Tuesday, April 03, 2007

30 Day Organizational Challenge!!!

I'm so excited! The second organizational challenge starts today, hosted by Laura, the Organizing Junkie. Go here to read more about the rules and everything. Basically you get 30 days to organize a space, you can choose a whole room or maybe just a closet or drawer. Then at the end of the challenge there will be judging and prizes!

The space I will be organizing is the closet in our master bedroom. For one thing, it's just too small for what we have in it. For another, Hubby has waaaay too many shirts! Hopefully he will help me out by purging a little. I want to create some shelves in the recessed sides because they are just dark and annoy me. I need to go through my clothes and get rid of stuff I never wear, and put the box of maternity clothes in the storage room so it's not taking up space in the closet. I'll get pics up later so you can see what I'm starting with. I would do it now but I need to leave in 30mins and still haven't gotten myself or the boys ready lol.

Happy Organizing!!!


Debi said...

Had to laugh when I read "Hubby has waaaay too many shirts!" Sounds just like mine (I swear he has at least twice as many clothes as I do!) Anyway, good luck with your project!

Kara said...

Oh, my Hubby has way more than twice the amount of clothes that I do lol. He has more than me and the kids combined!

Nate said...

Whatever, I might have more clothes than you, true, but I know I don't have more clothes than the boys.:)

Kara said...

LOL, you do too, since I went through them a few weeks ago and got rid of a ton :D

Unknown said...

good luck and best wishes on your challenge.

Monkey Kisses said...

Good Luck on your closet.. i know how rough that could be, i did that one last spring..

Laura said...

Hi Kara! Good luck with your closet space...can't wait to see your before and afters.

Thanks for joining in the challenge.

PS: I'm assuming Nate is your

Kara said...

lol, yeah Nate's my hubby :D

Dru said...

Ooh! I have a tip I can share to help you help hubby to purge his shirts.
Take all of his clothes in the closet and turn them around backwards on the hanging rod. (So the end of the hanger's "hook" is pointing towards you.)

Then, as they come through the laundry and get hung back up, hang them up normally (with the end of the hanger's hook pointing towards the back of the closet).

At the end of 30 days, get rid of anything that's still hanging backwards - it's stuff he doesn't wear!(Of course you've got to make exceptions for seasonal or special occasion stuff, but you get the idea.)

Most folks think they really *do* wear most of what's in their closet, so this will help him see that he only wears a fraction of it. Hope it helps!