Monday, August 27, 2007

The best laid plans...

Today we were planning to go swimming with Michelle's family. I got the boys ready, everything packed and ready to go, then herded the kids into their carseats and we were off. Toddler loves playing in water so he was excited all day to go. As I turn the corner to the water park I noticed that the parking lot looked oddly empty. I was confused at why nobody would be there Monday afternoon when it's 90* outside, I had expected it to be packed. We drove by the pool. Nobody. No splashing, no screaming kids, not even a ripple in the water. We drove by the front gate and read the big sign on the door announcing they were closed. Something about school starting this week so they had different hours. What does school have to do with the swimming pool?! Don't they realize that people still go to the pool when school starts? I didn't see Michelle's family there so I figured they had already gotten there and left. I decided that we would go to the community center to the pool there. As I turned the corner to the building it was like deja vu. An empty parking lot and a sign on the door. This time the sign stated they were closed for repairs. As I drove away sadly, Toddler piped up, "Mom! I want to go swimming!" I tried to explain to him that both pools were closed and we couldn't go swimming today. He started to cry. I felt so horrible for getting his hopes up. I told him we would try again another day, and then we stopped at Sonic for some dinner and headed home.

Hopefully when we go next week the pool will be open. I think I won't tell Toddler where we're going next time though, that way he won't get disappointed if it doesn't work out.


Michelle said...

Again I'm really sorry about the swimming. Not being open AFTER school lets out is just silly!

Our kids were not being nice on the way there and we told them if they didn't stop we would go home. Well they acted better and we got there, saw the sign and left, and they were so sad like they were in trouble. We felt so awful. :(

Hopefully we can go next Monday, or sometime this weekend so they can play.

Stacey said...

What a bummer! Do they think that people with younger kids don't want to swim anymore? That is so lame. I hope they are open next time.

My kids freak out when we have to change our plans so I've started keeping where we are going a secret just in case it doesn't work out.

Amanda said...

I'm sorry you guys couldn't go.