Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Tackle-It Tuesday

Today I am going to tackle my laundry pile! I have been so bad lately and let the clean laundry pile up in baskets at the foot of the bed. Then I don't want to pile up more so I haven't been washing laundry as much, then I run out of clothes to wear lol. So I'm going to fold all the laundry and get 2-3 more loads washed.

I will check back in later to let you know how I did! The boys are both napping so now is the perfect time to work on it.

(ETA: I did end up getting 5 loads of laundry folded and put away, and a few small loads still in the wash to be folded Wednesday)

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Beth said...

Good luck on your laundry, Kara! It's gonna feel so good when it's all done!

Michelle said...

Good luck! I agree with Beth, you're going to feel so good.

Now if only there was a way for us to have to do laundry once a month..... ;)