Sunday, August 19, 2007

Never ending

Isn't it amazing how quickly a clean house can get dirty? Our living room rarely stays clean more than a few hours at a time, Toddler is always in there coloring and papers get strewn across the whole room. And the kitchen, boy, some days I feel like just eating out all the time so that the dishes will stop piling up lol. The boys room has miraculously stayed pretty clean after I cleaned it good the other day. The only room I didn't even get to this weekend was the master bedroom, but at least Hubby put the luggage sets away that had been sitting there empty at least a month, so at least now we can walk without tripping over them. If I actually folded and put away laundry that room would not be too bad really.

Some days I just really wish I could afford a housekeeper. And a cook. And a gardener. And a personal errand runner. And a masseuse. Then I could just relax and play with my boys and blog all day. Wouldn't that be nice?

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Dawn said...

Totally agree! I hate laundry, more than anything, I think it's the bending over to put it in the dryer part and get it out that bugs me the most. And putting it away after I fold it!