Monday, April 02, 2007

I love this age...

I love the ages my boys are at right now. Baby is at the stage where I an leave him alone in a room for a few minutes and not worry (too much). He's old enough to entertain himself with toys, but still hasn't learned to climb stairs, so if I blockade the downstairs stairs he stays confined to the living room and kitchen where he can't really make too much mischief. And Toddler is at the age where he can follow simple instructions, play with Baby and he's always been good at entertaining himself. This let me get a shower today. Baby didn't nap long enough for me to shower during nap time, so I put on VeggieTales, gave Baby a few crackers, and told Toddler to keep an eye on him. Then I quickly showered, worrying the whole time what trouble they might get into. And when I was done the house was still in one piece, Baby was still watching the show, and Toddler was waiting for me, saying "Done? Done?" and then ran down to check on Baby and say "No Baby stairs!" (meaning, "Don't crawl to the stairs Baby!"). So cute that he listens and knows Baby shouldn't go by the stairs. Of course Baby was happily sitting in the kitchen by that time, nowhere near the stairs with their effective blockade of boxes and toys. So I've learned that I can get a shower with both kids awake now, but I think next time I'll bring the baby monitor in the bathroom to give me a little piece of mind so I don't worry the whole time lol.

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