I guess I still haven't put up pictures from Bear Lake or anything for a few months. Such a slacker. Well, not really. I am just incredibly busy. I watch 2 kids part time, Jason is in Kindergarten, Jakey just started back to preschool, I'm taking 3 online classes, and of course I'm pregnant with twins. So I just have tons going on and not enough time or energy to post much. I will try to get some pictures up.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Something random

One of the things I love about our house is that most of the rooms have honeycomb shades instead of cheap vinyl blinds. Our basement rooms still have the cheap mini blinds, but every other room has the shades and they are so much better. Except when you have to re-thread one, that's a pain lol. Mini blinds are just plain boring. In our last house we had them except for one window that we had faux wood blinds that were really nice. I wouldn't mind having those again. Our kids broke our blinds so frequently when we had the vinyl mini blinds, the shades are so much sturdier and they do a good job keeping heat and cold in or out. It's the little things like that that made a difference when we chose this house.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

22 Weeks

Seriously, time just never stops and lets me catch up! I am so exhausted all the time. And I know it will just get worse and worse until the real torture begins lol. Other than the exhaustion I feel pretty good. A lady in my ward gave me some maternity clothes and a double stroller last week. I'm so thankful for it. I was getting low on pants that fit lol. And the double stroller is in good condition and works great. I failed my 1hr glucose test so I had to go take the 3hr test this past Friday. Hopefully I pass because I would just cry if I have to give up sugar for the next 4 months. No idea when my next actual checkup will be, they haven't bothered to schedule one for me, even though it's been 4 weeks. But I do have an ultrasound on Tuesday, yay! I'm excited to see my little babies again. And I hope I get some more pictures (it would be nice of Baby A to cooperate a bit better so we can get a good profile shot). I'm glad our printer is all-in-one so it has scanning software so I can share the pictures. :) These little boys are getting more active, it's so fun. Today I was sitting and watching my belly move around. I'm enjoying it now cuz I'm sure in a few months that I'll be crying in pain from the 2 of them moving around lol.