Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tuesday To-Do

Today I should:

* Do dishes

* Vacuum (yay for our vacuum being fixed!)

* Sweep, and I guess I should mop too

* Do a few loads of laundry

* Try to get a nap

I think that's all I'm going to shoot for today :) I'm really hoping I can get all the boys napping at the same time again today so I can try to nap too. Last night was terrible, we're trying to get Baby to sleep in his room and it did not go well. I finally got him to sleep at 10:30 after over an hour of trying. Then he woke at 2 and wouldn't stay asleep until I finally brought him to bed with me at 4:30, I was pretty much awake that whole time. And I had to get up at 6:50 like normal. Hopefully it'll get easier!


Lorie said...

I guess I am really lucky, I have never had my kids get up in the night, except when they were sick. I am sorry it is so hard and I hope it gets easier.

Dawn said...

When I'm super, super tired from kids keeping me up all night, I imagine how much more sleep I'll get in a year. Just think how much more sleep you got on August 14, 2007 (when baby is really a toddler now and toddler is an older toddler now) :) Compared to in 2006 when Baby was so little! (Remind me of this in about 3 months ok?)

Anyhow (((Hugs))) hope you got your list done, especially the nap part!! :)