Monday, April 23, 2007

Monday Madness

Well, today should be a good day. I need to go to the library, I'm pretty sure I have a book or 2 due today. Yep, I do. And a few movies too. Too bad the weather is overcast and chilly, or we'd go to the park too. Need to go to the store to get milk for Baby. I guess I should clean a bit too. The boys room and living room both need cleaned. Oh, and I'll probably make bread today too. That's about it in our exciting life!


Dawn said...

Was last week your last week at your night job? It's overcast and chilly here too - where'd spring go?

Kara said...

yep, last Friday was my last day! I'm free! LOL. I hope the weather gets nicer soon, I'm tired of sun, snow, rain, snow, sun, wind, rain, etc. I want it to stay sunny all the time!

Kendra said...

It is overcast here today too. Not only that, but we recently built a house and have NO GRASS! Since it rained last night it makes it pretty messy doing anything outside.

My day will also be spent cleaning the livingroom and doing random chores. However, I do not have any movies due! That is a HUGE SHOCK! I swear every time we rent a movie we might as well pay double price. It is always late!

Kara said...

Kendra- that's why we never rent movies lol, the last time I did I got a $20 fine for it being 2 weeks late (which was DHs fault and I never paid lol, just stopped going there). I just get library movies for my Toddler.