Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Some days it can be really hard to take care of 3 kids under 3 years old. Today was one of those days. Toddler is sick, Little Baby is teething, and Baby is both. There were times that both Baby and Little Baby wanted to be held at the same time. So I was so relieved to get the mail today and see that my baby sling from had arrived! I immediately tried it on and was happy to see that it fits perfectly. First I tried Little Baby in it, since he was the only one awake. I can wear him in a cradle hold still, but not much longer, he's growing fast! I bet he would do fine sitting up too. Then Baby woke up crying. It was the perfect time for me to really try out the sling because they both wanted my attention. I put Baby in and he loved it. I could hold him while still taking care of Little Baby. He cuddled up against me, it was so sweet. Soon after that Toddler woke up and I decided to see if he would fit, just for fun. He's still only 26lbs and the sling holds up to 35lbs so I wasn't worried about it holding up. And he actually fit quite well in it. I had him on my hip and my back, though it didn't last long lol, he'd rather run around (and yes, they look sad today, poor sick kids). It's nice to know that I can put any of the kids in it. And I love the fabric, it's neutral so it won't clash with whatever I'm wearing and isn't too girly. The material is really light, but strong, and the sling seems like it is made nice and sturdy. I love how easy it is to use a pouch sling, just slip it on and plop in the baby. I was able to hold one child while still having my hands free to take care of the other two. This is going to come in even more handy when I start babysitting another baby in a few months! I really recommend if you are looking for a good sling, the quality is excellent and the service was very fast.


Michelle said...

That is SO CUTE! I'm going to have to check that website out. I'd love a sling for whenever baby #3 comes around. :)

Tammy said...

OH my goodness! Look how dang cute Kara!! I love slings! And that one is to die for! LOVE the pattern and colors! You look great by the way! And look how big your little guy has gotten! Just thought I would stop by and say hi! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, that is too cool! :)

My 2 year old would LOVE this...but not as much as me!!!