Monday, April 30, 2007

Kara needs to...

I got this from CrAzY Working Mom. You just type "(your name) needs to" in Google and see what it says! Fun huh?

1) Kara needs to go, go, go! (I really should go to bed, it's past midnight)

2) Kara needs to be removed from the situation to calm down. (Well, there have been a few times this week that I've had to remove myself from Toddler's meeses to calm down lol)

3) Kara needs to gain some weight. (OK, who's been talking to my mom?! She always says that!)

4) Kara needs to stay in her suburban home safe and sound and leave the "rough" city to the real hockey fans. (LOL, well, I guess that sounds about right)

5) That said, Kara needs to go. (I know already! I'll go to bed soon!)

6) Kara needs to be trained by the Amazons to help forge her into the perfect warrior. (Hahaha! Got me giggling)

7) But when it's damp Kara needs to be washed to really get her coat clean again. (LOL!)

8) Kara needs to repay the loan at a 15 percent annual interest rate. (Thank heavens I don't have any debt with a rate that high)

9) Kara needs to hook up with a regular guy to help ground her character. (Done and done)

10) Kara needs to return so history will work out the way it needs to. (Woohoo, sounds like I'm important!)

Let me know if you try this, it's so fun!


Lorie said...

I did this it was so much fun!

Crazy Working Mom said...

Yes, I really enjoyed doing that one. :)

I agree with #3, you skinny little thang! ;)

Have a great weekend...

Barb said...

I loved doing this one, too! These were all funny but I especially liked #6! LOL

Rachel said...

I did this too. It was fun. Mine came out a bit odd though.