Friday, August 31, 2007

Running out of time

Well, tomorrow is the big day! Running a 5k. I'm starting to get nervous. I'm pretty sure I won't come in last, and I doubt I'll get 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, but I'd like to :) I'm trying to prepare by eating lots of carbs and drinking more water, I feel like I'm on some bizarre colon cleanse or something. We had to pick up our race packets today, including a duffel bag, race number, ankle timer, and instructions. They also gave everyone a sack of potatoes. I thought that was just weird lol, but hey, free potatoes! I was planning to have baked potatoes for dinner anyway :D I'm going to make myself go to bed earlier, 10 at the latest so that I will be nice and rested. Wish me and Michelle luck!

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Theresa said...

Good Luck- although it seems you trained well -so have fun and do your best

Kara said...

Good Luck! I admire you for the training you've done to do the race, that;s awesome:)

Michelle said...

Good luck Kara! I know you're going to do so well and totally beat me. :D