Friday, April 20, 2007

What to eat?

We need to go grocery shopping. Bad. I've been living off Ramen noodles and homemade bread for 3 days. OK, not quite that serious, but we do need groceries. Not that I don't like munching my bread all the time (it is pretty good!) but for one thing, that's a ton of carbs I'm packing away, two, we are almost out of butter and I cannot have my bread without butter, and three, we are out of yeast so in a few slices I will be out of bread. Luckily we get paid today so I can finally go shopping tonight or tomorrow :) Yay for food!

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Rachel Anne said...

I've got an empty fridge/pantry myself, and though I don't like to shop on Sundays, I will have to today. Once I threw out all the leftovers that were questionable, I had nothing left. Except bread and mines not homemade.