Friday, December 12, 2014

Wait, it's almost Christmas?!

So, this year it just doesn't feel like Christmas. For one, we do not have any snow. It's been a record-breaking warm December (which I LOVE because I hate the cold!), which makes it hard to imagine Christmas coming soon. Even though I dislike snow, I do like a white Christmas.

And secondly, we are moving! Yep, we finally sold our house and put an offer on a new house. We are supposed to move the weekend before Christmas. So instead of lights on the house, a decorated fresh tree, and Christmas stuff everywhere we have a house that is getting more bare by the day and a fake empty tree sitting in the living room. Hard to get in the spirit without any visual reminders.

I finally got most of our Christmas shopping done online yesterday. We are trying to keep it really simple this year because of the move and Hubby and I told each other we aren't getting each other gifts because the new house is our present.

Speaking of the new house, I'm really excited about it! It's bigger than our current home, has 7 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms which is nice with our big family, and has a nice big backyard. So happy to finally have a yard for the kids to play in! Almost 1/2 acre, fully fenced, big deck, and garden area. Our dog will love having so much more room too. It's been fun trying to visualize where all our stuff will go.

Anyway, today 5 of the 6 kids are sick. Fever, throwing up, diarrhea. At least they waited until after my birthday yesterday. And hopefully they get over it quickly. Especially because the older boys are supposed to have a going away party with their friends tonight. Jason so far hasn't gotten it, and hopefully Jakey feels fine by tonight, so I'll probably just keep the little ones in my room while their friends are here, because I can't cancel because I don't have anybody's phone number lol.

Gotta go take care of my little Caleb who started it all.