Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Today I a thankful for:

1) Baby is starting to sleep better at night, not waking up as much

2) Tomorrow is my last day of work!

3) I didn't work yesterday and I don't work today

4) Although I hate snow, I do like how pretty it looks

5) Hubby helping clean

I am so glad Baby is starting to sleep better. The first 2 months of his life he slept great, only waking once or twice, then after that it went quickly down the drain. At one point he was waking up at least every hour, sometimes 10x a night. That went on for 7 months. 7 loooong months of no sleep for me. It slowly started getting better though, and now he is only waking up 1-2x a night and it is so nice! The only bad part is, I only nurse at night, so the less he wakes up to nurse the less milk I have, looks like soon might be the end of our nursing days. Kinda sad, especially since I wanted to make it until he's 1 with breastfeeding, at least at night.

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