Monday, April 30, 2007

Monday Madness

Today looks like it's going to be a beautiful day. I need to jump in the shower quick while the boys are being good, then we need to head to the store and the library. We are out of milk, and I know there was something else I needed to pick up, I hope I can remember it. Need to return books and movies to the library and check out new ones. Then I might take the boys to the park and let Toddler play for a bit. Hope everyone has a great day!


mist1 said...

You do so much more than I do in a day. Today, I am going to call Him and thank Him for last night. Then, I'm going to think about taking a shower, but I won't have time before I go to the hotel and taste the food. Then, I'll come home and see if He'll take me out for drinks as I will be simply too exhausted to open my own bottle of wine. I suppose, I really should shower.

Beth said...

I sooo hate it when I need to go to the store for a few things and I can't remember my whole list. I feel like I end up wandering the aisles looking for inspiration from my grocery list. :LOL:

Good luck with your to-do list for today!

Kara said...

Mist- yeah, you should probably shower if you are going to see Him

Beth- Hubby reminded me of what I needed :D I usually just wander aisles too lol.

Barb said...

Ohhh the library! I just LOVE libraries! After a while they start watching me though cuz I want to smell all the books.