Thursday, April 05, 2007

A cwoo, a cwoo!!!

Sweet Toddler loves Blue's Clues. It's amazing how attached he can get to something he's only seen maybe 10 times lol. He calls it "Cwoo's Cwoos" and does the little hand thing they do when they say it in the show. And he loves to color clues and then go "A cwoo, a cwoo!" It's silly, but adorable. He's sitting here by me coloring and drawing random squiggles then going "Is dat a cup? A cwoo!" I love watching imagination at work.


Beth said...

That is really cute!! I love how he is pretending to draw, like the host does in his "handy dandy notebook." Aww!

My DS seems to like Blue's Clues without watching it much, too -- he has the Blue's Clues diapers (Luvs) and thinks any pawprint is called "a cwoo." :-)

Kate said...

A cwoo! I love it! Is it silly for me to be nostalgic for the days when Christopher was the age of loving Blue's Clues too? :)

Kara said...

Not silly at all Kate :) I get nostalgic for every passed age.