Friday, August 10, 2007

It never ends

It looks like a bomb went off in my house! OK, maybe not that bad lol, but I really do need to clean today. There are toys all through the house, I need to vacuum, and the clutter is getting out of control. I better make myself a little to-do list.

* Do a load of laundry
* Clean living room
* Clean boys room
* Vacuum
* Clean counters and table in kitchen
* Sweep and mop
* Clean bathrooms

OK, that's not as little as I was hoping it would be lol. Guess I better get started!


Kendra said...

I seriously love it when you write your to-do lists. It engerizes me and inspires me to do the same :)

Beth said...

My house also looks like a bomb went off here. How is it that entropy catches up with us so fast?? Good luck with your list!

Kara said...

OK, it's ben a few hours since I made that list and I still haven't done any of it, I better do something while 2 of the boys are asleep lol!