Monday, November 19, 2007

Manic Monday- Relish

I decided to join in Manic Monday for the first time. I saw that everyone was posting about relish, and it reminded me of a funny story I just have to tell you.

I have a brother who will eat almost anything, and he will make the weirdest combinations. One of them is about the most disgusting combination ever. My mom makes delicious German Pancake. Mmm. Of course people normally eat it with fruit or syrup or something, right? Well, my brother ate it with...can you guess?...pickle relish!?! Ugh, doesn't the thought just make you sick? And he ate it all, although he admitted it wasn't very good. You think?!


Anonymous said...

Nice Monday post! Happy Monday! I just posted Manic Monday - RELISH Meme!

Come stop by my blog!

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Durward Discussion said...

Well he does have a adventurous spirit. Welcome to Manic Monday.

Anonymous said...

a wonderful MM post!! Have a wonderful Monday.

Sandee said...

First, welcome to Manic Monday. Yep, that's disgusting alright. Yuk! Well, at least he said it wasn't very good. Have a great MM. :)

Linda said...

Welcome to Manic Monday!

And may I just say that relish on a German pancake sounds absolutely horrible! At least your brother didn't say that it was deliciou and he's going to have it again! That would have been even worse!!!

Thank you for your visit yesterday!