Monday, August 20, 2007

Pants or shorts?

So I was looking through the ads in our Sunday paper yesterday, just looking at clothes at different stores. Not that I have extra money to spend on new clothes, but it would be nice. I want to find some nice running shorts or pants for our race next weekend, but all they show is those too-skinny golf apparel ladies, the ones who don't look like they ever sweat, and just wear the cute little tennis or golf clothes to sit around the club gossiping while their husbands smoke cigars and sip wine. :P Wait, my train of thought just derailed, where was I going with this? Oh yeah, so I still need to go buy some running clothes for the race but haven't decided if I want shorts or pants. I think I'll go with pants, my legs are ugly, white and spotty. We are making cute matching shirts (me and my 2 running pals). Even if we don't win we'll still look good :D

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Dawn said...

I wanna see race pictures when you do the race! I'm a fan of yoga pants for working out/running in....well right now for just living in LOL, they're comfortable!