Monday, August 20, 2007

Monday Madness

So I have 2 sick kids today. Not really sick, just enough to make me (and them) miserable. Toddler and Baby both have runny noses and fevers, which I think they probably got from Little Baby being sick last week. My boys get so cranky when they are sick. Little Baby is pretty good today at least, and he's finally learned to roll over front to back! Funny how excited I am over someone else's kid accomplishing things lol. Hubby stayed home today cuz he had to go to the eye doctor. He has an eye infection, owie. Tonight we are going to go eat at the new Texas Roadhouse Grill that just opened, never been there but everyone says it's delicious. Anyway, all 3 boys are down for naps, so I'm going to go eat, change the laundry around, and maybe lay down for a bit.

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