Saturday, August 18, 2007

Sick of hearing about it

Today I was watching the news and heard yet another story about Lindsay Lohan. I swear every day she is in the news for addiction treatment rehab or getting arrested or something. She's kind of like Paris Hilton, everyone's getting so sick of hearing about those two and the trouble they get into it. It's just pathetic that they can't do anything better with all their fame and wealth. There are other actresses and singers donating to charities or helping people in Africa or something good, but some of them like Paris and Lindsay just waste it and ruin their lives.


Anonymous said...

Very true! Sad that young girls look to these girls as role models!

Stacey said...

It is getting pretty pathetic. Last I heard,Lindsay is at a rehab center here in Utah. It won't do any good though unless she wants to change. The way she is going she might be dead by 25. Her mother needs to be her MOTHER,not her partying pal.