Thursday, April 26, 2007


What is everyone having for dinner today? I can't really think of anything I want, except fast food, but that costs money lol. So give me your best quick easy dinner ideas. Cuz if it ain't quick and easy I don't make it lol. Maybe I could make hamburgers. I'd have to make sure the buns are still good.


Beth said...

Well, I have some salmon filets that I bought last week I am going to fry for dinner tonight. That is usually waaaay more fancy than I do, but it is still easy. I'll make some Rice-a-Roni with it.

Last night we had breakfast burritos (they are easy -- eggs and cheese and sausage or bacon and tater tots or hashbrowns scrambled and browned in a skillet ... then wrapped in a tortilla; add some salsa). The night before we had spaghetti. The night before that we had chicken patty sandwiches (you can buy those breaded frozen chicken patties; it's better than fast food, 'cause it's cheaper!)

Waffles or hot dogs are always easy, too! :-)

I think my comment is longer than your post! LOL

Lorie said...

We had Pizza Bake. It was a new recipe and super easy. You take 1 roll of Grands Homestyle Biscuits. Cut the biscuits in 8 pieces. Mix with 8 oz. pizza sauce and 1 cup grated cheese. Place in square baking pan and layer top with pepperoni and 1 cup grated cheese. Cook at 375 degrees for 40-45 mins. I had to cook a little longer to get my biscuits in the middle to cook. Super EASY and Super GOOD! Good luck with choosing.

PS. for complete recipe go yo my blog on Monday Menu Plan and follow the link!

Lorie said...

Cut each biscuit in 8 pieces. Sorry that did not sound right when Iread it.

Kara said...

Beth- mmm, salmon sounds sooo good right now! We haven't had fish in a long time, next time I go shopping I'll have to get some :D

Lorie- mm, pizza sounds good too. Maybe I can talk Hubby into picking up pizza on the way home?! lol

Dawn said...

It's so hot today I could care less about food, bring on the OJ and ice!

Kara said...

Mm, that sounds yummy too Dawn!

We ended up ordering pizza lol. It was very yummy :D

Crazy Working Mom said...

I always keep some hamburger helper on hand for thosw "quickie" meals. It's so easy and my family loves it. I keep a few lbs of ground beef in the freezer for such occasions.

Kara said...

yeah, we have a lot of hamburger helper here lol, that's a normal dinner around my house! But some days I just don't feel like cooking at all :) I keep hamburger and cooked chicken in baggies in my freezer to grab for quick meals like hamburger helper or chicken and pasta roni.