Sunday, August 19, 2007

Time to share

Alright, here's some more great blogs and posts that you should go check out!

First off, my Hubby. He started a blog recently, Life Happens, and it would be great to send him some comments to help him feel more welcome to the blogosphere :D

10 is good enough for Michelle, and me too!

Kimberly is a great writer, read about an embarrassing moment she had, because I know everyone loves reading about other people's embarrassing moments.

You can hear some pretty funny things when working at a call center, like this story at She Says It's Pretty Dumb.

Barb has come up with a new weekly MEME called Heads or Tails, which is on Tuesdays. Make sure you join in!

Make sure to join the Foster Care Quilt Raffle at The Lazy Organizer. All raffle proceeds go to help foster kids, and the winner gets a beautiful handmade queen-size quilt.

Check out the 30 days of great money saving tips at Mom Advice.

Check out all the great giveaways that 5 Minutes for Mom does.

Juggling Mum helps us by sharing an article on how important it is to teach our kids about clean teeth.

Visit Amazing Trips to see how life with toddler triplets and a newborn is. I can't imagine.

I'm telling you again to go read everything Antique Mommy writes, she is amazing, especially this heartbreaking story, parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and conclusion. You will want to read the whole thing, and I promise you will cry.

Dawn shares more about her son and pepper. And if you still haven't read the original pepper story, here it is again cuz I just can't get enough of it :D

Congrats to Heather on her new baby girl!

Hope you enjoy!

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