Saturday, April 21, 2007

Saturday Saying

Bart: "What do you need church shoes for? Jesus wore sandals."
Homer: "Well, maybe if he'd had better arch support, they wouldn't have caught him."

- The Simpsons

I love The Simpsons :D My mom would never let us watch it at our house so I rarely saw it growing up. And then I met Hubby who LOVES it so we have almost every season that's out on DVD (except the first cuz it sucks lol).

Anyway, I have a little question to go along with this. Do you think it is appropriate to wear sandals to church? What about flip-flops? I usually wear open-toed heeled sandals, but I know some people who only wear dress shoes because they say sandals are too casual for church. I don't where my flip flops (mostly cuz they are bright green and don't really match my church attire lol) but I've seen many girls, mostly teens, wear them to church. What's your opinion?


Kate said...

In the past year or so I've set my own PERSONAL standard higher. For ME, I won't wear something to Church unless I'd be comfortable wearing it to the temple.

Anonymous said...

Sandals are ok imho. I don't know that I would wear flip flops, but I know people who wear the fancy ones with decorations on them.

Ice Cream said...

It is a big pet peeve of mine to hear the flip-flop-smack-flip-flop-smack sound that flip flops make when I'm sitting in church. I shouldn't complian because my kids make WAY more noise, but still...

I also secretly hate the lusciously lovely moms who wear stiletto strappy heels because NO ONE with kids should be allowed to look that good!!!!! (Unless I do too, anyway)

All evil thoughts aside, I agree with Kate about only wearing what you would wear to the temple.

Kara said...

I hate that flip-flop smack sound too! Another reason I don't wear mine much. The sandals I wear to curch are the ones I usually wear to the temple too. I don't think I have any closed-toed dress shoes actually. In the winter I have my leather boots, but otherwise I always wear sandals, though I do have a pair of cute black strappy heels that I love and look hot but hurt too much to wear often lol.

Beth said...

It really depends on the flip-flops. I don't think I'd wear them personally, but maybe that's because I have cuter sandals to wear. If it's a grubby old pair you just wore to the lake the day before (or *looks* like you've worn 'em to the lake), I'd say "no" to that. If they aren't grungy and cheap looking, then I suppose it would be okay.

The flip-flops don't bother me as much as wearing a regular t-shirt (usually with writing on it or something) or sweatshirt with a jean skirt. That looks way too casual, in my opinion!

All that said, I am working on being less judgmental, because everyone is coming from different places spiritually and otherwise. ;-)

Dawn said...

Proper church attire is something that I've been talking alot to Kevin's 11 year old sister about. She loves to come to church with us and I feel is old enough to "conform" and she's been there enough yk? So I have talked to her about not wearing spagetti strap (or tank top styles period) tops, sandals, and proper skirt lengths, but I think it falls on deaf ears. Sometimes her mom or Kevin's grandma buys them for her but she quickly loses them in the mess on her bedroom floor and come Sunday she's scrambling and not looking appropriate. So we've taken it upon ourselves to buy her appropriate church attire that does not leave our house - and none of it is sandals.

But then I make my 3 year old wear a suit and tie every sunday - and he's still in the nursery! LOL

I also, don't wear sandals...if my feet were hugely, pregnant, swollen, then I'd totally do it, but other than that - dress shoes it is!!!

Kara said...

One thing I want to buy is better church attire. I have one nice knee-length black dress, one knee-length jean skirt, and one long ugly black skirt, and only regular t-shirts to wear with my skirts, we just haven't had the money to buy new dress clothes. I hate looking so casual but haven't been able to afford nicer things, hopefully soon :)

Stacey said...

I don't see anything wrong with sandals as long as they are nice. I agree with Beth about "grubby" flip flops that are very casual.