Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Green thumb?

Today I decided to do some gardening. When we bought this house last year it had beautifully landscaped flower beds with pretty flowers growing. Unfortunately I had just had Baby and with getting the house all set up and everything, gardening was not on my to-do list last year, and weeds grew, leaves gathered, and so they weren't quite as nice as they used to be. I promised myself that this year I will at least keep them weeded. So I got the boys both down for a nap, grabbed some gloves and garden tools and headed out.

Now, some background on my gardening experience. The extent of my gardening knowledge is basically just stuff I've read online. As a teen we had to help mom weed, and I remember we all hated it because she woke us up early so we could get it done before it got too hot. And that's about all I ever learned. My birth mom loves to garden, every year she brings everyone tons of veggies she's homegrown. For some reason she must think I got some of her talent, because when we moved in she brought over a potted plant, gardening tools, gloves, flower seeds, and a small flower box for me to plant in. Everything but the plant was hidden in the garage the next day and not brought out again until today. The plant was dead by about a week later. As well as 2 other plants we got as housewarming gifts. It turns out I have a black thumb, no matter what I did they just withered away.

Fast forward to now. My friend Michelle started growing some tomato plants and I decided it would be fun too. I told Hubby the idea and he just gave me that look that says "Ha! That'll be the day!" He reminded me of my past plant murders and didn't put much confidence that I could grow more than a weed. So to prove him wrong I went and bought some tomato and onion seeds. I was going to grow something if it killed me!

So back to my weeding. Yes, I know this is a long disjointed story, I have Baby sleeping on my lap and my brains a little fuzzy from the sun lol. OK, so I go out and tear out a bunch of old dead stuff, not sure if they are weeds or flowers, and not really caring. I found out that a beautiful flower bush thing that grew last year was starting to sprout up again beneath the carcass of last year's bush. I have no idea what it's called so when it finally blooms I'll have to post and ask you all. I raked all the detritus into a pile and left it there to throw away later, but now the flower beds are cleaner looking. And I found out that they have great soil, so I grabbed some plastic cups and filled them with soil to plant my tomatoes in. Now I have beautiful cups of dirt sitting in the windowsill above my sink (where I won't forget them lol). Crossing my fingers at least one of the 18 seeds I planted will live.

Hopefully in a few weeks I'll have some pretty plants growing and some yummy tomatoes in a few months!

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