Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Note to self: kids do not like the ER

Wow, today turned out busier than planned. I didn't even have time to make up my normal Tuesday To-Do list, let alone actually do anything that would have been on it. I had an appointment with my midwife this morning. Everything is going well with the baby, he's growing great and staying head down, so no worries there. My next appointment is in 2 weeks, and I think after that I start going every week.

Then I spent most of the afternoon with my sister in the ER. Don't worry, everything is fine with her, but better safe than sorry. The hard part was I took the boys (since my sister is normally who would babysit them and I didn't want to try finding a babysitter in a hurry). I also forgot to bring the diaper bag. Not good since as soon as we got there I realized Jakey was poopy, and an hour or so later Jason peed in his underwear. So I had two messy kids I couldn't change, stuck in a little room with no toys or snacks for hours. It was crazy. Not to mention we'd had to wake up Jakey from his nap early to go, so he was still tired. He was having meltdowns and tantrums the whole time. Sweet Hubby picked them up when he got off work so that my sister and I could go get something to eat and have a break from the crazy kids.

So that really wore me out and I am going to head to bed, as soon as I finish my nightly bowl of cereal. I won't be home most of tomorrow since I'm going to see a friend and have scouts, but I'm going to try to get some stuff done that I should have done today, like mop the kitchen.

Hubby's diet

So Hubby has been on this new diet for over a week now, but realized he's started gaining weight. He was feeling discouraged and thinking of not following the diet as was given to him, but after I talked to my brother (who gave us the diet and has used it successfully) we realized what the problem was- Hubby wasn't burning as many calories as he's been eating because the new diet is higher in fat than how he used to eat. So for now we aren't resorting to him using hydroxy cut or something, he's just going to watch his calories better and exercise more. The only other problem is that all the exercising he's been doing has started giving him shin splints, so he needs to work on doing things with lower impact on his legs until they are better.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday Madness

Today we are recovering from our weekend. We got the house all nice and cleaned for Jason's party Saturday, and by the end of the day it was trashed and I just wasn't up to getting it all done yesterday. This morning I had a meeting with the Webelos leader to go over the coming month, and I could not let her see my house so messy, so I spent a few hours this morning cleaning. I got the family room and living room cleaned and vacuumed, dishes done, counter cleaned, tablecloth washed, and kitchen floor swept. That's a lot more than I usually get done before 10am lol! It's nice to have it done early though so I don't have to deal with a messy house all day. Now I just need to get a bunch of laundry washed and folded.

I've been fighting a cold for 4-5 days now. It's not enough to make me miserable, just enough to be annoying and make me irritable. I actually left church early yesterday cuz I was so tired and didn't want to be sniffling all through church. So I got a little nap before Hubby and the boys got home, that was nice. I never get enough naps lol.

Hope everyone's week is off to a good start!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Party Time

Wow, this day went so fast! We had a little barbecue for Jason's birthday so Hubby and I spent the morning cleaning and getting food ready. Hubby's mom, sister, and brother drove down from Idaho and some of my brothers and sisters and my dad stopped by at various times. Jason was so excited about everything. After eating we had cake. Jason has been asking for a "Diego cake" for the last month so I made sure I got some Go Diego Go figures to put on his cake. We sang Happy Birthday, he blew out the candle, and we dug in. And then we moved on to the presents. He got an Aquadoodle, crayons, pants, a boxful of toys and other things from MIL, and his big boy bike. He loves all his presents. I'm really happy I got the Aquadoodle because the boys really like it and it's not messy. :) And he was so cute learning to ride around on his bike.

I'm going to get some pictures put up probably tomorrow. I'm just exhausted now and Jakey didn't get a nap today so I need to get us all to bed or it's going to be hard to get up for church tomorrow.


Today my little boy turns four years old. Hard to believe that four years ago I was busy bringing my first child into the world, with no clue of how my life was going to change. I had no idea how much love I would have for that little boy. Jason was such a calm, happy baby and he was adorable too. Watching him grow up has been amazing. At one he was walking, or running, everywhere and tripping into everything. At two he was starting to talk more and we already knew he was quite the little artist, with his little drawings all over the walls. He became a big brother, and was such a good little helper. By three he was learning so many new things. Colors and numbers, as well as how to climb all over everything (which he picked up from his little brother). Now at four he is still a sweet, adorable, artistic, smart boy, but he is no longer so little. He is quick to correct us if we call him a "little boy" and tell us he is a "big boy". *Sniff* And every year seems to go by faster than the last. Before I know it he will be dating, going off to college, getting married, and starting his own family. We can't our kids stay little longer?

Happy Birthday little man, I love you!


Finally, it's Saturday. I thought it would never get here. I know that Jason is very excited about this Saturday since it is his birthday. He has been talking about his birthday since Jacob had is birthday back in June. We're not doing much for his birthday. We have family coming over and we are having a barbeque and cake and ice cream. Nothing huge. Nothing like you see on tv with people throwing their kids a 1000 dollar birthday party. It's funny, we got to clean to have the party and then clean again once the party is over. I swear, cleaning never ends.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Ramblings

So, the first two trimesters of this pregnancy just flew by so quickly that I couldn't figure out where the time was going. But for the last few weeks time seems to be slowing down more every day. I don't know why. But now it just seems like every day is twice as long as it used to be and I am just so tired. I really hope the next 7 or so weeks doesn't just creep by.

Today I woke up in a grumpy mood and was pretty impatient with the boys not listening to me, but luckily they started helping me clean up the family room and I got it vacuumed and sitting in a nice clean room made me feel much better. We even went to the library for a little while and instead of just walking in, getting my books, and walking back out, I let them play in the kids area for a bit while I read. Then Jakey took a nap when we got home and Jason watched a movie while I tried to rest a little. I didn't get much sleep but at least it was quiet and I got to lay down.

Today we are going birthday shopping for Jason because his birthday is tomorrow! I can't believe he is turning 4 already! We are having a barbecue, but I don't know how many people will actually be coming. The inlaws are coming and I think my cousin and her boys, but I don't know who from my family can make it. My mom and sister who lives here are busy and my brother Josh and his wife will be out of town, but hopefully at least some of the rest of them can come.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for my Hubby being so sweet this last week. My sister and I both had some bad days and he was always doing his best to cheer us up, bringing home flowers, providing hugs, and listening. Things like that are one of the main reasons I married him. He is always there when someone is in need of a hug and a shoulder to cry on.

I am also thankful for new episodes of The Office and ER tonight! Though we are only 5 minutes into ER right now and it's already made me feel like throwing up a few times lol.

And I am thankful that we got our laptop fixed. It was having problems with the wireless card dying, as well as a few keys missing and the touchpad not working as well. So we sent it in last week and in less than a week they had fixed it and sent it back. I love fast service.

What are you thankful for?

2 Year Bloggiversary!

Yep, I have been blogging for 2 years now! These last few years have gone by so quickly. I've enjoyed the many friendships I've made with fellow bloggers and how much I have learned from it. I also passed 30,000 visitors this month, thanks to all you who have stopped by!

I was thinking of doing a giveaway or something special for my bloggiversary, but I have nothing to give away lol. I hope you all forgive me. :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Not so bad

My day did get better after my crazed morning. I got a little nap while Jakey napped and my sister kept her eye on Jason. That helped restore my sanity. Then the boys weren't quite as active the rest of the day. Hubby picked up pizza for dinner on his way home (even though he can't eat it on his new diet) and he was so sweet and picked me up roses and Snickers as well to make me feel better. Aww. He can be so sweet and wonderful.

I keep remembering something I have to do tomorrow, but then I forget. And I don't have it written on the calendar so I don't know what it is I keep forgetting. It's so annoying! Hopefully it's not anything really important. Oh wait, I just remembered! We are going shopping for Jason's birthday stuff tomorrow. I'm excited to pick him out a new bike, he is going to love it! I better remember to get a helmet and pads too so he doesn't get hurt learning to ride it :)

OK, now that I remembered that and wrote it down I can go to bed without my brain keeping me up trying to think it up. Have a good night!

Just need to complain a little

Oh my goodness. I may go crazy before the end of the day. It is only 8am and the boys are already driving me insane. Jakey has been so whiney lately, which may or may not be due to his 2-year molars coming in. Whatever the reason, I am running very short on patience with his fit-throwing and whining. Everything warrants a fit. He wants to do everything and screams "No! I do it!" whenever we try to do anything for ourselves. It gets very annoying and is not at all helpful when I just want to pour a cup of milk without spilling it all over the floor. Every time he has to go down stairs he stands at the top and screams "Hold my hand!" even though he is perfectly capable of going down stairs himself. And of course if we don't let him have his way he throws himself on the floor kicking and screaming.

And I am so tired of the boys' messes. I don't understand why they have to throw everything all over the floor. We cleaned the playroom a few days ago, and the toys are all over the room again. There are coloring papers and videos all over the family room, cereal spilled on the table, and a million other messes they make on a daily basis. I can't keep up and they just keep going.

Sorry for complaining so much. Some days I just want to lock the boys in their room all day so I can get something done and have it stay clean for more than 2 minutes.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday To-Do

Here's my list for today:

* Go to orthodontist
* Fold laundry
* Dishes
* Clean family room

I'm sure there is plenty more that I should do, but that's about all I feel capable of today lol. I am so tired. I didn't get to sleep until almost 1am because Jason just would not go to sleep last night. And I have to make the 2hr drive up to Logan and back for my orthodontist appointment today, which will not be fun while feeling so exhausted. Plus the boys will most likely nap during the drive so I won't get any quiet time at home to either nap or clean :P So I am going to do the bare minimum today and just try to get through it with my headache and heavy eyes.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday Madness

Did you all have a good weekend? Ours was a bit crazy. Today we didn't have anything planned but ended up getting out of the house for a little bit to take my sister to an appointment. Then, and here is the amazing part, we all came home and we ALL took a nap! Yep, even Jason napped, which means I got a nap. Ah, so nice. And it was quiet and peaceful. Really made the day pass quickly too. I made lemon chicken for dinner, which I haven't made in a long time, and it was really yummy. Hubby started his new low carb diet today and I'm trying to make it a bit easier for him by not making carb-full dinners that he can only drool over lol.

Oh grr, I just realized the boys are playing in the bathroom, better make sure Jakey isn't wasting another whole roll of toilet paper on the floor or in the toilet.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Saying

"I'm a woman! We don't say what we want! But we do reserve the right to be pissed off if we don't get it."
- Lydia, Sliding Doors

I must admit I am guilty of this. Frequently I will get mad at Hubby for something and he won't know what it is or what I want, and I give the huffy "Nothing!" when he asks. I forget that men can't read minds and don't think like women. For example, this morning I was up getting the boys fed and cleaning up their messes and getting ready for church, and Hubby went upstairs and fell back asleep. I was getting annoyed and frustrated and yelling and he just lay there sleeping more. So I was pretty angry with him not helping, until I remembered he is a guy and unless I ask him for help he doesn't realize I want it.

Hubby's changing diet

Well, Hubby has decided to try a slightly more drastic diet plan to lose some more weight for his contest. Instead of using orovo or some other pill or drink, he's just changing what he eats. My brother gave my sister this diet plan he uses successfully, which basically looks like a low-carb diet with weekends off, so Hubby hopes that it will work for him. It will be a huge diet change though, only 30g of carbs a day. I definitely couldn't do it, I love carbs! In fact the Snickers bar I'm eating right now has more carbs than he can have per day lol. He gets to eat meat, veggies, and some fruit. That's about it. As long as it works, we'll be happy.

My team stinks

So, we are watching some football. Well, not really "watching" it since it's not being shown on any channel we get. But we are keeping tabs on the New England Patriots game going on right now. I am severely disappointed. They are playing horribly. I just knew this year was going to be horrible without Tom Brady. I mean, they are losing to the DOLPHINS! That right there tells you they are really stinking it up. Losing to the Dolphins is like admitting you are the worst team in the whole NFL. They may as well just book Mediterranean cruises and not bother playing the rest of the season if it's going to be like this all season. I'm hoping that today they are just having a bad day and that they will play better from now on, because they have managed to win 2 games so far, but it's not looking likely.

Garage sales

I like checking out garage sales occasionally but rarely buy anything. Sometimes you can find some really good deals for things you need, like baby items and some electronics like used cisco products. Sometimes there is some nice furniture. Moving sales are best because then they are getting rid of more stuff and you're more likely to find stuff in better condition. Unfortunately this year we weren't able to find anything worth getting at the sales we checked out. I was hoping to find a baby swing and maybe an ok couch for the living room, but the ones we looked at were very used and ratty. Hopefully I can find the things I need at consignment shops and thrift stores.

Like a moth to a flame

When we were at the store yesterday grocery shopping I noticed a bunch of clearance signs in the clothing section. Of course being a woman, a clearance sign acts like one of those bug lights that draws the moths to it. I had to try hard to keep myself from stopping and looking through all the clothes that were on clearance. All the summer stuff like shorts and swimsuits was really cheap, but I hate buying clothes if I haven't tried them on, and in my current condition I can't really try on clothes for next summer lol.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

GTT Results

So after all my worry and spending yesterday morning drinking sugar and getting poked, I got the results of my 3 hour GTT today. And luckily everything looks just fine. My glucose numbers weren't even near high, perfectly normal. I am so relieved. Especially cuz we bought a bunch of junk food at the store today and I'd feel pretty sad if I couldn't eat any of it lol. Not that I'm going to take this as permission to just eat whatever junk I want, I am still going to work on eating healthier. I'm just glad I don't have to worry about trying to give up sugar.

Hopefully a nice weekend

I had a pretty crazy day yesterday, with being at the birth center all morning and then a bunch of stuff that unexpectedly came up after we got back. And then I had a hard time sleeping cuz my brain kept going over everything again. Hopefully today will be a nice calm Saturday. Hubby and Jason are at the church for Primary program practice because tomorrow the Primary has their program. I'm excited because it's Jason's first year to be in it and I love watching all the kids talk and sing and stuff. And of course we have to do our weekly grocery shopping today, which I actually love doing cuz it gets us all out of the house together lol. My youngest sister is spending the weekend here since my parents are out of town, and that is a big help with the kids cuz they love having their aunts over.

Oh, I just realized I need to add stuff for Jason's birthday party to our grocery list. Hard to believe he will be 4 in just one week! We are going to have a barbecue and still need to get all the stuff for that and his presents.

Not so thrifty

The other day we stopped by a thrift store to see if they had any good bookshelves that we could use for all the VHS tapes and books we recently got from my mom. There were a few that were fine, but not quite what we needed. Then we checked out the couches to see if there was anything that would work for our still-unfurnished living room, but there wasn't any modern furniture that I liked, it was all old or stained or just plain ugly. We found a nice double stroller for just $15, but then realized why it was there, the front wheels wouldn't turn by themselves at all. So we ended up leaving without getting anything. That's ok though, it wasn't stuff that we really "need" right now.


I am so glad that children are so welcome at my midwife appointments. It made it so much easier to go take my 3 hour test yesterday because she has lots of toys and Disney movies to keep them happy. Plus they like checking out all the stuff at the office like the stethoscope, blood pressure monitor, and stuff. Oh, there is a garbage can that opens and closes automatically and the boys just LOVED the "magic" garbage can lol. Jakey took a little tour of all the rooms in the birth center, and funnily enough he seemed to like the laundry room the most haha. I honestly could never have kept them happy if I'd had to take them with me to do the test at my old OB office, they are not as kid-friendly there.

Pill popper

I have always been horrible at remembering to take pills. Amazingly during the first part of this pregnancy I was really good at taking my prenatal vitamins the size of horse supplements, but I kind of slacked off during the second trimester and haven't been taking them. At least I took them during the most important time. I know I should keep taking them, but now I just never think of it. I know if I can just get back in the habit that it won't be so hard, it's just getting that habit started that is hard.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for the fun week we've had. It's been busy and I am exhausted, but we've had playdates and I've gotten out of the house without kids a few times, so that's always good. And I just have to say I am so very thankful for sugar. Just in case my glucose test tomorrow shows I have GD and I have to change how I eat, I want everyone to know that I really love my sweets lol. And I am also thankful that we are start the new TV season and I can watch new episodes of my favorite shows- ER, The Office, and House.

What are you thankful for?

Ah, to have the energy of a 4 year old

It's so funny how different my kids act when they are separate than they do together. When I only have one of them around then they are quiet and listen so much better. They are sweet and adorable and loving. Jason will play with blocks or color pictures and make up stories. He says the funniest things and gives more hugs and kisses. Jakey will be cuddly and sweet and content to lay down quietly with me.

Then you put them both together and their energy multiplies 100x. They are bouncing off the walls, making messes left and right, disobeying, and just generally driving me crazy. I really don't know how it works, but they transform from angels to monsters when you combine them. And I know it's not just my kids. When I've been on playdates or gone to someone else's home with small kids, they all group together and go insane. Not that they always act "bad", just they suddenly have much more energy than a category 4 hurricane whenever you have 2 or more children in the same room.

Just watching children play together makes me exhausted. If only I could have that much energy all the time, I would be able to get so much more done lol.

Losing weight

So Hubby only has 2 more months in his work's biggest loser competition. I think he's lost about 15lbs so far. I'm hoping that percentage-wise he is able to lose more than the other people who joined in. We don't have the extra cash sitting around if he loses. I'm sure the last few weeks we'll be frantically looking into the best diet pills, colon cleanses, and quick weight loss methods to see what he can do to at least temporarily lose some extra weight before his final weigh in. And I'll make sure he's not wearing heavy clothes or anything cuz every ounce can make a difference.

Cheaper online

I rarely buy books, I prefer to just check them out at the local library. But occasionally I just have to buy a really good book and then I go online. I found out during college that it is almost always cheaper to buy books online, especially textbooks. Plus online you can find a much larger selection than most libraries so whether you need history, fiction, or even Amazon books you can find much more available if you search online. I actually saved hundreds of dollars on textbooks during college. What I hated though was when classes required the newest edition of a textbook even though it is almost exactly the same as the last 20 editions, just so they can get you to buy a new book. That's a whole other issue lol, and Hubby is much better at expressing that frustration than me.

Fun to imagine

One day, probably in the far future, I hope that we will be financially secure enough that I can buy myself a cute little sports car. I obviously don't need one and it's definitely not practical with a bunch of little kids, but I have always wanted a nice car, like a Corvette, to just have fun driving around. For now I guess I will have to satisfy myself with looking at Corvette pictures and drooling. And I can check out a bunch of cool Corvette accessories for my future fun car. Like those dashboard gages that glow different colors like blue, for some reason I just love those things lol. I would probably get some cool seat covers too, because I know that with kids things tend to get messy no matter what I do and I wouldn't want to ruin the nice leather interior I want. Do they even do leather seats in Corvettes? I don't know, but that's what I want. I'm not sure what color I would want it, though I'm leaning towards red. I'll have to look at some more Corvette pics to see what I like.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Really good day

I was reminded today that it is almost my two-year blogiversary. One week from today. Has it really been two years already? Crazy.

We had a fun day today. Our playdate with my cousin and her son was lots of fun for the boys, we went to the park and it was just perfect outside. By the time we went back to her house though the boys were tired and not playing well anymore. Jakey especially was having a major meltdown because he hadn't had a nap. But overall we had a great time.

I forgot about Enrichment Night today and almost decided not to go and ended up being 45 minutes late. We were doing a service auction and I wasn't sure how much fun it would be, but it ended up being a great time and I even won a loaf of fresh homemade bread and freezer jam. I was so excited because I just finished off the last of my homemade jam today. And another lady who is one of my visiting teachers won a cute baby blanket with matching burp cloths and gave it to me for the baby. Almost made me cry, silly hormones. And we got apple crisp and ice cream after, so definitely worth going lol.

And I know I said I was going to try being in bed by 10 and it's now 10:30, but I swear I'm going in just a few minutes :D

Good morning

Good morning everyone. Hope you all slept well. I didn't. :P I was awake from 3-4:30am for no reason at all, just wishing I could fall back to sleep. I really need to start going to bed earlier too, so I'm going to set a goal for myself to go to bed by 10pm. Luckily the boys are starting to sleep in a bit later now that it's staying darker longer. Instead of waking up at 6:30 they usually wake around 7-7:30 now.

Today we are going to the park with my cousin and her little boy. We need to get in as many park days as we can before it gets colder and the baby is born. Plus it wears out the boys so they sleep better lol. Then later today I have Enrichment Night at church so that allows me to get out of the house without the kids for a few hours, that's always nice.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tired and a rant

Well, I managed to get a lot more done today than usual. Not everything on my to-do list got finished, but considering how much I put on it today, I think I did pretty good. Hubby is mopping for me right now, isn't he so nice? I'm kind of worn out now from being up more than usual but it's so nice to have a clean house occasionally lol.

I also called my old OB office today to cancel the appointment I had set up for this week and to get my glucose test results from my last appointment since they didn't include it with my medical records they sent to the midwife. Turns out I did not pass the glucose test, and they obviously didn't think it was important enough that I should know right away, nevermind the fact that undiagnosed gestational diabetes can cause health problems for me and baby. Not that I have GD, just that my glucose test showed slightly elevated levels and I need to have a longer test done to rule out GD. I'm going in to my midwife Friday for the 3 hour test and hopefully it will show that everything is fine. I am just so annoyed at the OB office for not bothering to let me know asap that my results were abnormal. One more reason I'm glad I switched.

Anyway, I'm watching House right now, yay! So excited that we are into new TV season.

Tuesday To-Do

I'm dreading my to-do list today. There are a lot of things I need to get caught up with:

* Dishes Done!
* Fold laundry (3 loads I think) Done!
* Clean kitchen, including sweep/mop (Hubby said he will clean the floor though, so I'm going to let him do that tonight) Done!
* Clean family room Done!
* Vacuum whole house- family room and living room done
* Clean 3 bathrooms (if my sister is ever home today I'll ask her to clean hers)- 2 down, 1 to go
* Get boys to clean playroom- Gave up

Ugh, that is a lot of cleaning that needs done. But I really need to do it. I know I'll feel better when the house is all clean. And I have nothing else to do today so I really have no excuse not to do it. One of these days I will learn how to just keep up on all that stuff so it doesn't get to be such a chore.

Business ownership

I've always thought it would be cool to own our own little business, but I could never come up with a good idea for one. It seems everything is already done to death. Maybe we should just find a small business for sale one of these days. Though not right now. Hubby has a great job and I like the stability. From everything I've read running your own business is a ton of work and a big investment, so if we ever do something like that it would be years down the road.

Boy toys and girl toys

When we were at the park yesterday waiting for my friend to show up I got to chatting with another young mom there. She had a little 1-year old boy and babysat her sister's 3 kids. She was telling me about how her nephew needed more boys to play with because he has 2 sisters and only girl cousins so he is always playing with their barbies and dollhouses and baby doll stuff instead of cars and trains and dinosaurs. I thought that was funny. We obviously have no girl toys but I see no problem with boys playing with them. When we lived in Idaho and the boys would play with Michelle's girls they would play with dolls and things. And when I was little I was always playing with "boy" toys since my closest siblings were all boys. I grew up enjoying guns, cars, dinosaurs, etc and didn't really care for dolls and I turned out just fine.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Fun, busy day

Boy, I was hardly home most of the day today! That doesn't happen very often, normally we are home all day doing nothing lol. My scout meeting went from 9:30-11am, and it actually went pretty well. We had to go over new leadership changes and upcoming stuff. After that I had to come home and do my hair and pack lunch so we could go to the park. We had fun meeting up with our new friends and ended up being there until 3pm. I brought the boys home and put Jakey down for a nap cuz he was exhausted. He went right to sleep and then Jason even fell asleep on the couch. So I had a nice quiet hour to myself before I had to get the boys up (and Jason was NOT happy about that!) and go to our chiro appointment. After our appointment I had to stop at the post office to mail a package and the rush hour traffic to get home was crazy, took twice as long to get home as it normally would. Hubby made dinner (I love when he helps out like that) and then I did dishes. Now I am very ready for bed. I didn't get any of my housework done (except dishes) so I guess that all goes on my to-do list tomorrow cuz I am heading to bed now.

Learning letters

Lately I've been trying to get Jason to understand letters better. I must admit I am not a very good teacher. We forget to do preschool a lot and I have gotten lazy about making sure he is learning new things. So I am working harder now on at least helping him to recognize letters. One thing we are working on is writing his name. I will usually write it out and then have him try to copy it, but it often turns out to be pretty illegible. I finally got the idea to make up some connect-the-dot name pages for him. So last night I found a site with connect-the-dot letters and spelled out his name with it and printed it off for him. He really likes it a lot more than just copying my writing, plus he is actually learning how to write the letters the right way.

I also just got a VCR from my family and the boys have been enjoying a ABC video we have. I'm hoping that exposing them to the alphabet in different ways will help them start to recognize the letters better.

I am planning on putting him in a preschool next year though. I realize that I am just not a good enough teacher to get him ready for school by myself. I admire anyone who teaches because I just do not have the patience or skill required to do that.

Monday Madness

Ah, Monday again. I thought last week would never end! Everyone is back to their normal healthy selves now and I slept much better last night than I did the whole previous week.

Today we have a few things going on, not our normal boring day. First I have a scout committee meeting at the church at 9:30am. It should be interesting since they've done a lot of changing around with calling people to scouts the last few weeks. We just got a new cub scout leader and some of the den leaders have changed. Should be complete chaos lol. Good thing we hold the meeting in the church nursery so we can bring kids.

Then at noon we have a playdate with a friend I've known online for years but never met. Turns out she lives just 15 minutes away, so we are meeting at a park near my house. I'm going to bring a picnic lunch too. The boys should enjoy getting out of the house for a few hours.

And then at 5pm Hubby and I have chiropractor appointments. My back has been killing me this weekend, making it hurt to lay down at night even, so I have been looking forward to this appointment for days. And that will ed our fun-filled day. Should go by quickly with all that and the housework I need to do as well.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Saying

"There's a fine line between fishing and standing on the shore looking like an idiot."
- Steven Wright

I love fishing. Unfortunately it has been years since I last went. I loved going with my dad and we'd wade into the river and fish for hours. My mom once said I was sure to make some guy very happy, a cute girl standing in the middle of a river in a swimsuit holding a fishing rod, what more could a guy ask for? I even know how to gut a fish and cook it over a fire. Most guys would kill for a wife who will do that, right? Well, unfortunately Hubby is not much of an outdoorsman. We have gone camping maybe 3-4 times during our married life and don't even own any fishing gear. Not that Hubby doesn't like doing that stuff when we do go, it's just not a big part of our life. I really miss fishing. And not the sissy sit-on-the-side-of-a-lake-and-do-nothing fishing, I like the get-right-in-the-middle-of-a-rushing-river-with-the-fish fishing. Next year I am going to make sure we borrow some of my dad's gear and go on a fishing trip.

Out of shape (unless you count round as being "in shape")

So I just finished a delicious piece of frozen chocolate cream pie. Mmmm. Unfortunately it didn't feel good in my still-upset tummy. But it was worth it. I think. I really should be eating better. I'm putting on weight faster than my other pregnancies because I just eat whatever I want, and it's usually not healthy stuff. Need some more fruits and veggies in my diet and less sugar. And I should be doing at least a little exercise. Even a walk around the block would be better than nothing, or I could pull out my yoga DVD once in a while. Or if I had a treadmill I would probably use it. I just feel so tired that I don't want to get up and do anything and I know I'm going to really regret it after the baby is born and I'm so out of shape. I really want to run a 10k next year, which means I'm going to have a lot of work to do to get back into shape after baby.

Migrating South

Winter is coming. I am not looking forward to it. I envy people that move to warmer places during the winter. I would move somewhere that is warm and sunny, and has a beach, like Florida. I could spend my days sunning on the beach with the boys and look up some Orlando golf courses for Hubby. Then when winter finally leaves Utah we could come back before hurricane season. Wouldn't that be nice?

It's back

My skin is really bugging me lately. My face finally cleared up without me having to resort to some acne cream or something, but now that I no longer have zits all over, my psoriasis has gotten worse. For months it has been hardly noticeable and easily controlled, but the last month or so it has gotten bad again. I have to use more of my lotion with less results. Grr. I think it's about time I gave in a visited a dermatologist again to see what treatments they recommend, it's been many years since I've actually seen someone for it.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Update on us sickies

Well, my stomach still feels yucky, but luckily not as bad as last night, and so far I have managed not to lose my lunch. It woke me up a few times last night cuz it hurt so much, and then I had the low grade fever that seems to follow it this morning. And Hubby's stomach started hurting today too, so he's not feeling too well, but he's also kept everything down. It just really hurts. It's like really bad gas and really bad heartburn mixed together. Of course it's worse with a tiny little person sitting inside kicking my stomach lol.

The boys and my sister are pretty much over it. So although this tummy bug is not fun, at least it is short lasting. It also seems to get passed pretty easily, so hopefully we haven't come in contact with too many people to give it to. Though I did have scouts over Wednesday, I hope none of them took the bug home, I'd feel horrible.

Overall, this has been an exhausting week and I am so glad the weekend is here.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Not me too! :(

So, my stomach is killing me. Ugh. I do NOT want to get what everyone else is getting! I have managed to make it this far into this pregnancy without throwing up once and I really don't want to start now. :P

Luckily Jason seems to have gotten over the bug very quickly. He always manages to not get as sick as the rest of us. My sister is doing a bit better too, at least she can eat a little and hasn't been throwing up every 15 minutes.

Ugh, I feel like my stomach is going to explode :P I think I'll go take a hot bath and see if that helps.

It's only Thursday?!

This week seems to be going by very slowly, which is weird cuz for months now time has just been zooming by. I"m sure it's because I haven't had enough sleep and dealing with sickies. But I really just want the weekend to be here already. I need a nap. Actually I need a whole week to just sleep, but that won't happen lol.

Luckily Jason doesn't seem to be as sick as Jakey was. He only threw up that one time last night. This morning he woke up with a fever but has been acting fine since we gave him some medicine. Hopefully that's as bad as he gets.

My poor sister though has it bad. She was throwing up all night and still feels awful this morning, can't eat or drink anything without it coming up. She's supposed to retake her cosmetology practical today, but hopefully they will let her reschedule.

And Hubby and I are still feeling fine. So that's good, at least.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Eating my words

Well, now I feel like the worst mom ever for thinking Jason was faking it. I ran to the store to get some Pepto-Bismal for my sister since she's been throwing up all evening, and evidently while I was gone Jason woke up and threw up all over. Sigh. So, now we are guessing it wasn't just bad food that made Jakey sick, must be some stomach bug going around. I'm just hoping it doesn't pass to Hubby and me.

I am crossing my fingers and praying that Jason won't be waking up all night puking. I just can't do an all-nighter again. Usually he doesn't get as sick as Jakey, so hopefully he will not be throwing up as much and it will pass quickly.


Jason has been so silly tonight. He keeps saying he is sick from playing in the rain today. The thing is, they didn't really play in the rain much, just ran out for a minute then came back in. And he is acting fine, but giving this fake pathetic sad face and saying he is sick. I think he's feeling a little left out with Jakey being sick yesterday and my sister not feeling well today, and he just wants the attention on him. So I went ahead and humored him by getting him a rice bag for his tummy (he always wants a warm rice bag when his tummy hurts). What a funny, silly boy.

Jakey has been acting his normal active self today. Both boys have been super hyper today for some reason. I'm still recovering from lack of sleep and just watching them play and run around makes me feel exhausted lol. I seriously don't know how kids can have so much energy!

No motivation

OK, since I didn't do much in the housecleaning department yesterday, I've got a few things I need to get done today:

* Dishes
* Clean family room and living room Done, but does it really count if the boys go through and mess it all up again?!
* Vacuum Done
* A few loads of laundry
* Sweep/mop kitchen

I'm having a hard time getting myself to get up and do anything. I did pick up in the family room and living room a bit. I really need to vacuum before the scouts come over in a few hours. And I should probably at least sweep the kitchen before they come too, cuz it's just embarrassing.

How do you get motivated to clean when you are tired and just don't feel like doing anything? I know it will only take me 5 minutes to vacuum when I finally get around to it, but it's just the getting started part that is difficult lol.

Wanna see my baby?

So, one thing I love about my new midwife is that she has her own little ultrasound machine so she can do them any time we want. At my appointment yesterday we did a quick check of little Nathan to make sure he was head down since he has been moving all over the place the last few weeks. He kept covering his face and sucking on his hand, it was so cute. And we got a good pic of a cute little foot. So the first pic is a profile of his face and sucking his hand and the second is his foot.
Also, everything went fine at my appointment. I am so happy I switched to this midwife, I love the personal care and how I don't feel all rushed. With my OB I would wait at least 30 mins and see her maybe 2 mins. With my midwife there is no wait and we can talk for more than an hour about things. I feel so comfortable and relaxed about it now. And I got a quick tour of the birth center and it is so nice. The birth suite is like a very nice bedroom, with a big bathroom and large soft tub. I can't wait to give birth there.

No more sickies!

Jakey slept all night and seems to be feeling fine today, thank heavens! It's so nice to have him back to his happy, non-puking, self. The poor kid was so hungry yesterday because he couldn't keep any food down, I felt awful for him, especially when we would eat a meal and he couldn't have any. You'd think a kid who hadn't eaten for a day would eat all his cereal this morning, but nope. He still dumped half of it on the table and floor. Guess old habits die hard lol.

Today is supposed to be nice out. 75* and a thunderstorm later. I love when it's cool enough out that I don't need to turn the a/c on. And I love the rain. Though the cooler weather reminds me that all too soon winter is going to be here. Soon I need to go through the boys clothes and get out the winter stuff and put away summer stuff. That also means we'll need to go shopping for some winter clothes for Jason.

Speaking of going through clothes, I think that I will go grab the box of baby clothes I've been meaning to go through and see what we have for baby. It'll be fun to see all the cute little outfits again.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Yay for bedtime!

Jakey must have been very tired because he fell asleep a lot quicker than normal tonight, which is great. Lately he's been fighting going to sleep so to have him go to sleep after just fussing a few minutes is so nice. And Jason fell asleep on the floor in the family room and Hubby just brought him to bed. We don't send them to bed at the same time anymore because they just keep each other awake. Anyway, now that they are both asleep in bed I can go to bed! One of the best feelings in the world is falling into a nice soft bed after an exhausting day, don't you agree? I think I'll take some Tylenol PM to help me sleep tonight. I don't take it very often unless I'm really starved for sleep, and I think tonight qualifies. Now we are just crossing our fingers and praying Jakey doesn't wake up throwing up again tonight.

Season Premiere

Is anyone else really excited for the new season of TV shows? I am :D I'm looking forward to The Office and ER. I can't believe it's the last season for ER! And I am nervous to see how they pick up from the last episode. And The Office is hilarious, so I am excited to see some new episodes. Both shows premiere on the 25th, that'll be a fun night.

Football, on the other hand, I am not so excited for anymore. I've been looking forward to the season but now I'm not. Why? Because we are Patriots fans and during Sunday's game Tom Brady, their all-star quarterback, was injured. He has to get knee surgery and will be out for the WHOLE season! Now, I'm not saying they aren't still a good team without him, but really, he is an awesome quarterback and I don't know if they'll do so well this year without him. I guess will just have to see how the new quarterback will do and how the team adjusts to playing without Brady.

So what shows are you all looking forward to?

No to-do today

I didn't bother with making a to-do list today. First I had no time, second I had no energy lol. Jakey is still sick and not keeping much down. He also has a bit of a fever too. Poor little guy. I feel horrible because he is hungry but I can't really give him anything because it just comes back up. He has kept down a little Pedialyte, but that's it. Luckily everyone else seems to be feeling ok.

I hope Jakey at least sleeps better tonight. I can't go another night with so little sleep, and Hubby can't be taking all his days off to stay home and help. I can deal with a day of throwing up as long as I get a night of peaceful sleep. I'm so tired I don't even have the energy to be grumpy like I usually am when I don't get enough sleep lol.

Unfortunately not doing much today means I will have lots to catch up on tomorrow. Dishes and laundry and my cluttered family room, fun.

My great Hubby

Hubby has been so helpful today. He took the day off so that he could be home with the boys while I went to an appointment. Then I got to try to take a nap for a few hours while he took care of the boys. He's cleaned up throw up and went to the store for Pedialyte for Jakey. He even gave up his after-work golf game to be here. Isn't that sweet? He deserves some new Callaway golf clubs for that or something. It just makes me so happy to watch him be such a great dad and husband at times like this.

3 hours and counting

You'd think a kid who isn't feeling well would want to sleep, but evidently not. Jakey is still awake. Every time he gets close to falling asleep he wakes himself back up. He's still throwing up a bit now and then too. Sigh. I really really need some sleep! I do not do well on little sleep, just ask Hubby. I get really grumpy and am not very pleasant to be around.

Oh, it looks like he might actually be asleep this time! I'll give it a few minutes and hopefully he'll stay asleep so I can get some rest. I hope he's done with the throwing up too, my stomach is getting more queasy each time he does.

What a way to start off the week huh? I hope everyone else out there is having a better night than I am. :)

Late Night Mothering

Well, it looks like I won't be getting much sleep tonight. Jakey woke up at midnight throwing up and has been off and on for the last few hours. Hubby helped clean up the first few times thankfully, since it was all over his floor and bed and I really can't handle that much puke without gagging. Now I'm just sitting here with him, watching a show and catching throw up in a bowl every 15 minutes. Yuck. My sister is up too, saying she's feeling sick to her stomach as well. We think they must have eaten something bad at dinner (we went to Applebees). Since I've only had about an hour of sleep I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be a long day. If we don't get any more sleep tonight I'm going to ask Hubby to call in to work tomorrow so he can watch the kids while I sleep.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Monday Madness

I did not sleep well last night. I woke up at 2:30am and couldn't fall back asleep until 5:30am, and of course Hubby got up at 6:30 which woke me up for good. So I am very tired today. And I have a headache.

I need to clean the kitchen and family room today. The kitchen floor is disgusting again from the boys throwing their food on it all the time. And the family room just gets so cluttered and messy since we spend most of the day in here. I already straightened up the 75 VHS tapes and large stack of books that we got from my family this weekend. I had to bring up a little bookshelf from the office for the tapes, but the books are just in a stack right now, I need to find a better place for them. At least the boys have been entertained this morning with their "new" movies. Once I vacuum it shouldn't look so bad in here.

K, the boys are clambering for hot dogs so I guess I better go feed them. I swear they are always hungry.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Phone Info Tracer

Have you ever received a call from someone you don't know and you want to find out who it was? I have, frequently. Like if I get a missed call but they don't leave a message and all I have is their number, it really drives me nuts not knowing who tried to call. Now you can find out who is calling with the reverse phone number look up from Phone Info Tracer. With this service you can look up numbers from the USA and Canada, and your search is completely confidential. No more wondering who that unknown number is, you can find out who they are and where they are calling from with this simple reverse phone number search, it even tells you if the caller is using a landline or cell phone. I just tried it out and it is very quick and all you do is enter the number. Check it out at

My first home-grown tomato

Today I got to eat my very first home-grown tomato. I started a garden primarily because I love fresh garden tomatoes and that is the one thing I have wanted to work out the most in my garden. I have a bunch of tomatoes still green and waiting to ripen, but one was ahead of the rest and was ripe enough to pick a few days ago. It had some large splits in it but they had healed over and didn't ruin as much of the tomato as I thought it had. We cut into it today and ate it fresh with just some salt. It was delicious! Mmm, sooo yummy. I could honestly have eaten the whole raw tomato with salt myself, but I had to share with Hubby and Jason, who also loved it. I can't wait for the rest to ripen.


With the birth of this baby coming in just a few months, Hubby and I have been speculating on what he will look like. When Jason was born you could definitely tell he was our kid, he looked just like me as a baby with lots of thick dark hair, and has a lot of Hubby's features as well. Jakey on the other hand came out blond and almost bald and we joked that we should get DNA testing done because Hubby and I both have thick brown hair. But really he also have a good mix of our features, the blond just comes from my side of the family. So, over time Jason has come to look more like Hubby's side of the family, though he definitely has my eyes, and Jakey has a lot of looks from my side. They are both a really good mix and you can't miss that they are brothers and our kids.

So, what will this baby look like? Will he look more like me or Hubby, or more like one of the boys, or just another variation on our mix of genes? It's fun to think about. Only 2 more months until we get to see!

Sunday Saying

"Hope for the best but prepare for the worst."
- Proverbs

I have always considered myself an optimist. Even when things don't look the best I always believe it will all turn out ok. I think one part of being truly optimistic is that when things do go bad you still manage to look to the big picture and say "it's ok, things will get better." Although I am optimistic I know there are things beyond my control and I always have hope that whatever comes up we can get through it.

What do you think?

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Well, so much for our boring day

Well, our day turned out to be less boring than normal. First we hit Smith's for a case-lot sale to stock up on some staples. Afterward, we stopped by my parent's house, just to pick up a saw from my dad. Well, our quick stop ended up lasting 2 hours lol, and we left with 4 grocery sacks full of VHS tapes, a VCR, a large stack of books, and 2 bunk beds with mattresses. Since my parents and sisters are moving they are trying to get rid of a bunch of stuff they no longer need. So we brought all that home then headed to WalMart to go grocery shopping and picked up dinner at Sonic.

We just spent the last 3 hours getting the bunk beds cleaned and put together. The boys are very excited about their new bed. We moved them from Jason's room to Jakey's room, because one of the bunk beds is red, blue, and yellow and looks really cute with the red and yellow paint in that room. Jason's room is now the guest room with the queen bed and the other bunk. Yep, we definitely have plenty of beds here lol.

My back is killing me now and I'm going to head to bed soon. I'm used to having a much more relaxed Saturday :)


So, does anyone have any fun plans for this weekend? We don't. Just the normal sitting around and stuff. We need to do our weekly grocery shopping today, and tomorrow we have church, that's about it. Maybe we'll take the boys to the playground later.

Yesterday Jakey would not nap at all. Then I realized it was because he'd eaten half a dozen chocolate chip cookies earlier. Oops. So if I want my 2 hrs of peace during the day I need to make sure not to let him have that much sugar in the morning. At least he went to sleep pretty well last night. Oh, and the boys slept until almost 8am today, yay!

I picked my first tomato from the garden yesterday. I haven't had a chance to try it yet cuz it still needed to ripen a tiny bit, but I will probably eat it today. Unfortunately it has some pretty big radial splits from over-watering, so half of it isn't even edible.

Hope you all have a fun weekend!

Friday, September 05, 2008

A little funny

So, Hubby is upstairs getting his haircut by my sister (it's so nice having a new graduate of cosmetology school living here) and Jason is watching and being his cute little self. Here's the conversation:

Jason: (to Kelsey) Why are you a big girl?

Kelsey: Because one day I just grew up.

Me: One day, huh?

Kelsey: Well, over some time.

Jason: Yeah, you're big like daddy.

Kelsey: But not like mommy?

Jason: Yeah, but mommy is bigger. (as he rubs my big belly)

K, it doesn't sound as funny typing it out, but we were laughing. It's funny that kids have no problem telling it like they see it.


I know some businesses monitor their employees internet usage to make sure they are actually working. My Hubby's work does this, I'm not sure if they use a keylogger program or how they actually monitor this kind of stuff. They actually showed my Hubby as having the highest Internet usage for the last few months, but he figured out that it was from a program that he kept opening that had streaming media. The streaming media made it seem as though he was using the Internet a whole lot. Luckily he has a cool boss that is understanding and knows my Hubby isn't just wasting all his time online. It's a good thing my Internet usage at home isn't monitored, it would be embarrassing to see just how much time I am wasting online lol.


I love how most businesses let you do a lot of stuff online. It makes it much easier than having to make calls or go in. Plus it's nice to be able to search for stuff and get lots of info in one place. Like when we had to search for insurance a few years ago, I found that you can find tons of health insurance and term life insurance quotes easily from one site or another. And I love that I can pay all my bills online now using either my bank's free bill pay service or the business's site. Now if I could just set up doctor and dentist appointments online that would make my day.

It's Friday :)

One of these days I hope to get caught up on sleep. I'm hoping that now that it's staying dark earlier in the morning and getting dark earlier that the boys will sleep in more. They actually slept until 7:30 this morning, which is nice. But that really doesn't help me since I get woken up around 6:30 by Hubby getting ready for work.

I am happy it's Friday :) I can sometimes get a nap on the weekends while Hubby is home. I don't think we have any plans for this weekend, just the normal stuff like cleaning and grocery shopping. Yeah, our life is pretty mellow :

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful that my brother and SIL were able to come hang out for a bit. We don't get to hang out with them much anymore. They are lots of fun. I am also thankful that we got the fridge leak fixed ourselves and that it was an easy fix (the leak itself was easy, getting to it was hard lol). And I am thankful that it is almost the boys' bedtime. I'm hoping they fall asleep quickly tonight because I really want to go to bed.

What are you thankful for today?

Construction work

So, wanna see how I spent my evening yesterday?
Looks like we were doing some remodeling huh? Well, not quite. We were actually just fixing a leak in our fridge. And why would we have to remove the cabinets to do this? Because, when we moved in the fridge we bought was slightly too big for the opening, but we wedged it in anyway. Unfortunately for the last few weeks it's been leaking out the bottom, and we had to get the fridge out somehow to fix it. The only way to get it out was to remove the cabinets. So after dinner Hubby and I got started. We got the cabinets unscrewed and moved out of the way and figured out where the leak was coming from. Then came the hard part, putting the cabinets on, but 1.5 inches over so we now have enough room to move the fridge around. Luckily my sister came home and was able to help Hubby with the lifting since I really shouldn't, and I just screwed the cabinets in while they held them. We did pretty good for people with no experience installing cabinets. Now we just need to get a strip of paneling to cover the 1.5in gap left from moving them over.

We had to get it finished last night so the boys wouldn't mess with anything, so I didn't get to bed until after 12:30am. I hope the boys both nap today so I can too.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Cold front

The last few days here have been colder. We had that storm come in Sunday night, bringing cold and rain until Monday afternoon. It's been nice to have a break from the heat, but now I am freezing. I haven't had to sleep with a blanket in months because it was too hot, and last night I was shivering with just a sheet to cover me (though I guess I wasn't cold enough to actually get up and grab a blanket lol, or just too tired to care). It's supposed to be mid-70s today, which will be perfect. If only it could be 75* year round, I'd be perfectly happy. Sadly, in just a few short months the weather will turn cold and winter will be here.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Tuesday To-Do

Here's some stuff that needs done today:

* Go to library

* Dishes

* Sweep/mop kitchen

* Fold laundry

I've already done most of my list for the day :) Yay me! I was tired of getting stuck to the kitchen floor so I got that done this morning. It's always worst under where the boys eat. They seem to think it's more fun to dump their food on the floor, throw it at each other, and smear it everywhere, than it is to eat it :P I need to get the a drop cloth.

Need some new recipes

I have been using a 4 week rotating menu for meals for months now and it has worked out really well for grocery and meal planning, but I think it's time to add in some new recipes to the rotation. It's gotten a little boring. The hard part is I absolutely hate cooking, so any recipe I use has to be very easy (preferably less than 5 ingredients or items) and quick (less than 15 mins preparation), or delicious enough to be worth some extra effort. My sister was telling me she learned how to make crock-pot pizza this week so I'm going to have her show me how and see if it's maybe something to add to our menu. Any other ideas?

Social networking

I joined Facebook a while ago and it's been fun seeing pictures of old friends, as well as good for keeping up with my online friends. It's funny to see how the acne faced teenage boys I used to have crushes on have turned out. Ah, the good old days lol. Mostly I don't do much on Facebook though, just see what other people are up to and accept the million green patch requests I get. I'm not really up to keeping up on all those social networking sites since I already have enough stuff online with the dozen messageboards I'm on, and the bunches of blogs I read.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Monday Madness

Today we have absolutely no plans. It's a holiday but we aren't doing anything special, just chilling at home. A nice big storm came in last night and so we've been getting lots of rain. It's so nice not to be so hot out. Of course that means it's too cold for the boys to go out and play, but that's alright. As long as it doesn't freeze, cuz that would not make me happy, I don't my garden ruined. That reminds me I should check the forecast. OK, looks like no freezing yet.

We might go over to my family's house and pick up 2 bunkbeds they are giving us. Now that they are down to just the 2 girls they don't need 4 bunkbeds. Of course we only have 2 kids who already share a queen size bed, so we don't technically need 2 bunkbeds, but since our family is growing we figured we might as well take them off their hands and have them for future use.

Dang dishes

Some days I think we need multiple kitchen sinks. OK, we don't really need any more sinks, but then at least it would take longer for them to get overflowing with dishes so I wouldn't be forced to do them every day lol. Seriously, I have to do dishes every day, sometimes more than once, and it drives me nuts. I really think that switching over to paper plates and plastic utensils is the way to go, but the little tiny environmentally-conscious part of me won't let me. At least Hubby is nice and does dishes once a week or so when I ask. (And he does them better than me.) And it won't be so bad once we get a new dishwasher one of these days. Ours is old so hopefully next year we can buy a nice new one.


Have you ever seen those commercials for those cool showers that spray from different directions and look so luxurious? I would love one of those, but we'd have to totally remodel the shower for that to work. Lately whenever I take a shower I notice that our shower head is really leaky and and spraying funny. I would love to get a new Hansgrohe shower head to replace it, but I'll probably end up just trying to clean it up and have Hubby fix the leaks around the fittings.