Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday Madness

Boy I'm tired today. Normally Hubby sleeps on the couch with Baby at night. I don't make him sleep on the couch lol, it's just cooler down there since I can't sleep with the loud a/c going in our room and Hubby gets really hot. And Baby will not sleep by himself longer than an hour, so he stays with Hubby. Baby is a light sleeper, like me, and very wiggly, but Hubby is a deep sleeper so it works perfectly. He is better at getting Baby to sleep and doesn't get woken by every toss and turn. But last night I ended up with Baby because Hubby didn't want to get up when he woke up screaming for milk. It took me over an hour to get him to sleep and then I got woken up probably 10 times during the night whenever he would move since I'm such a light sleeper. It was not a fun night. We really need to work on getting Baby to sleep better by himself. I really don't want to do cry-it-out, but I'm not sure how else to teach him to sleep by himself all night. I will try to get the boys all napping at the same time today so I can at least lay down a bit. I need to do a few loads of laundry today, but not too much cleaning since we cleaned a bunch yesterday. Maybe I'll get the bathrooms cleaned.

How's everyone else's Monday going?


Lorie said...

Hope you can get some sleep today. Hope you have a great day!

Michelle said...

What an awful night, I'm sorry. :( You don't have to do the CIO method, you can start off small. We've just stopped letting our youngest have a drink in the middle of the night. The first few nights were hard but now she knows that I'm not going to give in and nighttime has been better for the both of us. It's really hard at first, but kids adapt. If you want, I can take him for a night or two and try to help out.

I hope you get that nap! *hugs*

Dawn said...

It is SO HARD to get them to stop waking up in the middle of the night for a drink...I don't think I'd mind the sleeping with me thing so much as the waking up at night thing. Jakey helped us by them sharing a room when he transitioned out of our room.

I'm with you on tired though, definately need a nap!! Hope you get yours!!

Kara said...

I was actually able to get a nap for about an hour, yay! I'm thinking I'm going to start only letting Baby have water when he wakes up instead of milk, then hopefully he'll just stop waking up. He usually wakes up 1-2x a night, but luckily Hubby normally takes care of it.

Anonymous said...

I can relate to those sleepless nights. It's tough. Hopefully it'll get easier for you, though. :)