Monday, April 16, 2007

"Done" List

I'm going to write myself a "done" list today so it looks like I've done something lol. "Done" lists are much better than to-do lists, becase yousee what you accomplish rather than what you don't :D So far today here's what I've done:

* Got up, got dressed
* Ate breakfast, fed kids
* Changed diapers (and need to again lol, they stink!)
* Did some blogging, read messageboards
* Cleaned up boys' room
* Picked up toys all over house
* Picked up in office
* Switched laundry around, folded some
* Ate lunch, fed boys
* Worked on puzzle
* Babysat Michelle's girls
* Let Toddler play outside
* Folded more laundry
* Worked on puzzle more


Barb said...

Lemme see how I've done..

Got up
Made coffee
Called Mom to say happy birthday


Lorie said...

My list would be very long if I listed everything I do all day. But, you got a great start!