Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I sure could use a nap right about now. Luckily the boys feel better today so Baby slept better last night, but I'm exhausted from being up the 2 nights before that with Baby. Unfortunately the house is a disaster from having no time to clean the last few days so I need to take care of that before I even think about napping.


Crazy Working Mom said...

So, is the baby's cold better now?
Glad you got some rest. I know how hard that can be!

Kara said...

Yeah, both boys are better today thank heavens, and luckily they take after their dad and medicine works really well for them lol (any meds Hubby takes make him drowsy and work well, I have to take extra strength stuff to even help a little lol).

Kate said...

Hope you got some rest! *HUGS*