Sunday, August 19, 2007

Animal Alphabet

Did you know you could buy anything on Ebay? We've used it to buy books, baby gates, kitchen faucets, toys, and more. Some times I like to just browse through it all. There's an old VHS I used to watch as a kid that is no longer for sale, "Animal Alphabet" with Geoffrey Girrafe from Toys R Us. I seriously grew up with this show and learned my ABC's from it. We have that old copy I used to watch as a kid, but it is so used it barely plays anymore, I wish I'd copied it to DVD before it got so bad. My Toddler really loves it. Every few months I check Ebay for it, but usually they don't have it. So I just checked again today and somebody does have it... for $100?! Seriously, WTH?!? Sure it's a great movie I want to buy for Toddler, but not worth $100! I made the seller an offer of $20, but I doubt they will accept it. Guess I'll just have to keep looking. If anyone who reads this has this movie or knows where I could get it, let me know!


Dawn said...

Wow! $100 for a VHS movie!! INsanity!!!! I hope you find it cheaper elsewhere!

Lorie said...

$100 no way for VHS? Wow! I have found some great things on ebay too, like I got a whole series of a book for like $3.00 and there was 6 books in the set and the $6.00 included shipping. So, yes you can find good deals but lots of crazy bidding too. I guess it is a RARE video!

Kara said...

Yes, Lorie, it is rare, which is why they want so much for it, but that's just nuts!